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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Episode 211: Frenzy

Okay, so this week’s episode wasn’t so great either. I was really hoping that we would start getting into the thick of things and see some serious stuff go down, but it seemed like more filler until the finale. Maybe the writers are really just trying to set up season 3. Only a few things of interest really happened. We got to meet the queen, who was cool and we found out a way to defeat Maryann.

It looks like Lafayette is having dreams about Eric too, which is something we’ve been wondering about.

Saving Tara was pointless. I’m really glad they went through all the trouble last week just so she could throw herself right back into harms way.

Sookie’s home felt like it was turned into a haunted house. Will she ever be able to get the creepiness out of the house once this is all over?

Will Bill’s threat keep Eric in check? I have my doubts, but why is Eric having humans sell V anyway? What’s he getting out of it? Can it really just be profit?

The writers better bring it during the finale or we’re going to be VERY disappointed.

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Episode 210: New World in My View

Eric and Sookie together was a great opening and I loved the kiss that they shared. It showed just how much Sookie wants to comfort him. Sadly, it was just another wild dream. I can’t help feeling that there’s more to her dreams then her new desire for Eric. Maybe she can feel his emotions and they are subconsciously influencing her dreams.

Looks like Bon Temps got hit by Hurricane Maryann. And Sookie’s house has been turned into enemy headquarters. If there was any question about who attacked Sookie in the woods we now know for sure it was Maryann. Bill attacking and drinking her blood was not only useless but harmful. Looks like Bill will have to get some outside advice from the Queen on this one. How can she refuse to help him when he looks so hot in his leather jacket? From what we saw the Queen’s house totally rocked. And what’s up with Sookie’s new power? That was unexpected and cool. It looks like Sookie may have a bigger part to play in bringing down Maryann. Even Maryann doesn’t know what she is.

Jason has found his calling as a chainsaw toting, nail gun slinging mercenary. And when he was impersonating the god, I couldn’t stop laughing! The whole performance by him, Andy and Sam was so ridiculous and brilliant all at the same time. But hey, whatever works to get the possessed mob off your back.

I was so glad to see that they were able to save Tara but now of course she wants to help Eggs. Maybe that’s what Maryann was expecting when she said that she’d come back and bring the others.

Will Hoyt be able to stop Jessica from killing mommy dearest? And will he forgive her if she does? I honestly can’t blame her. That woman is hard to take even when she’s not possessed by an evil demon.

That episode was just too short, no really it was only 45 minutes. What the heck!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

True Blood Final Episodes Schedule

Episode 10: New World in My View – Sunday, 8/23
Episode 11: Frenzy – Sunday, 8/30
Sunday 9/6 – Labor Day Weekend, Finale will not be shown!
Episode 12: Beyond Here Lies Nothin' – Sunday, 9/13 (Season Finale!)

I can't believe we have to wait an extra week to see the finale! Waiting is going to be soooo hard!

True Blood Season 2 Episode 10 Promo: New World In My View

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True Blood T-Shirts: Whos Team Are You On?

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This image of Godric is really cool too, thought you would enjoy it!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Episode 209: I Will Rise Up

This was an emotional episode.

Eric saved Sookie, just like we expected. Mischievous to the last though. I can’t believe how under handed he was in order to get to Sookie. He looked quite pleased with himself and enjoyed himself a little too much. It was awesome.

The dream…that was great. I guess that blood works fast. What I want to know is did Eric have the dream too? Was he part of the dream/controlling the dream? If he was then he didn’t let on. What did Eric mean by saying “this is only the beginning”? We don’t know the full effects of the blood, so maybe Eric could interact with her in a dream state.

Go Lafayette! I’ve never been gladder to see him and it was awesome to see him kick some ass! Hopefully, Lafayette and Tara’s mom will be able to help Tara. She is definitely far gone.

Looks like Sam just needed enough incentive to shift to get out of jail and Maryann is certainly that. It’s cool to see Sam use his powers to their full extent, but playing hide and seek with Maryann seems to be pissing her off more and she has the whole town at her disposal to find him. I wonder how Andy is going to help. He is definitely Sam’s only ally at the moment.

Seeing Eric breakdown was almost more than I could take. We’ve never seen him with so much emotion and it was unexpected. I was sad to see Godric go. I was hoping he would stick around and help the vampire community evolve. Two thousand years is a lot of knowledge to lose, but it seemed like it was what he truly wanted. It explains why he was willing to sacrifice himself to the Fellowship of the Sun. Sookie being there for Godric’s end will create a bond between her and Eric. At the very least, Eric will appreciate her for doing what he could not.

I can’t believe there are only three episodes left and it looks like the shit is going to hit the fan. Finally the Stackhouses and the vampires are going to get in the fight against Maryann. It’s going to be one hell of a confrontation. Is it next Sunday yet?

