Sunday, September 12, 2010

True Blood Episode 312: Evil is Going On

Wow, so that was it for this year.

I wasn’t surprised that Sookie saved Eric but I wasn’t expecting her to drag Russell inside. Eric is usually smarter then to just react on his emotions. By not killing Russell he’s put everyone in danger in the future.

Jason got more than he bargained for with Crystal. But maybe it will give him something worthwhile to focus on. I have to say that I’m a bit scared that a whole town is going to depend on Jason for their survival. He can barely make the right decision when he’s the only one involved. But what he said to Andy was pretty insightful.

It was nice to see that Tara is really trying to change her life or run from it a bit, but hey whatever it takes. She is so out of there! I have a feeling that she won’t be able to find “normal”. Once you know about the weirdness, it tends to follow you.

Sam’s character twist seems to be more and more off. I don’t think someone can change so dramatically. The flash back and his reaction to Tommy stealing the money just don’t go with the person we all know. Someone who cares so much about other people wouldn’t be okay with killing.

I was shocked when Bill dumped Eric in the concrete and called in the hit on Pam! I also wasn’t expecting him to then confess it to Sookie. In his defense, he truly does seem to be trying to protect her. He even went so far as to challenge the Queen. The break up between Sookie and Bill was a lot more emotional than in the books. I felt bad for Bill. He may have been sent there by the Queen to do a job, but that was before he got to know Sookie and he truly fell in love with her quickly as soon as he did.

Eric left a good impression in the end though. Sookie will remember his kind words and came across having the purest of intentions and feelings. This bodes well for season four!

Sookie fairy disappearing act kind felt anti-climatic. I just expected a bit more impact, but I guess every season can’t end with a murder and screaming I was still hoping they’d get a bit more creative. None of the cliffhangers felt truly shocking. You know Sam didn’t kill Tommy, Bill is somehow going to survive his fight with the Queen, and Sookie went to some fairy land. Still looking forward to season four though! I hope they follow some of the story line in the book, because I need more Eric and Sookie. ;-)

Thank you so much for hanging out with us this season! We had a great time and I hope you did too. We love knowing what you think, so please post your comments on season three and keep checking our blog as we’ll post updates on season four and all things True Blood as they become available.

Can’t wait for season four!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

True Blood Comics

Did you know that there are True Blood comic books?
True Blood Comic Issue #2

Love the t-shirts too:
True Blood Men's Comic Book Sookie Decide T-Shirt

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Monday, August 30, 2010

True Blood Posters/Wallpaper

HBO has some really great posters you can download for free, here are a few of my favorites:

You can check them all out here:

Sunday, August 29, 2010

True Blood Episode 311: Fresh Blood

It seems like Lala’s last V trip unlocked some Voodoo magic shit. It’s very trippy. Did he get a glimpse of Jesus’ true nature? Man that freaked me out!

What’s up with Sam? I know he doesn’t want to be pushed around anymore, but I think he could find a happy medium. I guess he’s not too good at running away from his old ghosts. You can’t escape your past misdeeds forever, but I do like seeing more depth added to his character.

Tommy finally had a moment when I didn’t want to kill him. I think Sam was too hard on him, but Tommy, of anyone should know that people do and say stupid things when they are drunk and it can all change the next day. I can’t believe that after everything Sam has tried to do for him, he’s trying to steal from him.

Jason - “So you’re like a were-wolf, but a panther?”
Crystal - “Yes, a were-panther!”
Once Jason finally figured it out, he took it pretty well.

Could it be that Tara has actually come to terms with Egg’s death? Andy seemed to really get through to her and maybe she can move on.

Finally Jessica and Hoyt are back together! And they both seem free of their naiveté, maybe this could work out after all…The sudden appearance of Summer at Hoyt’s door was finally explained by the annoying reappearance of his mother, Mrs. Fortenberry. Man, I did not miss her! What fear is Hoyt’s mother trying to help Summer work through? Not that I’m a fan of her anyway. She can take her homemade biscuits and go.

In the car ride with Bill it seemed that Sookie was getting sick of all the craziness but also willing to try again with Bill. After this stint with Eric I don’t think she will be so forgiving.

So why didn’t Eric just tell Sookie his plan? I’m sure she would have played along, but as it is she hates them both. But did you see how tender Eric was before he bit Sookie?
He’s clearly not truly cruel but clever and willing to do what ever it takes to protect those he cares about. The possibility of kindness that lies underneath is what keeps drawing us back to Eric. Got to love those bad boys!

