Wednesday, September 16, 2009

True Blood Finale Depeche Mode "Corrupt"

Thought our True Blood friends would dig this video:

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Episode 212: Beyond Here Lies Nothin

I did not expect that Maryann was going to use Sookie as her maid of honor, but I guess she wanted someone special (i.e. not human). Bill’s plan worked really well. It was intense, but it went off without a hitch. Sam ended up saving the day and the town. I thought it might take more than that to put end to Maryann, but she seemed pretty dead. Supernatural beings have a way of popping back up, though and Tara said she felt like it wasn’t really over. Jason and Andy weren’t very effective, but I’m not surprised, Jason was the leader. At least they pitched in at the end to help bring people home.

We have a partial answer to why Eric is having Lafayette push V and that’s the Queen. We still don’t know why she wants V to be sold and she feels that Bill Compton knowing about the V is a threat.

Bill’s evening with Sookie was very romantic. It was well planned from the beautiful dress he bought her to the proposal. I thought he was going to propose when he reached in his pocket, but then he pulled out a plane ticket. I was a bit thrown, but then he pulled out the ring like I thought he was going to do. I didn’t expect Sookie’s reaction, but I could understand it. Will Sookie think that Bill just left her or will she suspect that something else happened? Eric is the most logical person to be behind Bill’s disappearance. He told the queen that he would take care of Bill and with Bill being gone he will have a big opening into Sookie’s life.

Okay, what about Jessica? It seems like Hoyt was the only thing that let her hold on to her humanity, but what will happen when she sees the flowers he left her? It was so sweet that he came by to apologize. It was nice to see him really stand up to his mother and decide to take control of his life, but it seems like it might be too late for them.

Eggs was a very tragic character. He was the most used by Maryann and I don’t think he would have come to terms with the things he had done under her control. I was shocked to see Eggs not only get killed, but shot by Jason. Oh my god, what was he thinking?! Tara is not going to let Eggs’ death go. It seems like Tara can’t catch a break when it comes to love.

I think that Sam looking for his birth parents is going to be trouble next season. What kind of creatures gives birth to shape shifters? It will be interesting to learn more about them.

Overall, this season was very exciting and we got to know all the characters better, especially Eric and he’s going to have an even bigger role in season three as the love triangle strengthens. Can’t wait to find out what the new big bad “thing” is going to be and hopefully we’ve left the orgies behind for good!

So what did you guys think of the finale?

Thanks so much for following the blog. It’s been a lot of fun. We’ll keep posting things as we anxiously wait for season three to begin!