Monday, August 16, 2010

True Blood Episode 309: Everything is Broken Recap

So much happened in this episode, and I have to say that the ending was brilliant!

Tara no longer has to worry about Franklin any more, thanks to her old crush Jason. Hopefully she can relax a little now.

Jason on the other hand has to be the biggest idiot, why would he want to be with Crystal when she told her boyfriend that Jason raped her. He's asking for trouble getting further involved with her.

Lafayette seems to have met his true love, but it seems like his new lover is bad news. Maybe I'm paranoid what do you think? Is it just me, or is it so obvious his panther tattoo means something other than his high school mascot.

Sookie has gone and given her light to Bill, unfortunately we have to wait to find out exactly what she is.

Hadley gets the "worst mom of the year award". She was scaring the crap out of her son, who happens to be telepathic just like Sookie. Lets hope his mother can protect him.

And finally, Russell... O man, next week will be great!


Anonymous said...

Great Episode !

I agree that the panther tattoo must be something more. I dont think crystal is a ware though maybe a panther also along with jesus.

Israel said...

Jesus is a witch of some kind. It's obvious. He is spanish, has the name Jesus and knows something is up with Lala's powers.

Good episode, you understated the Russell part...

Natalie said...

This is gonna end good!!! I wonder how the witches angle is going to line up because we all know there is more than one. I also want to see how Hoyt's new girl is going to pan out...something is not right with her. she reminds me of the fellowship of the sun folks. I wish Jason would get over Crystal...she is such bad news. And finally I think Sookie is a water nymph...everything about her powers alludes to water. Cant wait till next week...3 left !!!!

Anonymous said...

New complaint for me is Sam's brother whatsisname. What an annoying little turd. Every time he is in a scene it's wasting real storytelling time. Please have some creature eat him and the mom and Joe Lee too. The gay bits weren't as bad this week.

Anonymous said...

(1) Russel Edgington FTW. Hands down. Don't forget the scene on the roof, where he's talking to the liquified corpse of his lover.

(2) I know what you mean when you say Sam's brother is annoying, but on balance I like it. He's an interesting character, not evil with a capital "E", but genuinely difficult - reminds me of some people I've known. You wouldn't have liked it, would you, if he'd just turned into a goody-goody once Sam showed him some brotherly affection?

Anonymous said...

In that one episode Sam's brother bothered the neighbors making too much noise, stole Arlen's tips, sassed and tried to pick a fight again with Hoyt. It's too much.

Russell just put a bullseye on himself from humans, the vampire league not to mention the one Eric had on him to begin with. Not very smart for a 3,000 year old vampire. Guess you might argue losing Talbot made Russell lose his mind.

Nan claims to only drink true blood, but there she was draining another women. Russel is so right he is the true face of vampires.

Hated to see Franklin go so comically.

Three episodes to go and a lot to wrap-up.

Anonymous said...

loved the russel part at the end. anything is possible now. i would expect to see some humans-vampire-war coming up as a reaction but that wouldnt fit in at all.

TruMe said...

Stop being anonymous, please, you can put in a name at the end here, I just like to keep the folks straight.

The ending of this episode was the best, I now LOVE Russel just because he disrupted the Vampire Leagues spokesperson, whom I forget her name, though she is just a hypocrite, since she feeds on humans, though she claims to be a true Blood only Vamp.

I'm not disappointed too much this episode, since I assumed the clip with Bill stating he Knew what Sookie was, was going to be at the end of the Episode.

I would have liked Jason to have stated that he had wooden bullets before shooting Franklin, but I understand that a Vamp moves quick if you tell em!

Though, Jason says, "Not if I have Wooden Bullets"

Franklin scowls in total confidence, "Ok human, you have one shot."

OR! Slow down the scene enough to show Franklin being surprised about his destruction.

So, I'm still wondering how Eric will deal with Russel, I'd assume it would be a trick silvering, since a quick staking would be less than satisfying for him, and us.