What a way to end the episode…another meeting of the sun for Eric.

Waiting really does suck, see you in two weeks!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

True Blood Episode 310: I Smell a Rat

Sorry for the delay!

The secret is finally out...Sookie is a fairy. They were so reluctant to tell us what she was the episode before, so I was a bit taken off guard when Sookie just spit it out within the first minute of this episode. Bill still hasn't told her that her blood allows vampires to walk in daylight yet and I'm wondering why he's keeping that information from her? Other than that, his intentions towards her seem perfectly sincere.

So, the big thing I don't understand, is that Eric keeps telling Sookie that she can't trust Bill but it's Eric who keeps treating her like dirt! So far Eric has not made a very strong case on why she should believe him and turn away from Bill. I for one wouldn't trust someone who chains me up like a dog! I keep waiting for there to be some sort of turn in Eric's character, so that Sookie is drawn away from Bill but the opposite seems to always happen. Their kiss, however, was pretty awesome!

Hoyt and Jessica finally confessed their feelings for each other. Yay! I've been waiting for that to happen. I think they are so great together, but I'm wondering what's going to happen now that Hoyt has had some of Jessica's blood. Tommy is going to be trouble for them. He's not going to be content with Jessica choosing Hoyt.

Jason has the worse timing in the world in telling Tara the truth, but he should have at least told her the whole story of why he shot Eggs, just like he told Sookie. I don't think it would have really softened the blow, but at least it wouldn't have sounded like he just up and shot him for no reason. Will Tara try to take revenge on Jason? She's pretty angry at the world, so I'm not sure what she'll try to do.

But Jason is going to have more than just Tara to worry about, now he knows Crystal is a were-panther. I'm looking forward to Jason handling this new development and seeing what crazy path this takes him.

Lastly, I knew Russell was really upset about Talbot's death, but I didn't fully comprehend how psycho he went until this episode. There can't be anything worse than a crazy 3,000 year old vampire, can there? I guess we'll find out.

I was a little disappointed in this episode, since not that much happened to move the plot along, so I hope the next two episodes bring it!

What do you think?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Monday, August 16, 2010

True Blood Episode 309: Everything is Broken Recap

So much happened in this episode, and I have to say that the ending was brilliant!

Tara no longer has to worry about Franklin any more, thanks to her old crush Jason. Hopefully she can relax a little now.

Jason on the other hand has to be the biggest idiot, why would he want to be with Crystal when she told her boyfriend that Jason raped her. He's asking for trouble getting further involved with her.

Lafayette seems to have met his true love, but it seems like his new lover is bad news. Maybe I'm paranoid what do you think? Is it just me, or is it so obvious his panther tattoo means something other than his high school mascot.

Sookie has gone and given her light to Bill, unfortunately we have to wait to find out exactly what she is.

Hadley gets the "worst mom of the year award". She was scaring the crap out of her son, who happens to be telepathic just like Sookie. Lets hope his mother can protect him.

And finally, Russell... O man, next week will be great!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sunday, August 8, 2010

True Blood Episode 308: Night on the Sun

What was up with the Bill and Sookie photo album? Kind of lame… but moving on…at the beginning of the episode I thought it might be over with them for a while at least, but I guess you can’t keep true love apart, even if it’s a bad idea for them both. Not that Sookie could somehow stay out of trouble without him…

I’m glad that Bill is finally starting to take care of Jessica. She really needs him. Eric and Pam seem to have a great relationship and if Bill could think of the future he would realize that having a good companion makes eternity much more bearable.

Tara is back to being just annoying. It’s not entirely her fault with all that’s happened to her. But I wish it would bring her and Sookie together as the best friends they are supposed to be, all they do is fight.

I was sad to see Alcide go…hopefully it won’t be for long. They definitely could make a great couple.

We lost one crazy ex in the last episode with the loss of the cunning and crazy Lorena, but still have Debbie. She’s just dumb crazy which isn’t as fun.

Jason got a lot more then be bargained for with Crystal. Don’t think the pack is going to just let her go. He is going to have a fight on his hands and Jason is just too human and stupid to win. Would someone please take away all of his guns! After what happened with Eggs, you’d think he’d think twice before waving a gun around someone else.

Looks like our suspicions were confirmed that Arlene’s baby is Rene’s. And that he was in the preview, those damn dream sequences get you every time ;)

You can take Tommy out of the fight but you can’t take the fight out of Tommy. That boy is going to be a pain! But looks like things are going to get rough with the new hillbilly weres in town.

