Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Episode 112: You’ll be the Death of Me

The killer story line seemed to come to a head really quickly and as we had figured out from the previous episode, Renee was the killer. It’s amazing that he was able to hide his true self for so long. I felt really bad for Arlene finding out the way she did, but at least she wasn’t married to him yet!

The love triangle definitely seemed to be at its weirdest this episode. I’m not sure if it could get any stranger than having a naked Sam, picking up and burying a burned to a crisp Bill while Sookie is standing over the grave crying.

Every now and then I think Jason is going to start thinking for himself and it seemed like he was going to turn over a new leaf. But no, he fell into the Vampire hating church crowd instead. I’m not sure if Jason is ever going to get anything right or ever learn his lesson.

Naturally, we were left with a few mysteries at the end of this episode.

1) What happened between Sam and Mary Ann?
2) Where did Sam get all of that money? I mean it seemed like an awful lot of money for a bartender in a small Louisiana town.
3) What/Who attacked Lafayette? There’s no way it could have been Bill.
4) Whose body was found in Andy’s car?

I suppose we’ll get all of these answers and more mysteries when True Blood returns this summer! I can’t wait!

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Friday, November 21, 2008

True Blood Episode 12 Promo - SEASON FINALE

Be sure to watch the final episode of this season, You'll Be the Death of Me, on HBO Sunday November 23, 2008 at 9PM Eastern!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Twilight or True Blood??

The preview for tonight's South Park episode looks like it's either based on the Twilight book series/movie frenzy or True Blood. Either way it's about vampires.

I am a huge South Park fan, I am also a huge fan of Twilight and True Blood. I cant wait for tonight's episode!

Second attempt to find True Blood fans on Seesmic

SUCCESS!! I found one dude who is actually a fan of the show... and another dude that has no idea what True Blood is. WOOT!

True Blood Fans On Seesmic?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Monday, November 17, 2008

Episode 111: To Love is to Bury

First off, my theory regarding the trailer for Sunday’s episode was very wrong to my disappointment. I can understand Sookie being angry with Bill because he wasn’t there when she needed him most, but kissing Sam? It just seemed so wrong. Sookie seems to be able to toss Bill aside very easily when she’s angry with him. One minute she can’t live without him and the next she’s kissing another guy. Not cool!

I don’t blame Sookie for throwing Bill out after he had burst in and started fighting with Sam. I can’t say I’m surprised at Bill though. He’s been itching to have it out with Sam for a while. There’s a bit too much testosterone when both of them are in the same room.

Mrs. Forrester (a.k.a. dirty naked dead woman standing in the road with a huge pig on a leash) bailing out Tara was definitely an interesting twist. Tara’s in for a whole boat load of trouble and some big decisions ahead. Tara’s mom also had some nerve! I can’t believe she would turn her back on Tara the first time she really needed her. That left a great big opening for the demon to get a hold on Tara.

We finally know who the killer is! It’s Renee! I wasn’t really taken by surprise when the fax came in at the end of the episode. It more confirmed my suspicion from earlier in the episode when Jason was talking to Renee and Dwight about Amy. Renee asked Jason if Amy had slept with vampires and told Jason that “things have a way of working out”. Then the killer happens to sneak into Jason’s house that night and kill Amy, way too much of a coincidence.

All that’s left is to see how it will all come to ahead next week. I’m sure Bill won’t be leaving Sookie unprotected despite what happened.

Oh and from the preview, it seems that Eric’s favor in return is Sookie…

Friday, November 14, 2008

Rutina Wesley Interviewed by New York Post

Rutina Wesley the actress who plays Tara was interviewed by the New York Post and the interview was posted today on the POPWRAP blog.

My favorite excerpt from the interview:
"You're going to see Tara come to the end of this journey with her anger demon. The car crash represents a fork in the road and now we need to watch and see if she goes left or right, because, let's face it - she's hit rock bottom. I mean, that dress and side ponytail alone is rock bottom! [laughs] Oh, I loved it, loved it!"

