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True Blood Christmas

Have you ever been curious about Christmas in Bon Temps? Well here is your chance to find out.

Go here for the actual web page.

Thank you HBO!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

True Blood Episode 412: And When I Die

Wow, really??!!

Let's just start with who died this episode. Marnie (gone for good), Jesus, Debbie Pelt, Nan and Tara left dying. Will she be back next season?

The most unexpected death was Jesus by Lafayette's hand. Jesus' powers seemed to have transferred onto Lafayette. Did those powers leave with Marnie? Doubtful. We think Jesus will be back to help Lafayette handle his new abilities and grief.

Reappearances: Gran, Rene, Steve Newlin (who would intentionally turn this guy?) Gran was pretty awesome with her ass kicking.

It was a bit awkward to see Bill and Eric feeding off of Sookie at the same time. Sookie totally took the cowards way out. No one can have me...? That wasn't a decision! That was a copout!

Umm, what's happening with Alcide and the pack master? That whole story line was dropped and now Sam and Luna are going to live happily ever after. Unlikely, now that a growling wolf is on Sam's doorstep. Debbie must have arranged something because she was the only other person that would know Sam was involved.

Did anyone else find it ironic that Holly, dressed as a fairy, ended up hugging Andy? Hmmmm.

Renee back as a good spirit to warn Arlene about Terry's past...unexpected. Let's hope they don't ruin that whole relationship. Terry's kind of awesome.

Poor Pam...she just needs to get on board and start supporting Eric's feelings for Sookie. If she loves Eric, she's going to have to come to terms with this.

WTF, Russell was buried for only 1 year! Seriously. They thought it would be at least a century. Construction must not be as good as it used to.

What is the authority really after and what does Eric know that Bill doesn't? Clearly they will be in “this” together. Whatever “this” is and will be protecting Sookie along the way.

Eric and Bill are not puppies!

Thanks for following the blog. We had a lot of fun and we'll see you next season!

Kendra, Alanna, & Kara.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

True Blood Clip: And When I Die

This is a tough offer to pass up!

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Sunday, September 4, 2011

True Blood Episode 411: Soul of Fire

What the heck is going on with Andy and the fairies? That sequence seemed so random. Is a little Andy with fairy powers going to come knocking on his door in a few years? Something tells me that Andy got a off a little too easy. His promise to the fairy will come back to haunt him.

It's a little surprising that Sam and Luna have escaped the situation with Marcus unscathed. I didn't think there'd be a happy ending for those two. But there is one episode left, so there's still time for it to go south. As predicted, Alcide has killed Marcus. Will he take control of the pack? Does he have a choice? Oh and let's not forget that Alcide has disowned Debbie. It's about time! I don't think that's the last we'll be seeing of Debbie though.

Jason putting vampires in their place, priceless! I was impressed. Sometimes he makes you forget that he's not very bright. On the flip side, sometimes Sookie doesn't seem very intelligent with the choices she makes. Was it just me, or did it seem a little ridiculous that Sookie joined Marnie's circle? Marnie pretty much proved that she was no where near trustworthy. At least it turned out for the best and I enjoyed watching Eric and Bill team up to save her. But I have to say I was really disgusted by Eric drinking out of the heart. Although, it was pretty impressive. I think Bill thought it was a cool move.

Sookie has a tough choice ahead of her. Both Eric and Bill look great in leather jackets! ;-) Seriously though, it's a difficult choice. Ultimately, I'm still rooting for Eric.

Pam...I feel bad for her. She loves Eric and him sending her away was HARSH. He has to forgive her. I don't want to see my favorite maker/progeny relationship go wrong.

Okay, when is someone going to figure out that Lafayette is a liability until he learns to control his powers? Doesn't anyone else think it's dangerous that he can be possessed by any spirit that happens by? Come on Jesus!

I can't believe that next week is the season finale! These seasons go by way too quickly.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

True Blood Episode 410: Burning Down the House

It's getting intense! Right from the start of the episode we're back in the middle of the chaos. Eric. We didn't expect Sookie to be the one to bring him back and he remembered everything! We were surprised that he was completely ready to pick things back up where they were. Now he's just completely irresistible. Bad boy with a soft spot just for Sookie, but now she wants to throw him over for Bill? Say what??? Eric all the way. Loved to see his witty sarcasm back. Sorry for the mini Eric love fest!

Nan keeps mentioning the factions in the Authority. What is happening there? Doubtful we'll get to see anything about this before the season ends, but maybe next season. Whatever happens, I don't think Nan will be in power much longer.