That was a bold move Eric made killing Talbot! Can’t wait to see how that’s going to play out. The king seems incredibly powerful, so how is Eric going to avoid being implicated in his murder? If Russell knows that Eric murdered Talbot, he will be going after him with no mercy. Eric’s first act of revenge seemed well calculated. He wants Russell to suffer the way he suffered by watching his family die. But even with revenge consuming his actions, Eric still managed to try and help Sookie.

It looks like we’re going to have the big reveal of what Sookie really is in next week’s episode. My question is, how is Sookie going to take it? With Eric’s warning for Sookie not to trust Bill, does that mean that Bill could ultimately be after Sookie’s light? It seems like he truly loves her, so I’d be very surprised and disappointed to find out he’s been playing her the whole time.

Lafayette’s mother is being presented as crazy, but I believe her talk of witches and vampires being after him could be true. Let’s not forget that Merlotte’s just hired a new waitress and that’s never works out well. She did know that Arlene was pregnant which almost no one knows. I smell a witch!

Looking forward to the next episode as the countdown to the season finale begins. We only have four episodes left!

What do you guys think Sookie is? Vote on our poll or leave a comment and let us know!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

True Blood Episode 307: Hitting the Ground

We were able to see two hated vampires go this episode. Bye Bye Lorena! We’re so glad to see her go and there was no love lost with the beheading of the Magister. Like a water balloon bursting. But Lorena’s death scene won the gory award for the episode.

And let’s not forget Coot. Alcide put himself in a bad position choosing a human over his own kind and Debbie will make him pay for it.

Will Tommy stay with Sam? I don’t think Tommy will be able to leave his mother high and dry. The real problem in that family seems to be Jolee. I think if they got rid of him, that Tommy and his mother could make a decent life for themselves.

I think Eric had it right, that the only vampire you can trust is the one you’ve created. Yes, it was stupid for Sookie to feed Bill when he was in such a starved state because they are what they are and she paid the price. It’s sad to see Sookie be scared of Bill. I for one am not angry with Bill, since he was clearly not aware. He was all animal, the blood frenzy kicked in, his survival instinct.

Sookie was not only able to save Bill from starvation with her blood, but also saved him from the rays of the sun. So the question is, what is she? Eric has now gotten the secret from Hadley and we’ve gotten a peak at her true origins while she was in a coma. What did kill her parents, since it wasn’t the water?

Here comes the bride! The Queen of Mississippi looked so pleased. And I loved their kiss at the end of the ceremony. Russell is going to be BIG trouble with his radical ideas and his desire to drop the humans down the food chain. Let’s hope Eric’s plan for vengeance works out.

It was great to see that Pam never loses her spunk and I could see why Eric would pick her to be his progeny. I was really happy to see that he rescued her in time.

The angry ball that is Tara has grown once again and is now directed at Bill and probably all vampires. She needs a day at the spa or a day at the beach with an umbrella drink.

Jason is so unbelievably dumb. I know this and yet his decisions still surprise me.

See you next week and correct me if I’m wrong, but did I see Renee in the preview?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

True Blood Season 3 Comic Con Trailer

This is awesome!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

True Blood Episode 306: I Got a Right to Sing the Blues

Well, this episode did not disappoint!

Tara managed to escape her Vampire Bride destiny, at least for now. However, a mace to the head would not have been my first choice. Don't we all know by now that you need to sever the head from the body if you want to kill a vampire without staking him? It looks like Franklin will recover from his bludgeoning, at least that's what the preview seemed to show. I'm okay with that. I wasn't done with his brand of crazy yet!

What was Bill thinking? Did he honestly think that he would succeed in staking Russell? All he got for his efforts was a sentence of being put to death by Lorena. But we did get to hear one of the most interesting conversations we've ever heard between them. We got a much bigger glimpse into Lorena's character and her history makes her a bit more pitiable, but I don't feel bad for her. She finally got to sink her teeth into Sookie and if there ever was a time for her powers to suddenly work, this was it! I mean, her life was in more danger at the end of tonight's episode than it has been the two times her powers worked.

The unexpected pleasant surprise of this episode was Alcide. Not only did we get to see him in his wolf form for the first time (a white wolf, awesome!), we got a good view of him period. ;-) It looks like Tara and Alcide will most likely be taking Sookie to the hospital. After, what looks like, Bill feeding on her. I can't say I'm surprised after seeing Bill's state.