I love this image of the cast, so I had to throw it in!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Angelina Jolie Adopts Vampire Baby

Somebody pointed this out to me today:


Not sure how I missed this, I guess this was in the second or third True Blood episode on a coffee table in Tara's house.

Are there any True Blood Fans on Seesmic??

True Blood Episode 10 Thoughts

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

True Blood Episode 11 Promo - To Love is to Bury

Here it is, the promo for True Blood episode 11, To Love is to Bury.

This promo has me a little upset... Why is Sookie kissing Sam? Why does she resend her invitation to Bill? Is there another death? Why is Jason in jail again? Will Tara ever take off that hideous dress? Will we find out about the lady with the pig in this episode? How can there only be two more episodes left? Why does Sookie say Bill will not be coming back??????

Be sure to watch on Sunday at 9pm Eastern!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Episode 110: I Don't Wanna Know

Hurray! We finally know the truth about Sam. He is a shape shifter. Sookie took it rather poorly though, I was a bit surprised considering that she's dating a vampire. The other fun thing we found out though is that there are other mythical creatures lurking about. We know for sure that there are werewolves, what else could be out there? At this point, I think anything is possible.

I felt sorry for Tara. She seemed so happy after the exorcism. Like a weight had been lifted off of her shoulders and she could enjoy life again. I was starting to believe in the whole exorcism thing myself and was surprised to find out that Miss Jeanette was just a con artist. I have to admit that I didn't see that coming.

As for Amy, I'm not the least bit surprised that she finally crossed the line. I don't think Jason will forgive her. From next week's preview, it seems that he doesn't forgive himself either.

Bill definitely found himself in serious trouble. The magister couldn't have picked a better punishment for him. Although, I was happy that he wouldn't be bound in silver and stuck in a coffin for five years. What is to become of Jessica? Will Bill have to take care of her now and teach her the vampire ways? That might put a damper on his relationship with Sookie.

Now for the million dollar question, who attacked Sookie? We know it had to be someone at the party and Sam doesn't seem to be in the running. Our suspects seem to be Terry and Renee. I don't think it's Dwight, because the attacker was wearing a dark colored shirt. This fact also excludes Andy. There doesn't seem to be anyone else of consequence at the party. Any other ideas?

I do feel it necessary to talk about the preview for next week's episode. I was very upset to see Sookie making out with Sam and uninviting Bill into her house. The writers of this show do seem to be masters of deception when it comes to putting the preview together though. I do not think what appears to be happening is true. My theory is that Sam, Bill, and Sookie have come up with a plan to lure the killer out and what better way than make the killer believe that Bill is no longer protecting Sookie. Sookie would then be an easy target. I guess we'll have to wait and see. This is going to be a long week! I just hope I'm right!

By the way, what was with the naked woman holding a large pig on a leash? That was CREEPY!

Friday, November 7, 2008

True Blood Episode 10 Promo

Enjoy and don't forget to watch on Sunday November 9, 2008 at 9pm Eastern.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Episode 109: Plaisir D’Amour

That was the goriest vampire staking!! Extremely bloody! Sookie had a total Carrie moment. At first I was surprised that Eric and Pam did nothing, but now I see just how little they care about humans. The best line was: "You have some vampire in your cleavage"

Jason’s new girlfriend Amy is turning out to be a total freak, but then seems really good for him the next minute. I think she’s going to start cracking soon and losing it completely.

I’m worried for Bill at the tribunal. If all the other vampires care so little about human life how will they understand why he had to save Sookie? A possible sentence of 5 years in silver does not sound like a lot of fun.

I’m surprised that Tara really believes she has a demon. And if she does, and gets rid of it, will we lose our quick tempered, silver-tongued, smart ass? I hope not :D

So the dog’s out of the bag! Not a werewolf but a dog? We thought Sam was the dog from the beginning but then figured it was just alluding to him being a werewolf. Maybe he’s a shape shifter and can turn into different animals? What do you guys think?

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Check out our friend Jenny dressed up as Sookie, bite marks and all!

She did a good job, and I love the Tru Blood bottles too!