Sunday, June 20, 2010

True Blood Episode 302: Beautifully Broken

We got some more insight into the Wolves and met the King of Mississippi, who runs them...badly. And discovered the reason behind Bill’s kidnapping. A lot of questions are coming up with exactly how involved with the Queen Bill truly is. We met Franklin Mott, Tara’s new anger management partner, searching Bill’s house and from the documents he found it looks like Bill’s been tracking Sookie and her family line, so there meeting was not by chance but something that perhaps he and the Queen orchestrated?

I was excited to see Godric come back into the show… Eric has quite a history with Operation Werwolf. For a top secret group they sure seemed ease for Jessica to find online…Oh well, it’s a good thing Sookie has Eric for help  The soft spot he has for Sookie is starting to become very apparent. Can’t wait for more!

I wonder what is going to happen next to keep Bill away. Doesn’t seem to be Lorena…did he really set her on fire? It happened so fast and no one seemed to do anything…Seems like too quick of an end to her.

Can’t wait to see what happens next week!

Blood gelato anyone?


zip_flip said...

I think the fire was just a dream/wish Bill had when he saw her. She is his maker, he can't kill her.

Dawn of the Dead said...

I agree that I think it was just a dream/fantasy Bill has. I don't know who the new vamp is and cannot even begin to speculate his agenda, but I loved you referred to him as Tara's anger mgmt coach! LOL! The last episode where Sook & Jess seem to ever-so-quickly find the symbol branded on the dead guy, then go all quick i-phone search & get operation werewolf was cliche' and cheesy. It seemed like a forced plot twist.

I was stoked to get the first look at Hot Shot and Calvin!

Godric was awesome to see again.I liked his character in the show...the books are very not at all the same, isn't even the same name. So it was fun to see him. He was so calm and did 'old wise vampire' really well.

I'm so curious and excited to see what's going to happen between Sook & Eric. I was rolling laughing at the 1st season 3 episode when she walked in on him and his, um lady. His expression was soo priceless! Then he just pulled-out and walked over to her like it was no big deal! OMG! I was roaring! BEST SHOW EVER

Lucia said...

I love how the books and the show are so different! I was excited when I heard "hotshot!"

Anonymous said...

So is it safe to say that Hoyt took the body from Jessica's "chamber"? How do we think he's going to feel about that?
P.S. What was that whole Snoop Dog thing? I mean I like Snoop, who doesnt, but uhh the "Oh Sookie" song? Really? Who approved that to air?

Anonymous said...

Loved the "Oh Sookie" song with Snoop Dogg! That was hilarious!

I've read all the books and am delighted by some of the twists that the show is taking!

Loved all the blood food especially the blood gellatto for desert! That was a great touch.

TB has it all, blood, guts, lots of nudity and great dark humor! The period popping is going to be interesting too!

This season is going to be so much more enjoyable than the Menaid!

Caitlin said...

Three cheers for this season so far its been way better than season two for me. I loved the Hot Shot scene it was great. Also I like this Franklin Mott better than the book one so far. I really liked this episode and loved Godric being back for a bit.

Bekka said...

Loved this episode. Oh Sookie keeps me laughing all day long. I loved the dinner with all the blood dishes and also the flashbacks into the past, loved the chemistry between Eric and the Werebitch... was almost as if they knew each other, to be honest I have never read the books so I would not know...Do you know if there maybe was a past with Eric and the Werebitch? This episode also brought home that we definately need more Godric, hope mor flashbacks to come!!!!

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I love how the books and the show are so different! I was excited when I heard "hotshot!" and i am also looking for download true blood episodes..