Sunday, August 1, 2010

True Blood Episode 307: Hitting the Ground

We were able to see two hated vampires go this episode. Bye Bye Lorena! We’re so glad to see her go and there was no love lost with the beheading of the Magister. Like a water balloon bursting. But Lorena’s death scene won the gory award for the episode.

And let’s not forget Coot. Alcide put himself in a bad position choosing a human over his own kind and Debbie will make him pay for it.

Will Tommy stay with Sam? I don’t think Tommy will be able to leave his mother high and dry. The real problem in that family seems to be Jolee. I think if they got rid of him, that Tommy and his mother could make a decent life for themselves.

I think Eric had it right, that the only vampire you can trust is the one you’ve created. Yes, it was stupid for Sookie to feed Bill when he was in such a starved state because they are what they are and she paid the price. It’s sad to see Sookie be scared of Bill. I for one am not angry with Bill, since he was clearly not aware. He was all animal, the blood frenzy kicked in, his survival instinct.

Sookie was not only able to save Bill from starvation with her blood, but also saved him from the rays of the sun. So the question is, what is she? Eric has now gotten the secret from Hadley and we’ve gotten a peak at her true origins while she was in a coma. What did kill her parents, since it wasn’t the water?

Here comes the bride! The Queen of Mississippi looked so pleased. And I loved their kiss at the end of the ceremony. Russell is going to be BIG trouble with his radical ideas and his desire to drop the humans down the food chain. Let’s hope Eric’s plan for vengeance works out.

It was great to see that Pam never loses her spunk and I could see why Eric would pick her to be his progeny. I was really happy to see that he rescued her in time.

The angry ball that is Tara has grown once again and is now directed at Bill and probably all vampires. She needs a day at the spa or a day at the beach with an umbrella drink.

Jason is so unbelievably dumb. I know this and yet his decisions still surprise me.

See you next week and correct me if I’m wrong, but did I see Renee in the preview?


andrea_robichaud_83 said...

Awesome episode, only 45 minutes though.

Anonymous said...

I dont think we are suppose to like bill right the book in the back of the truck bill not only drank sookie to death (almost) but raped her too!

luciellec said...

Theory... The queen heard/ knew that if you drain the "light" out of a fairy, you will have eternal life in the day or the night. I cannot figure how she found Sookie. If she found her through Hadley, how did Hadley know of this and not Sookie? Claudine said "Don't let him take your light" or the light out of you.

Bill realizes that having so much of sookie's blood changed something, that's why he didn't catch fire immediately after hitting the daylight. They haven't demonstrated the vamps in shade.

If the queen didn't want to utilize her for the mind reading like in the books, what other reason would she want someone she hadn't met, just heard about?

Eric said...

I think she told them that they are fairies of some kind, or something.

Natalie said...

So she is a fairy, I wasnt thinking that since they came from and out of the water...that means something. Also I am not mad at Bill he didnt mean to hurt her he just was trying to survive, she should understand that. Tara is going to be a problem as it Deb...alcide should have handled that. Yes that was Renee but I think that was a dream being that he is dead for sure, I mean what else could it have been ? There is still alot we dont know,which is good totally not predictable. hmmmm...if Eric knows Sookies secret I wonder is that going to but his desire to have her for himself in overdrive...think so. one last thing, I think Bill may have killed her parents or know who did.

Natalie said...

oh and we dont know for sure that the king killed Erics fam, the person was cloaked...there is more to be seen on that topic.

Tracie said...

I would have been very upset if Pam was killed. She's great. I'm not sure what to think about Eric, what side is he on? I'm glad they are finally exploring what Sookie is.

Tracie said...

Oh and I loved the Post Mortem...

TruMe said...

It was an episode of a lot happening, in a very short time...What's with the 40 minute thing?

Anyway, the only part I was a little disappointed about was Lorena's Death, with soooooo much build up throughout the entire series, I expected more...maybe it was because it happened so early in the episode, and so quickly, that I hadn't been ready. I dunno.

The Magister would be dumb enough to rile up the King as he was leaving? You'd think a guy would get some smarts in a 1000 years or better. Overall, his demise was more satisfying than Lorena's.

I'm assuming Eric is trying to kill the King, but the scene where the King is allegedly overseeing the destruction of Eric's family, we never see his face, just a cloaked figure, I have a gnawing suspicion about the Kings special friend. We already know you don't have to be the oldest Vampire to be King/Queen.

I was genuinely shocked, when Tara kicked Bill out into the sun, and again when he didn't immediately start burning, he was smoking a little though, seems he's working on getting out in the sun more often, probably why he's been tracking the family tree.

Is it next sunday yet?

Anonymous said...

The dress Sookie was wearing is what tipped me off of her being a fairy.
I dont know why there is so much confusion about Arlene's baby. Her and Terry were at it like rabbits under the MaryAnn's spell.
I definitely think it was the King who killed Eric's parents. First you have the crown, if I remember the voice of the cloaked character sounded like the King's and so far he is the only one who has wolves at his employ.
I thought Hadley was Sookie's cousin. I also thought I heard in a previous episode that they were not close after a certain age. I can definintely see how Hadley would know, but not Sookie.
This is a Great blog by the way. I appreciate the opportunity to vent.

Jessica Boblooch said...

I knew that was Rene in the preview! I really wonder how they're going to try and re incorporate him.. a dream possibly, has to be, right!? I agree with the whole possiblity of fairy blood in Sookie's family.

Do we have any guesses on what Crystal could be???

Tracie said...

Crystal is a Werepanther...whatever that is.

Just a thought, but maybe they turned Renee into a vampire. That would be ironic wouldn't it?

Leif said...

What I don't understand is why is there blood coming out of Eric and Sophie-Ann's ears when they first show her in the birdcage (15 minutes into the show) and she has a bloody nose. It's right before he feeds on Hadley. Anyone?

Alanna said...

Hi Leif, it's because they are up during the daylight hours. During season 2 when Lorena was keeping Bill awake they were both bleeding from their ears and nose.

The Blue Eyed Critic said...

Question: What did the King of Mississippi say in Iberian? or some language just before he kills the Magister? He switches from english and I was wondering what he said.

Jessica Boblooch said...

I was so sad to see Lorena die, but the passion Sook had while doing it was sweet!!!! Never cared much for the Magister, but who did?