I'd have liked if Russels TV appearance had been on CNN or FOX, just to be nationwide, but even a local broadcast of that nature would attract national attention, I'd guess, it would attract ma=y attention anyway! :)

We seemed to learn that Sookies Power could repel a Vampire as well, if she learns the full extent of her powers.

Bill seems to be telling her everything he knows about her nature, but comes off as hiding something.

In the Books, Bill is kinda a bad guy, but I think they will spin him as the good guy in the series, though, Eric is beginning to become less of an asshole as the series progresses.

I'm a little sad that there's only a few episodes left this year. I'm guessing that the finale will involve Eric getting his revenge against Russel, and Sookie learning some of her true powers.

It will be interesting to see how Eric interacts after having his life goals fulfilled.

Anonymous said...

Russell must have obliterated many in that broadcast room why there was no security called, or maybe he had his wolves with him. He is now operating as a lone wolf with so many against him.

I don't have a google account.


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TrueBloodSeason3Episode10 said...

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TruMe said...

I get the feeling Russel justshowed up in the studio, if you watch the newscaster, he looks off to the side a couple times, like what is he doing in here?

The missing spine cleared it up nicely.

I doubt Russel is the only Vampire that feels the way he does, but I don't know what the population of vampires is, or what the general ages of them are.

This "Authority" is very interesting, I'm guessing it's not old vampires, going by Russel's complete disregard of their supposed power.

I thoroughly enjoyed the vampire leagues spokeslady watching Russel's newscast, she has been less than likable since she first appeared.

On the other hand, Russel calling Eric a murderer was classic, like he's never murdered anyone.

I'm having trouble with Russel, I'd like to see him get what he has coming, and I also want him to cause much havoc.

I'm guessing Eric will get his revenge, and then be free to pursue Sookie without the need for revenge hanging over his head.

Sam, on the other hand, is completely losing his cool, it will be interesting to see how that plays out.

I just hope it will all be settled by the end of the season, though, I'm sure there will be some cliffhangers.

TrueBloodiestFan said...

I just have a question??
to the people who have read the dont spoil it if u know but is there any mention of what sookie is in the books.???
again plz dont spoil im just curious if the writers of the show have inspired this idea from the books or not.

I just crakced up when Russell called Tiffany to do the

I hope that jessica and hoyt come together again...they were such a power couple..

Anonymous said...


I haven't read the books but have poked around to know that it is said in the books what she is. The clues this year seem to be leading to the same conclusion. Alan Ball could pull a switch but I doubt it at this point.

I also like this blog in that it's manageable and I don't have to wade through hundreds of responses to know who said what when.

signed Ca

Anonymous said...

In response to truebloodiest fan, Ball does seem to be heading in the direction of what Sookie is in the books but in a completely different way which is good.

Im a big fan of both the tv series and the books and I love the way it uses the books as a guidline but has loads of originality.

laura said...

i loved this episode! kinda sad to see franklin go because for some weird reason, i like him a LOT.

russell has to go but in the meantime, he is very entertaining. the scene with his lover on the too was fantastic.

and the last scene!! omg. can someone please explain to me WHY he had to keep holding onto that spine after he ripped it out?? lol. i'm such a wimp. i was yelling at the screen for him to drop it! the last line made my day. and now for the weather, tiffany. lmao. LOVE this show.

Anonymous said...

I am so disappointed with this season. I have watched True Blood from the beginning and cannot believe how horrible the writers are!!! All they have to do is pull a few of the stories from the books and they'd have a winner but no they to create their own stories. i wont be watching the final 3 episodes. WRITERS ARE HORRIBLE....DISGUSTING STORIES....BRING BACK THE WRITERS FROM THE LAST TWO SEASONS!!!!!!!!!!!!

marcus said...

Have you seen the trailer for Catfish yet?

K.T. said...

Wow Russel is a freakin maniac and there is nobody strong enough to stop him! I knew Franklin wasn't dead too because he wasn't impaled in the heart or had his head cut off! It was so creepy and scary how he said "you should have mournnnned me!" Poor Tara...