I definitely need to take a moment to talk about the Queen. After watching her tonight, I can't imagine how she became Queen in the first place. She's not overly strong, she's not very old, and most importantly, she's not clever. Russell and Eric got the upper hand far too easily and now have her right where they want her. But how does capturing the Queen solve Eric's problem with the magistrate. It doesn't seem like he's any closer to rescuing Pam. Unless Russell is going to turn her in for selling vampire blood and take her territory that way?

The preview for the rest of the season looks amazing and I can't wait to see how everything will play out!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

True Blood Episode 305: Trouble

Franklin totally made this episode! Although he’s not the hottest, he has definitely become my favorite new character. He’s just nuts! The “passion is electric.” Tara has managed quite well to keep Franklin calm, but how is she going to get out of being his new vampire bride? Maybe her only choice is to embrace the crazy, but with Sookie being captured maybe she’ll be able to help her.

Eric has come to see Russell in hopes of saving Pam and find Bill but he discovered much more then he had in mind, his father’s killer and the leader of Operation Werwolf. Will Eric be able to hold it together the next time he faces Russell and see Sookie in tow? Eric’s flashback was great. I love to see Viking Eric. Swoon! I have a feeling Russell is going to be sorry that he invited the sheriff of area 5 to stay with him.

It was nice to see Bill finally snap out of it and come to Sookie’s aid. One of my favorite lines of the night is when Bill called Lorena a “tiresome cow”. The King now has what the Queen has long been after and what Bill’s been struggling to protect. Along with a taste of just how useful having Sookie could be. As Talbot says, Russell loves to collect things.

The preview for next week looks awesome! All of the storylines are converging and some serious shit is going to go down. I can’t believe we’re already 5 episodes in. I have to say, I’m really loving this season!

“Look how fast I can type mother fucker…”

Monday, July 12, 2010

True Blood Episode 304: 9 Crimes

Two weeks was way too long to wait, so glad I had my True Blood fix tonight!

All of the events surrounding Sookie, Bill, and the Queen are all leading back to Eric’s search for the vampire in charge of Operation Werwolf since World War II, which we now know is Russell Edgington. The war between the King and Queen has begun. And Bill and Eric are already in the cross fire. It was very smart of Pam to give the Magister Bill’s name which may be the catalyst for Eric to join Sookie in Mississippi and discover the truth.

Franklin Mott is becoming more of a psychopath by the minute. During his time in Bon Temps, he found the answer to his lonely existence, Tara. Nothing says love like flowers and duck tape. We also discovered that he’s working for Russell and is back with the information he gathered about Bill and Sookie. Could the information he passes to the King weaken the new alliance between Bill and the King? Is this what causes the King to send Franklin to collect Sookie?

Is Bill losing too much of himself in his attempt to protect Sookie, that even when she does find him, will she be able to forgive him?

Tonight is the first time we’ve seen Eric day dream about Sookie, not even Yvette from Estonia could distract him. It seems he his having a difficult time keeping his feelings for her at bay. Bill seems to be stepping aside, but will Alcide move in before Eric has a chance to lay his claim?

Sookie can’t seem to keep herself out of trouble. If it’s not a coven of vampires, then it’s a bar full of shifting werewolves! I will say she was working the leather and tats pretty well. Alcide did his best to protect her, but you can only do so much mid-shift. Bill felt her fear, but to have protected her then would have ultimately put her in more danger with the King.

What do you guys think?

Sunday, June 27, 2010

True Blood Episode 303: It Hurts Me Too

Tara made another special friend to cause all kinds of new trouble. Will her bad choices ever end?

We had a very nice introduction to Alcide. He can definitely be competition for Bill and Eric. They better step up their game. The Operation Werwolf pack seems like a bunch of V junkies that can’t keep their heads straight. How is Eric going to handle supercharged werewolves? It will be interesting to learn about werewolf society with Alcide as our guide. Haha, Lou Pines, love it!

Everyone these days seems to be interested in Bill. Lorena is clearly after him and now has him cornered. I was very disappointed that she didn’t go up in flames. What a waste of a perfectly good tapestry! How did she end up with the King of Mississippi? And where does Franklin Motts fit into all of this? He doesn’t seem to be working for the King or Queen, maybe the wolf pack?