How cowardly that Jason asked Jessica to glamor him. She was 100% right not to do it. He's going to have to face his guilt and tell Hoyt the truth.

So Antonia was the dissenting voice between the two. This whole time, we thought Antonia was running the show. Marnie didn't seem like a strong witch at the beginning and her dislike of vampires didn't seem very intense. But now that she's had a taste of real power, it has intensified her views into hatred and she has become an evil force to be reckoned with. No longer a pawn, she is now the puppeteer.

You would think that Bill and Eric would have learned by now that you can't tell Sookie to stay out of trouble, because she's just going to find it on her own. Now she's managed to get herself and Jesus trapped along with everyone else. Go team.

That's was a good ending with Tommy. He's still an asshole, but we felt for him. But really we were just waiting for Sam to declare revenge on Marcus, which he did. It was unexpected that Alcide was Sam's backup though. He usually seems to stay out of conflicts, but it looks like he's getting more of an alpha personality.

Marcus and Debbie...isn't it heart warming to see two low lives find each other. They couldn't be more perfect together. What great parents they'll make! What does Alcide see in her?!

Yay, Andy finally hit rock bottom! Why is it that Terry, the one who is depicted as crazy, always seems to be the sane calm helpful one when times get tough. Guess in Bon Temps the crazy survive!

Best lines were from Lafayette: “If Marnie would have just left her dead parakeet alone...”
“What happened to Jesus's head?...It's a Latin thing.”

We do have to say that Eric, Pam, Bill, and Jessica looked pretty damn cool in there all black ass kicking outfits...the really big guns didn't hurt either

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sunday, August 21, 2011

True Blood Episode 409: Run

Mavis finding peace has definitely been the most touching moment this season. I was a little worried that someone was going to get hurt since Andy was out of control. Could it be that he has finally hit rock bottom? His only real accomplishment during the whole situation was turning on the truck lights so the others could see where to dig.

Has the demonic baby storyline finally finished? I'm not so sure since odd things were happening before the baby had the doll.

Tommy did get beaten up by Marcus! Although, it happened a bit differently than I thought. It was surprising to see Tommy nobly go in Sam's stead.

What has Alcide gotten himself into? Now he's in a new pack and has probably gotten on Marcus' bad side. Maybe this season will end with Alcide fighting him and gaining control of the pack. Oh and let's not forget about Debbie. She's finally succumbed to her darker side and I'm not surprised that she's taking V again. From next week's preview it also looks like she and Marcus are getting a bit close. I hope we get another show down between her and Sookie. One thing's for sure, Debbie and Alcide will not be living happily ever after!

Jessica and Jason...that didn't take long. He did make it a whole day but I don't want to give Jason too much credit. After all, Jessica is unavailable during daylight hours. I hope that Hoyt will be able to forgive him.

Now, let's get back to the witches. Tara has finally woken up! I was so excited to see her realize Antonia is no good. Too little...too late though. The scariest thing is that the vampires are out maneuvered. How are they going to successfully fight someone who can control them. So much for the tolerance rally! On a side note, I love how Bill and Nan can't stand each other. It's very entertaining, but the funniest moment this episode was Jessica crying to Nan about her love life. That was awesome.

There are only three episodes left and I have no idea how Sookie and the vampires will clean up this mess!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sunday, August 14, 2011

True Blood Episode 408: Spellbound?

So Jessica is safe, not a big surprise. There was no way she was getting killed off, but her biggest problem now is boys. She's tried to make a change and was kicked out of two houses in one night. Bros before hos! Hoyt will regret the hateful things he said. What a difference from how Jessica dreamed it would go.

Jason, had some good lines tonight. Imagine a sunny day and the smell of barbeque, something like that. Perfect. Just the good thoughts an almost roasted vampire would like to think about. Then Andy, he stopped listening about halfway through. Can't really blame him on that one though. Andy has gone off the deep end. It was surprising to see Jason turn Jessica down, but he's bound to break down. It's just a matter of time. It's Jason after all.

What was with the snowy vampire blood/trippy love scene? Is it just us or was that pretty lame. The worst dialog from this show ever! So glad when they moved on.

We had a feeling from the moment we saw the alpha, that he was Luna's ex-husband. He had low-life written all over him. It is our hope that this guy run into to Tommy skin walking as Sam and kicks his ass. Tommy deserves it! As expected Tommy did not leave, but continues to degrade himself even further and hurt everyone that tried to help him in any way. Just when you hope he won't go any lower, he does.

Lafayette is so not prepared for his new calling. Someone has to teach this boy how to block out unwanted spirits or he's going to get possessed left and right. Is the spirit's goal just to take the baby? Maybe revenge? It's sad what's happened with her, but we're predicting that Lafayette will end up helping her get closure. Who was the father of her baby? He likely has a family line in the town still. Perhaps he was a Bellefleur or a Compton?

