Sunday, July 29, 2012

Episode 508: Somebody That I Used to Know

Well it's starting to look like it's down to Eric to save the day maybe bringing in Pam and Tara as backup. But it's funny that out of everyone that Eric has become the voice of reason and the moral compass of the vampire society. It seems like Bill has completely lost his mind and is abandoning everything he believed in for over 100 years because he hallucinated Lilith? Really? He must still be high.

Looks like from the preview, that the Authority storyline is finally being pulled into a couple of the other ones. Sookie and Bill are reuniting and Russel has come to take over the pack. Alcide isn't out of the race yet, we're thinking he's bound to be pack master by the end of the season with his new woman by his side.

The two Sams....that was weird. So glad they didn't kiss, but I have to say that it was fun seeing Sam Trammel with a feminine mystique. Loved the walk.

Yay, we finally got to see Jesus normal. It looks like Lafayette did what he had to in order release Jesus's spirit from agony. Maybe now we'll see their relationship develop in a my boyfriend's a ghost kind of way. But a medium's job is never done as he's allowed Terry and Patrick to make contact with the woman from Iraq. Who will die? The obvious choice would be Patrick since he's new.

It was nice to see Jason being the sensible big brother and taking care of Sookie for a change and rallying her to find out the truth of their parent's death. As usual the fairies are full of half truths and are getting Sookie into more trouble. Now that Sookie made contact with Warlow, he can now sense her. Will Sookie and the fairies be able to stop this vampire? Maybe this crisis will snap Bill out his Lilith stupor.

Oh and by the way, my angry face and happy face are the same.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

True Blood Episode 507: In the Beginning

Looks like our suspicions about Salome were correct. Can't believe we have crazy Russel back so soon. Guess if you're going to be a tripping vampire what better place to be then Bourbon Street in New Orleans. Favorite moment must have been seeing Eric give Bill a piggy back ride!

But looks like the fun and games won't last long for Eric who has somehow become the only vampire with loyalty and a conscience.

Most of the rest of the episode seemed to just feed off of and perpetuate hate. Is Hoyt really that lost? Guess so. Pretty ridiculous. Looks like it's not working out too well for Jason either. He should know that not all people or vampires are the same. Jessica has always really held up her end of the friendship, but I think he pushed her too far this time.

Pam almost had a maternal moment... and then it was gone. Good thing she's got some time to warm up to the idea.

What is it about Lafayette that says someone please tie me up and torture me? But come on the mouth sewn shut was a new level even for him.

I can understand Sookie's desire to be “normal” whatever that would actually end up being for her who knows. But it's never that easy to stop being part of this other world, it won't just go way. All the “Sups” will still be there but she wouldn't have the power to protect herself or anyone else.

Debbie and Sookie who? Looks like Alcide has a new chew toy.  

Monday, July 16, 2012

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Poll Results

Thank you everyone for participating in our poll.  48% of you thought that "Undeath" became Tara Thornton and we have to agree with you.  Don't forget to vote on this week's poll.

Episode 506: Hopeless

Looks like Sam and Luna are both going to pull through. We thought Luna was a goner for sure.

Russell turned out to be a lot easier to catch then we thought, but he ended with the upper hand at the end. Poor Guardian...betrayed by Salome. At least she shed some tears as she stood by and watched him get staked. Quick question, why couldn't the other many ancient vampires have stopped Russell? We're pretty sure Russell wouldn't have been a match for all of them.

Arlene sure can pick 'em. First a serial killer, then a guy cursed to die a fiery death from a supernatural creature.

Lafayette had another endearing heart to heart with his mother and has been set off on the hunt to piece together, “literally”, what's happening with Jesus. We hope that LaLa can figure it out because we'd love to see Jesus back in the show.

Please can we just forget about Hoyt until he get's his sh** together! He's so annoying now.

Don't you hate waking up from a dream right when you're going to find something out? Maybe someone is trying to communicate with Jason. Hopefully, what he doesn't know won't end up putting his life in danger. What do you guys think of the Fairies' story that Sookie's and Jason's parents were killed by a Vampire? We still think the fairies were involved some how, but Sookie is going to have to control her temper when she's dealing with them. It looks like the fairy folk don't take kindly to her using her abilities on their kind.

