Monday, August 30, 2010

True Blood Posters/Wallpaper

HBO has some really great posters you can download for free, here are a few of my favorites:

You can check them all out here:

Sunday, August 29, 2010

True Blood Episode 311: Fresh Blood

It seems like Lala’s last V trip unlocked some Voodoo magic shit. It’s very trippy. Did he get a glimpse of Jesus’ true nature? Man that freaked me out!

What’s up with Sam? I know he doesn’t want to be pushed around anymore, but I think he could find a happy medium. I guess he’s not too good at running away from his old ghosts. You can’t escape your past misdeeds forever, but I do like seeing more depth added to his character.

Tommy finally had a moment when I didn’t want to kill him. I think Sam was too hard on him, but Tommy, of anyone should know that people do and say stupid things when they are drunk and it can all change the next day. I can’t believe that after everything Sam has tried to do for him, he’s trying to steal from him.

Jason - “So you’re like a were-wolf, but a panther?”
Crystal - “Yes, a were-panther!”
Once Jason finally figured it out, he took it pretty well.

Could it be that Tara has actually come to terms with Egg’s death? Andy seemed to really get through to her and maybe she can move on.

Finally Jessica and Hoyt are back together! And they both seem free of their naiveté, maybe this could work out after all…The sudden appearance of Summer at Hoyt’s door was finally explained by the annoying reappearance of his mother, Mrs. Fortenberry. Man, I did not miss her! What fear is Hoyt’s mother trying to help Summer work through? Not that I’m a fan of her anyway. She can take her homemade biscuits and go.

In the car ride with Bill it seemed that Sookie was getting sick of all the craziness but also willing to try again with Bill. After this stint with Eric I don’t think she will be so forgiving.

So why didn’t Eric just tell Sookie his plan? I’m sure she would have played along, but as it is she hates them both. But did you see how tender Eric was before he bit Sookie?
He’s clearly not truly cruel but clever and willing to do what ever it takes to protect those he cares about. The possibility of kindness that lies underneath is what keeps drawing us back to Eric. Got to love those bad boys!

What a way to end the episode…another meeting of the sun for Eric.

Waiting really does suck, see you in two weeks!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

True Blood Episode 310: I Smell a Rat

Sorry for the delay!

The secret is finally out...Sookie is a fairy. They were so reluctant to tell us what she was the episode before, so I was a bit taken off guard when Sookie just spit it out within the first minute of this episode. Bill still hasn't told her that her blood allows vampires to walk in daylight yet and I'm wondering why he's keeping that information from her? Other than that, his intentions towards her seem perfectly sincere.

So, the big thing I don't understand, is that Eric keeps telling Sookie that she can't trust Bill but it's Eric who keeps treating her like dirt! So far Eric has not made a very strong case on why she should believe him and turn away from Bill. I for one wouldn't trust someone who chains me up like a dog! I keep waiting for there to be some sort of turn in Eric's character, so that Sookie is drawn away from Bill but the opposite seems to always happen. Their kiss, however, was pretty awesome!

Hoyt and Jessica finally confessed their feelings for each other. Yay! I've been waiting for that to happen. I think they are so great together, but I'm wondering what's going to happen now that Hoyt has had some of Jessica's blood. Tommy is going to be trouble for them. He's not going to be content with Jessica choosing Hoyt.

Jason has the worse timing in the world in telling Tara the truth, but he should have at least told her the whole story of why he shot Eggs, just like he told Sookie. I don't think it would have really softened the blow, but at least it wouldn't have sounded like he just up and shot him for no reason. Will Tara try to take revenge on Jason? She's pretty angry at the world, so I'm not sure what she'll try to do.

But Jason is going to have more than just Tara to worry about, now he knows Crystal is a were-panther. I'm looking forward to Jason handling this new development and seeing what crazy path this takes him.

Lastly, I knew Russell was really upset about Talbot's death, but I didn't fully comprehend how psycho he went until this episode. There can't be anything worse than a crazy 3,000 year old vampire, can there? I guess we'll find out.

I was a little disappointed in this episode, since not that much happened to move the plot along, so I hope the next two episodes bring it!

What do you think?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Monday, August 16, 2010

True Blood Episode 309: Everything is Broken Recap

So much happened in this episode, and I have to say that the ending was brilliant!

Tara no longer has to worry about Franklin any more, thanks to her old crush Jason. Hopefully she can relax a little now.

Jason on the other hand has to be the biggest idiot, why would he want to be with Crystal when she told her boyfriend that Jason raped her. He's asking for trouble getting further involved with her.

Lafayette seems to have met his true love, but it seems like his new lover is bad news. Maybe I'm paranoid what do you think? Is it just me, or is it so obvious his panther tattoo means something other than his high school mascot.

Sookie has gone and given her light to Bill, unfortunately we have to wait to find out exactly what she is.