It didn't take Alcide long to break his promise to Debbie. Bring on the jealousy! Sookie is now Debbie's number one problem. This pack is not a good idea. But Alcide could make a good alpha.

So the big peace negotiation is a total mess and the war has begun. It looks like the first casualty is Eric. Has Antonia turned him into her servant? That is going to be trouble! Let's not forget Sookie. She is another casualty. We weren't expecting her to get shot, but we all know she's not going to die. Alcide to the rescue! We love our werewolf.

Only 4 episodes left and the preview for next week didn't give anything away!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sunday, August 7, 2011

True Blood Episode 407: Cold Grey Light of Dawn

Oh my goodness! This was a good episode!

Bill has proven himself to be a good leader. We thought he was over reacting thinking that the witch would get things together so quickly, but he was right. He also seems to have grown wise in regards to how to exist; not retaliating with more death.

Pam was a new level of disgusting this episode. What a beauty regiment! Will she turn into a zombie?? Definitely great special effects when you could see all of the muscles on her face.

We were really happy to see that Sam and that girl figured out the Tommy thing so quickly. It wouldn't have been frustrating if they had drawn in out. Do you think Tommy actually realizes he did something wrong? Will he really leave town? It seems unlikely that Sam will be rid of him so easily.

Okay, the witches! It's finally really good. Antonia is definitely a force to be reckoned with. But once again, Tara has gotten in over her head. She jumps from one bad situation to another, but it's hard to blame her. She's just trying to get some control over her life.

Sookie and Eric, wow. What a sex montage! Definitely not expecting all that. What do you think about their tender exchange? Sookie has fallen fast and hard. We hope that they will be able to rekindle the romance after he regains his memory. But even if Sookie wants to care about him, will Eric be able to let her in? One part that was really good, was when Sookie realized that Eric cared for her even before his amnesia when he offered his life in exchange for her safety at the Fellowhship of the Sun church.

Alcide and Debbie got an eyeful and we believe he feels more for Sookie than he's admitting. His relationship with Debbie is doomed for more reasons than Sookie, but that's a big one!

What is with the creepy ghost lady? At least, Lafayette will be getting to the bottom of that.

Can't believe this season is half over! This second half is really going to be great. The war is on!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

True Blood Merchandise - $1,249 Necklace... Really?

It's so beautiful, yet so expensive! I have my eye on this, patiently waiting for HBO to have a 70% discount! Maybe Black Friday??

More True Blood Merchandise Here!

Monday, August 1, 2011

True Blood Episode 406: I Wish I Was the Moon

Tommy has learned a scary new way of shifting, and of course he’s already abusing that power. I doubt Sam will ever be able to make amends with his lady friend after what Tommy has done.

Not surprised to see Debbie would go behind Alcide’s back and join the pack in Shreveport. There is nothing good to come of joining the wolf pack, the pack leader looks like someone I would run from in a heartbeat.

So Jason won’t be turning into a werepanther? I’ll be shocked if this is actually the case! This is a surprising turn for those of us who read the Sookie Stackhouse books. It looks like there is going to be something between Jason and Jessica and unfortunately Hoyt will be right in the middle. Besides Jason being attracted to Jessica because she gave him her blood, Jessica has a thing for Jason, and that was quite obvious in this episode.

I can’t help but feel bad for Tara; she consistently has bad luck, so it was nice to see her girlfriend forgive her. Having said that, I can’t help but think Tara brings on all the badness by making such horrible decisions. She should have left while she had the chance, hopefully Pam doesn’t kill her girlfriend.

Bill deciding to let Eric go was shocking, but the sex scene in the woods was even more so. No time like the present, we’re in the woods, my brother is out here running around, let’s do it right here! The HBO affect, gotta love it!

Marnie being taken over by the witch’s spirit, not surprising, it’s going to be a messy battle between her and the vampires. I’m guessing Lafayette is going to be the answer to defeating the spirit witch based on the preview for the next episode.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

True Blood Episode 405: I Hate You, I Love You

Tommy's parent's are dead and he's free at last. It couldn't have happened to nicer people. I never knew that alligators liked marshmallows... Maybe now that Tommy and Sam are both killers and they're the only family they have left that they'll find some common ground.

Definitely a cringe moment when Hoyt appeared in Jason's dream. We were surprised to see that Jason was open for business so soon. It must be all the vampire blood he drank.

