Friday, August 31, 2012

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Episode 512: Save Yourself

Sometimes you've got be bad in order to be good. Or so that's the path Alcide took. Congrats to the new pack master! Under his leadership all wolves will live a V free existence and above all the pack comes first. This is definitely not the Alcide we knew at the beginning of the season who didn't want anything to do with a pack..

Russell's actually dead now. Who knew it would be so easy!

Looks like half of our survey list didn't make it with both Salome and Russell meeting melty explosive ends. The Authority were dropping like flies. Speaking of which Chancellor Rosalyn should win the award for best vampire death in the series!

Poor Luna, will she recover from her second go at skin walking?

Tara's lip lock with Pam definitely came more quickly than expected, but it looks like Pam feels the same way. That should be an interesting relationship going forward.

Jason got knocked in the head a little too hard by faerie magic. He's making less sense than usual and while on the topic of Faerie shenanigans...what's Andy going to do with his quadruplet girls?

Well...Bill's going to be the big bad next season along with Warlow and the way is clear for Eric and Sookie to continue their relationship since Bill took himself out of the running...Arise Billith!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Extended Look at the Finale!


Looks like Salome has taken the lead with 48% of the vote.

We only have one more episode and 3 days to go before we find out if we're right!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

True Blood Episode Preview: Save Yourself

The finale is almost here!

Episode 511 Sunset

Yay! Eric finally made it out of the Authority and managed to save Nora. Definitely didn't expect that!

Does any even want to see Bill get saved at this point? We're not so sure he deserves to be.

What do you mean that all of those fairies can't stop Russell? That must have been the stupidest plan ever! The fairies should have been able to easily defeat him when combining their powers. Instead the elder decides to face him alone and ends dead pretty quickly.

It looks like we didn't have to wait until next season for Andy to find out about his bundle of fairy joy. Will he break the light pact and bring about a war?

Looks like Lilith has chosen all of them to lead the vampires to the new age, so Bill's not so special after all but he didn't accept that easily. Maybe they'll just kill each other off and the remaining vampires will over dose on Lilith's blood? We can only hope.

So Tara and Pam? It seems that there might be something there and we'll probably see that develop next season.

Sam and Luna found Emma, but didn't really think through the whole rescue. It was surprising to find out the Russell and Steve left Emma in the Authority to look for fairies and poor Sam doesn't know how far gone Bill is and hopefully he'll be rescued.

There's a lot that needs to happen in this last episode, which means it'll probably be action packed!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

True Blood Episode Preview: Sunset

True Blood Episode 510: Gone, Gone, Gone

It doesn't make sense that the vampire community seems to be in a panic. It's not like they've never fed on humans before without killing and there seems to be plenty of willing humans out there. They should just find one a keep it on the DL. They've only be doing that for centuries!

It was sad to see the techie vampire go. We really wanted to see her become a new sidekick for Eric.

Eric seems to have decided to play the game. How long will he have to pretend before he can kill everyone? He can probably get Jessica on his side. It seems like there's still a bond between Eric, Bill and clearly Jessica when the topic of Fairy blood came up... aka Sookie. Eric will have to make his move fast. Not to mention Russel isn't the only one after her blood.

Finally, Russel stopped this charade not that it wasn't obvious, but did Salome really think she could raise a 3,000 year old vampire and control him? Clearly he is a very hard vampire to kill. Still don't see why Bill and Eric didn't do it when they had the chance! Not that I actually care but which side will Steve pick? Guess it depends if Russel stops to take him along for the ride... Just the two of them and the “puppy”. Could be the break Sam and Luna need to get Emma back.

The whole scene with Hoyt, Jessica, and Jason was very sad, but at least he's trying to get his life back on track. They both do really care about him.

Tara really is beginning to kick ass as a vampire and we think Pam was impressed. Goodbye Elijah!
We think Pam's commitment to her as her maker made all the difference. It will be interesting to see the dynamic once Eric is back in the picture.

Seriously, Sookie and Jason took the scroll to a university? Ummm, one look at that said “fairy” all over it! And when did Jason become the “smart” one? Sookie just seems so lost this season and it seems like Warlow is a bit of a setup for next season or at least a quick plot for this one.

Looks like Andy has an unexpected bundle of joy coming his way... wonder how Holly's going to take that bit of news.

Only two episodes left and Bill seems as crazy as ever! Can he be saved? Will the chase for Russel bring Eric and Bill back into Sookie's circle? Will Sookie bring Bill back from his craziness once and for all?

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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Poll Results: Will Bill be saved?

48% believe that Eric will save him and it seems that Eric might be his only hope.  But will Eric want to after Bill's betrayal?

Episode 509: Everybody Wants to Rule the World

It's official, Bill has lost his mind. The least he could have done was let Eric go. I think he owed Eric that much, but I guess that just shows how far gone he really is. Can he be saved by the end of the season? It's looking less and less likely. Maybe Sookie and Eric will have to team up to put a stop to the Authority and Bill.

Terry is finally safe and Arlene got another eyeful of the supernatural world. I'm thinking the next time some one tells her they've seen some weird creature, she'll believe them. I'm happy the situation worked out for them, but will Patrick's wife seek revenge?

I definitely didn't expect Bud Dearborn to be involved with the hate group and end up dead this episode. At least the hate group storyline has been put to rest and it was pretty awesome seeing Luna kick the Dragon's ass. Will Jessica give Hoyt some blood to heal him?

What was Martha thinking about keeping Emma around the pack? She knew exactly what was going on and the least she could have done was stay away until Luna got Emma. Martha seemed smarter than this, so I was surprised as this turn of events. Russell is going to have a lot to deal with once Luna finds out what happened. She won't rest until he's dead and probably Steve Newland for that matter.

Sookie really didn't find out anything new on her parents death and Bud turned out to be a dead end (literally). Will we get to meet Warlow in the season finale? I still don't trust the fairies. How do they know the vampires are behind the bombings?

There's a new sheriff of area 5? What?! That vampire isn't nearly as awesome as Eric and I hope Pam gets the opportunity to stake him. After all, he did sit in Eric's chair.

My favorite line of the night was Eric telling the techie vampire to put her baby fangs away. I have a feeling he's going to keep her around when he gets out of this.

These last three episodes are going to be exciting!