Hadley gets the "worst mom of the year award". She was scaring the crap out of her son, who happens to be telepathic just like Sookie. Lets hope his mother can protect him.

And finally, Russell... O man, next week will be great!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sunday, August 8, 2010

True Blood Episode 308: Night on the Sun

What was up with the Bill and Sookie photo album? Kind of lame… but moving on…at the beginning of the episode I thought it might be over with them for a while at least, but I guess you can’t keep true love apart, even if it’s a bad idea for them both. Not that Sookie could somehow stay out of trouble without him…

I’m glad that Bill is finally starting to take care of Jessica. She really needs him. Eric and Pam seem to have a great relationship and if Bill could think of the future he would realize that having a good companion makes eternity much more bearable.

Tara is back to being just annoying. It’s not entirely her fault with all that’s happened to her. But I wish it would bring her and Sookie together as the best friends they are supposed to be, all they do is fight.

I was sad to see Alcide go…hopefully it won’t be for long. They definitely could make a great couple.

We lost one crazy ex in the last episode with the loss of the cunning and crazy Lorena, but still have Debbie. She’s just dumb crazy which isn’t as fun.

Jason got a lot more then be bargained for with Crystal. Don’t think the pack is going to just let her go. He is going to have a fight on his hands and Jason is just too human and stupid to win. Would someone please take away all of his guns! After what happened with Eggs, you’d think he’d think twice before waving a gun around someone else.

Looks like our suspicions were confirmed that Arlene’s baby is Rene’s. And that he was in the preview, those damn dream sequences get you every time ;)

You can take Tommy out of the fight but you can’t take the fight out of Tommy. That boy is going to be a pain! But looks like things are going to get rough with the new hillbilly weres in town.

That was a bold move Eric made killing Talbot! Can’t wait to see how that’s going to play out. The king seems incredibly powerful, so how is Eric going to avoid being implicated in his murder? If Russell knows that Eric murdered Talbot, he will be going after him with no mercy. Eric’s first act of revenge seemed well calculated. He wants Russell to suffer the way he suffered by watching his family die. But even with revenge consuming his actions, Eric still managed to try and help Sookie.

It looks like we’re going to have the big reveal of what Sookie really is in next week’s episode. My question is, how is Sookie going to take it? With Eric’s warning for Sookie not to trust Bill, does that mean that Bill could ultimately be after Sookie’s light? It seems like he truly loves her, so I’d be very surprised and disappointed to find out he’s been playing her the whole time.

Lafayette’s mother is being presented as crazy, but I believe her talk of witches and vampires being after him could be true. Let’s not forget that Merlotte’s just hired a new waitress and that’s never works out well. She did know that Arlene was pregnant which almost no one knows. I smell a witch!

Looking forward to the next episode as the countdown to the season finale begins. We only have four episodes left!

What do you guys think Sookie is? Vote on our poll or leave a comment and let us know!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

True Blood Episode 307: Hitting the Ground

We were able to see two hated vampires go this episode. Bye Bye Lorena! We’re so glad to see her go and there was no love lost with the beheading of the Magister. Like a water balloon bursting. But Lorena’s death scene won the gory award for the episode.

And let’s not forget Coot. Alcide put himself in a bad position choosing a human over his own kind and Debbie will make him pay for it.

Will Tommy stay with Sam? I don’t think Tommy will be able to leave his mother high and dry. The real problem in that family seems to be Jolee. I think if they got rid of him, that Tommy and his mother could make a decent life for themselves.

I think Eric had it right, that the only vampire you can trust is the one you’ve created. Yes, it was stupid for Sookie to feed Bill when he was in such a starved state because they are what they are and she paid the price. It’s sad to see Sookie be scared of Bill. I for one am not angry with Bill, since he was clearly not aware. He was all animal, the blood frenzy kicked in, his survival instinct.

Sookie was not only able to save Bill from starvation with her blood, but also saved him from the rays of the sun. So the question is, what is she? Eric has now gotten the secret from Hadley and we’ve gotten a peak at her true origins while she was in a coma. What did kill her parents, since it wasn’t the water?

Here comes the bride! The Queen of Mississippi looked so pleased. And I loved their kiss at the end of the ceremony. Russell is going to be BIG trouble with his radical ideas and his desire to drop the humans down the food chain. Let’s hope Eric’s plan for vengeance works out.

It was great to see that Pam never loses her spunk and I could see why Eric would pick her to be his progeny. I was really happy to see that he rescued her in time.

The angry ball that is Tara has grown once again and is now directed at Bill and probably all vampires. She needs a day at the spa or a day at the beach with an umbrella drink.

Jason is so unbelievably dumb. I know this and yet his decisions still surprise me.

See you next week and correct me if I’m wrong, but did I see Renee in the preview?