Friday, August 14, 2009

The Votes Are In and Your Favorite Vampire is…

Eric Northman


Born: 1046 AD
Occupation: Bar Owner, Sheriff of Area 5
Maker: Godric
Interests: Sookie, Power, Blood (not necessarily in that order)

Eric won by a landslide taking 54% of the votes.
Bill was a distant second with 19%.

We received over 450 votes, which is our highest ever! Thanks to everyone who voted. Keep watching, keep voting, and keep telling us what you think!

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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Episode 208: Timebomb

Wow, that was a great episode. I’m really loving Eric! His good ole boy routine was hilarious! I didn’t know Eric had that in him. And the way he is teasing Bill and Sookie, I just love the tension it’s creating for Bill and the curiosity that is brewing in Sookie. Jason really kicked ass!! The human saved the day! I guess Jason did “Grow a brain cell”. =)

Hunter SoufflĂ©, anyone? That was so disgusting! Maryann has hit a new low even for her and it’s only going to get worst. Whatever Lafayette saw in the Tarot cards has him seriously worried about Tara. It looks like it’s going to take him to pull her out of this mess, every time she starts to get close to the truth, she gets sucked in deeper.

Barry tastes different apparently… is that just from his ability to read minds or something else? Bill has never mentioned Sookie tasting different.

I feel SO bad for Jessica! What a nightmare having to relive your first time, EVERY time! By now don’t they have some experience, or at least a simple hand book “Things to do before you’re turned” It would be an F-ing best seller. Anyway there’s the wrench in Jessica and Hoyt’s relationship.

It looks like Maryann has been setting up Sam since the beginning of the season. Everything seemed to fall right into place. Bud was right. Jail probably is the safest place for him because Maryann doesn’t want Sam in jail. She wants him dead. Wasn’t expecting Andy to show up and try to defend him with his “drunken crazy talk”. Yea, real believable.

Three cheers for Sookie! She never backs down from a fight, even when it’s good for her health. She successfully put Lorena in her place with a little help from Godric.

Godric was a bit different than I was expecting. We knew he went with the humans for some reason since they couldn’t have taken him by force. Apparently, he feels that the vampires have brought the human hatred on themselves, by not evolving passed their savagery and learning to coexist. After witnessing the vampire mentality for over 2,000 years he has become sickened by the games and unnecessary bloodshed. He was beyond kind when dealing with Hugo and Steve Newlin. He is really trying to set an example for his people for a more meaningful existence. Let’s see if he feels the same way after the Lukeinater blows up his nest.

Will Eric save Sookie from the blast?

Hey Bill, by the way, was that hug okay?

Friday, August 7, 2009

True Blood Episode 8 Sneak Peeks

Check out the Sneak Peeks for this week's True Blood episode!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wedding Bells for True Blood Stars

Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer are engaged! Check out the article here.

True Blood Season 2 Episode 8 Preview

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Episode 207: Release Me

We got even more answers this episode. Maryann is a Maenad! A disciple of Dionysus, who is the god of excess and the bull head is a symbol of that god. She is able to incite hate and lust which we all know she is very good at. Maybe now that her identity is revealed we’ll move on from the sex scenes and get down to more interesting things.

We also found out that the traitor is Hugo. I didn’t see that one coming, but it always seems to be the quiet ones. He also unknowingly ratted out Jason. At least we got to see Jason defend Sookie. It’s the first smart thing we’ve seen him do since the season started. Sara looked so crazed when she went after Jason and shot him, but we if you saw the preview from Comic-Con (posted below) you know what happened there.

I was surprised to find out that Sookie can communicate telepathically over large distances. I didn’t know that her powers worked like that. Even more surprising is that Barry helped Sookie, but it seems like he got into some trouble now. He was pulled into a room by another vampire, but whom?

Andy didn’t fall under Maryann’s spell. Does that mean that he has supernatural powers? Daphne said that supernatural beings have immunity to her mind games. I was happy to see Daphne get her comeuppance, but why did Maryann choose Eggs to do her dirty work?

Unlike Bill, Eric is very attached to his maker. He doesn’t seem convinced that mere humans would be able to hold Godric.

Where did Godric come from? Why did he suddenly show up and help Sookie? Wasn’t he trapped by the Fellowship? I didn’t think that he’d be able to just move around of his own free will.

Looking forward to the war that’s going to breakout in next week’s episode. It will be nice to see the vampires kick some Fellowship of the Sun butt.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Bill Compton Singing

Team Bill check it out!

Flash back from last week's episode where Bill entertains guests while playing the piano and singing. This episode definitely showed us a different side of Bill!