With Bill’s newly pledged loyalty to the King of Mississippi he has successfully protected Sookie, but at what cost? The Queen of Louisiana seems very weak right now with the Magister breathing down her neck for the V, she’s not in the position to retrieve Bill and hold on to her territory. Regardless of the Queen’s strength, I think Bill and Eric are on their own.

What are Eric’s plans for Lafayette? He did sell him a very nice car, however. I love it when we see Eric be so practical with our human laws. It just doesn’t seem to fit.

Sam’s family is clearly going to cause trouble. I guess he should have let the past stay there.

Is Renee the real father of Arlene’s baby? If not Renee, who? That was unexpected.

Why did they have to leave us with twisted head weirdo sex, WTF?

See you in two weeks!

Monday, June 21, 2010

True Blood Season 4

Yes! True Blood has been renewed for a fourth season and for those of us who've read the books, we know what's in store and I can't wait!!!

You can view the article here

Sunday, June 20, 2010

True Blood Episode 302: Beautifully Broken

We got some more insight into the Wolves and met the King of Mississippi, who runs them...badly. And discovered the reason behind Bill’s kidnapping. A lot of questions are coming up with exactly how involved with the Queen Bill truly is. We met Franklin Mott, Tara’s new anger management partner, searching Bill’s house and from the documents he found it looks like Bill’s been tracking Sookie and her family line, so there meeting was not by chance but something that perhaps he and the Queen orchestrated?

I was excited to see Godric come back into the show… Eric has quite a history with Operation Werwolf. For a top secret group they sure seemed ease for Jessica to find online…Oh well, it’s a good thing Sookie has Eric for help  The soft spot he has for Sookie is starting to become very apparent. Can’t wait for more!

I wonder what is going to happen next to keep Bill away. Doesn’t seem to be Lorena…did he really set her on fire? It happened so fast and no one seemed to do anything…Seems like too quick of an end to her.

Can’t wait to see what happens next week!

Blood gelato anyone?

Monday, June 14, 2010

True Blood Episode 301: Bad Blood

We know our post is delayed. It pained us that we couldn’t see the premiere on Sunday, but we were visiting New Orleans, so we were in the spirit of things! We thought the episode was a great start to the season. =)

Best lines of the episode:

Arlene: “I’m sorry you fell in love with a serial killer, but honestly who here hasn’t?”
Andy: “Conscience off, dick on”

Weirdest moment of the episode: Sam’s dream - definitely drank too much vampire blood.

Best conversation: Sookie and Eric in the dungeon.

Left us craving more, what did you guys think?

I Should Warn You, I Fed.

W00T! Season 3 is under way, episode 1 was literally all over the place, there were so many things happening.
  • Jason is freaking because he killed eggs.
  • Tara tries to commit suicide because she is so upset over Egg's death.
  • Jessica kills the dude from the truck stop and doesn't know what to do with his body, and may or may not have turned him.
  • Arlene thinks she's pregnant and freaking out.
  • Bill is kidnapped by Eric's minions because he knows Eric is selling V.
  • Eric and the Queen are suspected of selling V and face an uncertain future if their secret is exposed yet queen is broke and forcing Eric to continue selling V.
  • Sam finds his parents and brother all the while he is having strange romantic dreams about Bill because he drank his blood in last season's finale.
  • Bill escapes his captors and now faces a pack of angry werewolves.
WOW - What an episode... Did I forget anything???

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Moyer Hits the Big Screen

Stephen Moyer will begin filming for two movies. First up is "The Double" starring Richard Gere as an FBI agent. Moyer will be playing a Russian spy. After that, Moyer will begin filming a big screen version of the TV western, "The Big Valley". He will be playing Jarrod Barkley.

Filming for "The Double" is scheduled to begin on June 21st and next month Moyer will be in Louisianna to film "The Big Valley".

The above picture seemed appropriate. It say's cowboy to me. It's probably the hay. ;-)

This picture along with others can be found here.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Season 3 Clip

HBO has a QR code in their latest trailer for True Blood. Scan the image below to discover a link to a new clip of season 3. Right now, you can only view the video from your mobile device, so your carrier's data rates will apply.

To view the video that contains the QR code go here.

The QR code leads to this link: http://PLUSHMS.MOBI/HBO/TB/

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday, May 13, 2010

True Blood Comes to the Comic World

This is a new six-issue series that will be available starting July 21st. You can buy it through the HBO True Blood store.