Also, why are the fairies so afraid of Vampires? They have so much power and can clearly defend themselves. It seems like the Vampires should be worried not the fairies.

Eric sure played dirty with his glamor tonight. Looks like he's still carrying a torch for Sookie after all, but we wouldn't mind seeing Alcide and Sookie have a go at a relationship. But did we see a spark between Alcide and his second??

Alcide is going to be a kick-ass pack master. We can not wait for the show down!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Episode 505: Let's Boot and Rally

Ummm, from the coming attractions last week, it seemed like more was going to happen this episode than it did.

I guess there were some WTF Jason waking up in He-Man footy pajamas and Jesus' head showing up on Lafayette's and his mother's tables. The disembodied creepy dead head with its mouth sewn shut was really unexpected. We knew Jesus would be back but we were expecting a bit more of him....

Looks like we have some new redneck “Supe” haters. It doesn't look like Luna will be making it out of this one... so will Sam be taking a new puppy home? Or will the pack claim Emma?

What was up with Bill and Eric just chatting it up with Russell? Step one should have been to call the Authority and say they had Russell, step two they should have incapacitated him not reminisced.

Sookie was in rare form tonight! Quite entertaining actually. Been a while since we've had that fun Sookie we all love.

We thought Nora was faking her allegiance to Lilith to save Eric, but it's starting to look like she really is a follower of Lilith and a sanguinista but what about Salome? She is clearly plotting but for who and what? The Guardian seems to love his long speeches about mainstreaming but really, lets get on with it already!

It looks like Tara and Jessica are going to have a very short BFF relationship. It didn't even last one evening and all because of Hoyt. When did Hoyt join an 80's punk rock band? That look just doesn't work for him. He seriously needs to put down his momma’s eyeliner.

Jason seems to have found his purpose for this season, which is to solve the covered up crimes committed by “Supes”.

So we found out what kind of demon has been following Terry and his unit. Looks like the Ifrit is coming for him next and that it could tear apart his relationship with Arlene.

Let's hope that next week's episode is a bit more eventful.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Episode 504: We'll Meet Again

Best moment of the season so far, Eric and Pam. Not only did we get to Pam's soft underbelly with her complete devotion to her maker, but Eric also showed how much he cared about his progeny by letting her go. Broke our hearts!

Pam seems to have finally accepted her responsibility as maker. Although I question the wisdom of the first lesson she gave Tara. We're not sure if blood thirsty, top of the food chain lessons will create a stable Vampire Tara. But at least Tara isn't trying to turn herself into goo via a tanning bed.

But the progeny love didn't end there as Bill and Jessica also had their moment. The weight of the true death is definitely bearing down on Bill and Eric as they are trying to take of everyone they care about. So Bill walks in on the perfectly set up, long awaited make-out scene between Alcide and Sookie. It will be interesting to see how far they take the relationship this season. It looks like we might get a bit more if the previews are to be trusted.

But how quickly Bill's heart turns cold as he decides to use Sookie's powers to bring about Russell's end. Regardless of the danger it could put her in. Has he finally let her go? Eric seemed a little surprised by Bill's calculated plan for Sookie, but he didn't argue.

Thankfully, we were spared the ridiculousness of Steve Newland, but unfortunately that hole was replaced by the fairies. We keep hoping that the fairy story lines will be really interesting, but instead they always seems a little hokey. We just can't seem to get into it. What are they up to? We don't believe that they Vampires killed Sookie and Jason's parents. It's more likely that the fairies killed their parents so they could get Sookie. The fairies seem to be trying to collect all humans with fairy blood.

Speaking of odd magic occurrences, it looks like things with Lafayette are starting to get out of control. The weird demon creature possessed Sookie's car! Interesting choice. We're sure something more direct could have been done, but a possessed car is way more fun. There's not enough of that on TV if you ask us.

As for Terry's plot-line, it seems we may have another demon in our midst. Chances are that the member of their unit they're looking for isn't as crazy as he appears.