Monday, November 17, 2008

Episode 111: To Love is to Bury

First off, my theory regarding the trailer for Sunday’s episode was very wrong to my disappointment. I can understand Sookie being angry with Bill because he wasn’t there when she needed him most, but kissing Sam? It just seemed so wrong. Sookie seems to be able to toss Bill aside very easily when she’s angry with him. One minute she can’t live without him and the next she’s kissing another guy. Not cool!

I don’t blame Sookie for throwing Bill out after he had burst in and started fighting with Sam. I can’t say I’m surprised at Bill though. He’s been itching to have it out with Sam for a while. There’s a bit too much testosterone when both of them are in the same room.

Mrs. Forrester (a.k.a. dirty naked dead woman standing in the road with a huge pig on a leash) bailing out Tara was definitely an interesting twist. Tara’s in for a whole boat load of trouble and some big decisions ahead. Tara’s mom also had some nerve! I can’t believe she would turn her back on Tara the first time she really needed her. That left a great big opening for the demon to get a hold on Tara.

We finally know who the killer is! It’s Renee! I wasn’t really taken by surprise when the fax came in at the end of the episode. It more confirmed my suspicion from earlier in the episode when Jason was talking to Renee and Dwight about Amy. Renee asked Jason if Amy had slept with vampires and told Jason that “things have a way of working out”. Then the killer happens to sneak into Jason’s house that night and kill Amy, way too much of a coincidence.

All that’s left is to see how it will all come to ahead next week. I’m sure Bill won’t be leaving Sookie unprotected despite what happened.

Oh and from the preview, it seems that Eric’s favor in return is Sookie…

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