Sunday, July 15, 2012

Episode 506: Hopeless

Looks like Sam and Luna are both going to pull through. We thought Luna was a goner for sure.

Russell turned out to be a lot easier to catch then we thought, but he ended with the upper hand at the end. Poor Guardian...betrayed by Salome. At least she shed some tears as she stood by and watched him get staked. Quick question, why couldn't the other many ancient vampires have stopped Russell? We're pretty sure Russell wouldn't have been a match for all of them.

Arlene sure can pick 'em. First a serial killer, then a guy cursed to die a fiery death from a supernatural creature.

Lafayette had another endearing heart to heart with his mother and has been set off on the hunt to piece together, “literally”, what's happening with Jesus. We hope that LaLa can figure it out because we'd love to see Jesus back in the show.

Please can we just forget about Hoyt until he get's his sh** together! He's so annoying now.

Don't you hate waking up from a dream right when you're going to find something out? Maybe someone is trying to communicate with Jason. Hopefully, what he doesn't know won't end up putting his life in danger. What do you guys think of the Fairies' story that Sookie's and Jason's parents were killed by a Vampire? We still think the fairies were involved some how, but Sookie is going to have to control her temper when she's dealing with them. It looks like the fairy folk don't take kindly to her using her abilities on their kind.

Also, why are the fairies so afraid of Vampires? They have so much power and can clearly defend themselves. It seems like the Vampires should be worried not the fairies.

Eric sure played dirty with his glamor tonight. Looks like he's still carrying a torch for Sookie after all, but we wouldn't mind seeing Alcide and Sookie have a go at a relationship. But did we see a spark between Alcide and his second??

Alcide is going to be a kick-ass pack master. We can not wait for the show down!


BestLion said...

Russel is 3,212 years old, Roman is said to be 2,100 years old. And nobody in the Authority could take out Russel. He was also given blood, nourishment by Salmone ( which I feel is Russel's progeny) Russle could kill every vamp in ther hands down in seconds. Sort of like how Eric killed all those Authority vamps in season 4.
My question is why didnt Roman turn to a mess of blood and explode? Seems odd how he was staked and turned purple. Any thoughts?

Anonymous said...

I don't think that Roman has been given the true death. Doesn't make sense to bring him in and kill him off in four episodes. True he would of exploded and not just turned different colors. I think roman saw it coming and the stake russell used wasn't wood. Maybe it was a plastic or different material?

Alanna said...

I hadn't really thought about the fact that we didn't see the Guardian explode, we just assumed that he died. Maybe Russell was just torturing him to make a point? Maybe the stake was made of silver.

Tracie said...

Favorite Line: Save Jesus! Lol.

I have to disagree, I like Hoyt now. He was boring before. Very sexy and cocky now. Much better. I'm wondering if we meet Lilith soon? Seems like it. Russell had blood all over him. Seems to me Roman died.

Anonymous said...

. Way Guardian dressed and spoke of being late for his "tee time", like one of today's medical doctors, lost all real concern for the health of humanity. Only carte about money, prestige, position and the Almighty Tee Time. What the Hell does Hypocratic Oath have to do with practicing my putting.

True Blood season 5 dvd said...

will Russel be in charge of the vampire??