So the cleanse was not successful. Hopefully their house won't burn down. One thing is for sure, we need to find out whose doll this is and maybe it will add something interesting to this cheesy storyline.

It was so good to see that Sookie is using her powers to find out what happened with Eric instead of sitting on the sidelines. It felt like old times. On a side note, we had a lot of old characters come back this episode like Gran and Godric. We've missed Gran and her wisdom. Why was Sookie in danger from Marnie? Is it because Sookie could stand in her way and help protect the vampires?
Sookie is finally letting herself care for Eric which is awesome! Unfortunately, she's gone against Gran's warning that he won't remain the sweet viking that we've come to know and love. We like the old Eric to, but it's going to be sad to see this one go. According to the latest poll, 61% of you will miss Eric's old viking charm as well. =)

Why did Sookie let Tara run out the door like that? She should have just made her listen. But it could be a good thing that Jesus and Lafayette have sought out Jesus' grandfather for help. It looks like they might need his power to stop the witch and it looks like Antonia might have good reason to hate vampires after seeing them murder a member of her coven.

Was Eric's dream of Godric a crack in the witch's spell? Is he starting to remember? But the Godric of his dreams, was not the Godric we came to know. Maybe it was just his darker side manifesting itself.

Pam really fell apart at the end. Literally and figuratively. We can't believe she screwed up like that! Now Bill is going to see Sookie and Eric making out. Not good.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

True Blood Episode 404: I'm Alive and On Fire

Best thing this episode is that Jason got out of there. We just couldn't take anymore crazy inbred mentality. Being a panther on his own can't possibly be worse than being a part of the hot shot community and being the Ghost Daddy.

Then we jump to Bill who can't possibly be with Portia because she was his great great get the idea. Clearly the members of hot shot could learn a thing or two from him.

When will Marnie get's possessed full time? We really don't care for her by herself. What did Lafayette, Jesus, and Tara think they were going to accomplish? Did they think they'd be able to control a powerful witch? Marnie has absolutely no control and almost no power on her own and they keep making the situation worse. The question is, what does this witch really want? It seems like she was a part of the turmoil in Spain and cursed everyone there. Does she have something against vampires?

What happened to Pam was horrible. How could they do that to one of our favorite vampires?!

Now the vampires know for sure that they have something to fear from the witches and we're curious to see how Bill and Pam will play together now that they have a mutual enemy. Maybe Nan will take notice and heed Bill's warning, even though the events in Spain occurred 400 years ago.

Where does this possessed doll tie in? It must have been the doll that caused the baby to write on the wall, but at least Terry is on the same page as Arlene now.

The part we enjoyed the most has to be Alcide, Eric and Sookie. It was great to see more of Alcide and we mean that in every way. ;) Drunk Eric was incredibly funny, but it was good to see a more serious side to him. It was dangerous for Eric to have drunk a fairy. Now that he's had a taste of the powers of fairy blood, Sookie will be even more of a temptation. What vampire wouldn't want to experience sunlight again.

We were about to lose all respect for Bill if he searched Sookie's house regardless of her wishes. It's good to see that the old Bill Compton is still there underneath that crown. Too bad Sookie lied.

Do you think Maxine will track Tommy down? She is a lioness after all. It would be fun to see the two moms face off.

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Here's a little Alcide to hold you over until tomorrow night...

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Cool True Blood Merchandise - 2011 Men of True Blood Calendar

Check it out! HBO has a Men of True Blood Calendar in their online store. I wish I had seen this before, as it's now 7 months into the year, but I thought it was super cool and wanted to share with everyone.

If you're a True Blood fan and find the men on the show attractive, like I do, this is the perfect calendar! I will definitely be on the look out for a 2012 True Blood calendar filled with hotties.
To all the ladies out there, enjoy!

You can check out other cool True Blood merchandise at the HBO store here!

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True Blood Episode 403: If you Love Me, Why Am I Dyin'

The residents of Hot Shot have become truly scary and Crystal just as creepy as the rest of them. She seems so different from last season when she wanted to get away from Felton and the craziness, but I guess the twelve months of using V and being under Felton's thumb have taken its toll.

Demonic Doll vs. Demonic Baby...that doll creeped us out from the first time we saw it at the end of last season and now the baby and the doll have found each other. Oh no.

So far the only thing that scares us about Marnie is the desperation with which she wants this spirit to use her. Marnie herself is not all that powerful and doesn't even know what she's doing. The question is when is this spirit going to take her over completely.

Tara, Lafayette, and Jesus...those three are just making things worse. There is no way that their plan is going to go right.