True Blood: Season 3 Trailer

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Monday, April 26, 2010

Sunday, April 25, 2010

6 Mini Season 3 Episodes!

6 Mini Episodes of True Blood will air starting on May 2nd. These episodes are a bonus and will not be a part of the full season.

Thank you, Alan Ball!

For Some reason HBO took down the promo, so I've posted a new one above it.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Friday, April 9, 2010

Vampire Bill's Birthday

Happy Birthday Vampire Bill!
Born April 9, 1840 and I must say he is looking good for his age.

To see additional photos of the men of True Blood click here.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Alexander Skarsgard Lends Voice to Movie

Alexander Skarsgard and father Stellan Skarsgard lend their voices to "Moomins" an animated 3D feature. The film is expected to hit theaters in Fall 2010.

Click here for the full article.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Stephen Fry helps Brentwood Theatre

Stephen Fry helps Brentwood Theatre
Signed ‘Extras’ script expected to raise a fortune!

Brentwood Theatre is delighted to be raising money by auctioning a ‘call sheet’ for the internationally acclaimed BBC series, Extras, which Mr Stephen Fry has kindly signed.

Brentwood Theatre opened in 1993 to provide a professional venue for the many non-professional drama and music groups in Brentwood, Havering, and beyond and is packed every week with a huge variety of shows. With a very flexible space accommodating 95 to 299 people, it is an affordable and much loved venue which is receiving acclaim all over Essex – and even has a huge team of supporters from America & other parts of the globe through its Patron, Stephen Moyer, the star of HBO’s True Blood.

In September 2005, the Theatre (an independent registered charity which relies on volunteers to allow it to function) launched an appeal to raise money to complete its backstage area which was duly built in 2008-9 and as part of that appeal, a huge number of celebrities kindly donated items to be auctioned in aid of the campaign.

With all the money collected to complete the build, it was not necessary to auction the items at that time, but with other projects now planned – including a complete repaint of the Theatre and a proposed new partnership with production company Beyond Images – the call sheet is on sale on eBay from Monday 15 March 2010.

Theatre administrator Mark Reed said, ‘I wrote to about a hundred celebrities and received many positive responses including Roger Moore, Steve Davies and Barbara Windsor, whose items will be sold off later in the year.

‘Brentwood Theatre was recently voted the most loved business in Brentwood on which reflects on the fact that not only do were provide excellent Theatre, but we also support people with special needs, learning difficulties as well as those new to the business of Theatre.

‘Our mission is to provide “a vibrant, artistically challenging community theatre” and the money raised from this auction will ensure that we can continue to grow and achieve our aims.’

Those looking to own this highly collectible item will be able to make bids on eBay-UK from 10:00 GMT Monday 15 March 2010 for ten days by searching for ‘BBC Extras call sheet signed by Stephen Fry’ sale reference 250595173673

Many fans have inquired how to help the fund if they are not interested in the auction... (For US fans: Brentwood Theatre now has a way to cash US Checks without a fee!! ) Gifts large, Gifts small: every pound/dollar adds up!! So for anyone who wishes to support Steve Moyer's Childrens Theatre Fund directly, please do the following..

Please make checks out to "Brentwood Theatre" and do the little memo note to say "Moyer Kids Theatre Fund"

mail to:

Brentwood Theatre
attn: Mark Reed
15 Shenfield Road
Brentwood, Essex
CM15 8AG


Friday, March 12, 2010

Another Side of Ryan Kwanten

Yahoo posted the following photo of Ryan Kwanten, aka Jason Stackhouse, on the red carpet for the 2010 Hollywood Reporter Oscar Nominee Reception. This is another side of Ryan, or Jason, we have never seen before on True Blood. Lookin' Good!

See it here on

Friday, January 15, 2010

What's Lafayette Up To? - More TB Casting News! is reporting Lafayette will find a love interest next season, and we will meet his mother.

Alfre Woodard will play Lafayette's mother and Kevin Alejandro will play Jesus, an orderly taking care of Lafayette’s mother Ruby Jean Reynolds, who is in a care facility.

We'll keep you updated on any more casting news for True Blood Season 3!!

Learn more here!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Joe Manganiello will play Alcide Herveaux

For those of you who have read Club Dead, I know you have been anxiously awaiting to see who will play Alcide Herveaux. Well wait no longer, Joe Manganiello has been cast to play the hunky werewolf! You can learn more on here!

True Blood Season 3

Hey Hey True Blood Fans! True Blood Season 3 This Summer! Can't Wait!

Check out this video for a little Tru Blood Snack!