How did you all like Portia's business proposition to Bill? You can't really fault her for going after exactly what she wants, but she definitely thinks she'll make Bill fall in love with her regardless of his warning. We have a feeling that in the long run it will strain their business “friendship” as she put it.

We were glad to see Bill and Jessica still have some sort of a relationship. Eric seems to be a much better maker. His relationship with Pam is much closer. With Bill being the king of Louisiana, you'd think that would impact Jessica in some way. One advantage...being able to get Advil when all the stores are closed.

So happy to see Alcide...less excited to see he's back with Debbie. How long will she stay on the wagon?

Sookie was acting like a stupid chick in a B rate horror flick. Who stops after driving away 20 feet to see if the vampire is still behind them? We did like that she punch him in the face though. Eric is really endearing when he has amnesia. His old world charm is coming through. Sookie is going to be in serious danger...danger in falling for him, that is.

Best line of the night...”You just killed my fairy godmother!” You don't hear that every day.

Did everyone catch that Sookie was reading a Charlaine Harris book?

Sunday, July 3, 2011

True Blood Episode 402: You Smell Like Dinner

We definitely liked how this episode shaped up and is starting to build into the main story line. There are still a couple of offshoot stories that seem out of place like Arlene and her baby.

What is up with this story line? We really wish they'd get rid of this. It seems like something from a B horror movie.

We were happy to see that Tara went home to see Sookie. It seems that we may have judged her too quickly. She really does seem to be doing better, hopefully, for her sake she'll go back to New Orleans. But I have a feeling she'll get sucked into helping Lafayette.

Poor poor Jason. He has the worst taste in women. Has Crystal completely lost her mind? It seems like V is not so good for her.

What happened to Andy? We started to have a little respect for him at the end of last season and now he seems like a useless junky.

Hmmm....Jessica and Hoyt. Going as badly as expected.

We liked the back story on how Bill became king, but the death of the queen was a bit of a cop out. Really wanted to see a big fight not a political assassination. It was interesting to see Bill's ties with the AVL and how much power they really have within the vampire community. Even though the AVL is clearly a force to be reckoned with and he has had a long association with them, he is still willing to risk his own life to protect Sookie from them. It would be really interesting to find out more about the AVL hierarchy and their long term strategies in handling the anti-vampire movement.

How do you feel about Sam's new love interest? We don't trust her yet, especially now that we know that she's shifted into another human being. Is she going to turn out to be one of the horrible Skinwalkers described in her father's stories? Or is somebody else pulling her strings...using her abilities?

Maybe there's hope for Tommy and Sam after all? I guess we'll find out.

We're a little surprised at how Eric is handling things. He's over 1,000 years old. You'd think he'd be a bit more clever in handling the coven and Sookie. We all know he can be very charming and usually gets what he wants. He seems to be failing on both counts. At least you know where stands. In some respects, he's more trustworthy than Bill. The cubby hole was pretty awesome! Eric offered to protect Sookie from everyone. Little did he know that he'd become the biggest immediate threat with the loss of his memory and discovering just how good she smells.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

True Blood Episode 401: She's Not There

I have to say that everyone's lives seem upside down from where we left them last season especially since we were dumped into their lives 12 months later. But at least Sam didn't kill Tommy although I have no idea how Tommy ended up with Hoyt's mother. Jason seems to have grown up a bit?! Definitely unexpected and I wonder how long that will last. He's also found some trouble. It's never good when hungry were-panthers lock you up in a freezer.

Well, we knew Bill had to end up killing the queen and now he's King of Louisiana. It will be interesting to see how he handles that new level of power. Obviously, he'll try to use it to get Sookie back somehow. We should see Bill's true nature now that he doesn't have to answer to anyone. Will he be the vampire that Sookie fell in love with?

What the hell is going on with Tara? One bad vampire experience and she's off men and becomes a cage fighter? Not to mention that she doesn't want to go home to see the person she considers a sister after thinking she was dead. Umm...not very sisterly.

Hoyt and Jessica's playing house doesn't seem to be going so well. She's trying to fight her nature a little too much and I think it will back fire.

Let's talk about the new witch coven for a moment. Creepy comes to mind and doesn't Lafayette know better by now. And after the last stunt Marnie pulled with her bird...TROUBLE!

Not surprised that Eric bought Sookie's house, but pleasantly surprised when he showed up at the end of the episode! ;) Book four is my favorite book I've read in the series so far, so I'm looking forward to some Sookie/Eric screen time!

Eric's public service announcement was awesome! I'd go Fangtasia.

On a side note, did you guys see the HBO Go service? I was so excited and went to sign up only to find out our service provider is not supported. WTF? Now we have to wait until next week to see episode 2! =(

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