Sunday, August 26, 2012

Episode 512: Save Yourself

Sometimes you've got be bad in order to be good. Or so that's the path Alcide took. Congrats to the new pack master! Under his leadership all wolves will live a V free existence and above all the pack comes first. This is definitely not the Alcide we knew at the beginning of the season who didn't want anything to do with a pack..

Russell's actually dead now. Who knew it would be so easy!

Looks like half of our survey list didn't make it with both Salome and Russell meeting melty explosive ends. The Authority were dropping like flies. Speaking of which Chancellor Rosalyn should win the award for best vampire death in the series!

Poor Luna, will she recover from her second go at skin walking?

Tara's lip lock with Pam definitely came more quickly than expected, but it looks like Pam feels the same way. That should be an interesting relationship going forward.

Jason got knocked in the head a little too hard by faerie magic. He's making less sense than usual and while on the topic of Faerie shenanigans...what's Andy going to do with his quadruplet girls?

Well...Bill's going to be the big bad next season along with Warlow and the way is clear for Eric and Sookie to continue their relationship since Bill took himself out of the running...Arise Billith!


Lesley Wonneberg said...

I really love this show but it is getting really out there and not in a good way. It is cheesy. I really hope they get out back together next season. No one likes bill being evil and the fairy stuff is too outlandish. Fairy powers are cool but fairy world is not. Oh and please don't make Jason mean to vampires again. You did it once already we like him better nice.

TruMe said...

BILLITH!!!! funny, I's sad I didn't think of it myself. :)

The finale was better than most of the season, I have to admit.

I loved Russel, but this season he wasn't as likable as before.

I know, likable is a strange word to use, but, ripping the spine out of a newscaster on live tv, just to show the "authority" what for, is likable. :)

It's never been determined if Russel was indeed the oldest Vampire, I'm guessing with his demise, Eric moves up in the ranks.

I'm guessing his sister isn't too far behind him.

As far as Russel goes, his end was more satisfying than I thought it would be, short and sweet for Eric, worked well for me.

I really didn't buy Russel pretending to be a zealot, as I don't know why he would? He was the senior Vamp, and knew he could kill them all, at any time. Yes, when he was still in his weakened state, but after? No.

Now, Russel being killed while being overly focused on Fairy blood, yes, certainly.

That brings me to the top fairy, her performance against Russel was pretty sad. One would think an elder fairy would do better than Sookie, who has dropped Russel a number of times.

Sam exploding the head of the one vampire was fun, though, since the other shifter, who I can't remember the name of right now, almost died from skin walking recently, one might think Sam would do that part.

I liked Alcide stepping up and being the pack leader, as they desperately needed a good leader.

I'm completely scared for Sam, everytime he's an easily squishable bug, but, I find it amusing that even Vampires find it hard to swat a fly.

And now....Bill.

I was so hoping he had some plan to destroy the Lillith cult, and, I guess he did, but now he apparently will be the big evil thing next season.

I always liked Bill, and kept hoping the best for him, but I think him getting out of this one is unlikely.

Even though I hate that it went that way, I have to admit it was a good season ending cliffhanger.

The season as a whole was kinda lame, though.

I don't really like Jason turning into Rambo vs. Vampires.

And, it's completely unlikely he could hold down that area, since Vampires can move very fast.

Andy being a Fairy Baby Daddy is kinda funny, I wonder if Fairy Babies grow up quicker than Human Babies?

Back to Jason, I wonder if he's really seeing dead people, or just hallucinating?

Lafayette has gone in a unexpected direction, embracing his condition and charging for services!

And on that note, I loved that Jesus's Mom was finally done with his Dad, and showed him what for!

But, Lafayette still has the demon, so it might come into play next season, along with his medium services.

Just because witchcraft pretty much ruled the vamps, till they got lucky.

Well, we'll see.

I still hope they can talk Bill down, but I don't have a lot of hope in that hope.

Since now, he has literally drank the kool-aid.

Even Sookie had no power over him.

Though, why Eric couldn't have snatched that vial out of his hand, is a bit suspicious, he is so much older, and so much faster.

I know, it's a plot point, and requires no logic, though, please.

Eric could have twisted Bills head off before he swallowed.

Even if he didn't just snatch the vial.

Bill is such a young Vampire, Eric is very old.

So, I'm pretty unconvinced at the ending, as far as that goes.

Yes, maybe Eric hesitated because he loves Sookie too.

But really, snatching a vial would be the thing to do. and no risk of damaging anything.

I know, it's just writing, has nothing to do with making sense.

Waiting for next season now! Now? Now???? :)

TruMe said...

took me about 50 tries to post that, I think your security is much better the the Authorities!

Crazyhard t post this one too!

T said...

Again,I missed posting because of the insanely hard validation process, and it was a fantastic post!

TruMe said...

I think you'd get more comments, if your validation mentod was loosened up a little!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone find it offensive that BIll had to reiterate how he doesn't/never loved sooki; it's as if things from the beginning were all a lie, and furthermore building up to what?..the whole lilith bible/hallucinatons being REAL????

Idk it's just like, what was the point of the first few awesome seasons (1 and 2) if it was all "fake, bill was lying about everything or "it was all part of the plan" ...and then to agin, build up to this lilith crap being a reality ???? As a fan of the show, I personally think it's a really lame cop out from the writers.

I used to think Bill and Eric were the coolest characters and uggg idk it's weird. The ratings for the show have got to be going downhill at this point.

***Havent read the books, but I hear they are virtually solely concerning sooki stackhouse, and that she and eric get married but something about some friend or someone else she dates who I now just forgot his name lol...

I don't know guys, what happened to the show?? I don't know if I can continue watching it.. :/

TruMe said...

I assume the fairy quads will play a part in next season.

If I can get past the difficult posting guardians!

Anonymous said...

I wondered if it was just me,but i was disappointed in the season also.Everything you commented about Bill,sookie,and the cheesy fairies,I was waiting for eric to destroy the vial of blood too,I m very unhappy of what the writers did to the bill,also sookie went all season and never got laid,its sad the best episode was the last except for the bill part,dont know if I will spend the money next year on hbo,I only subscribe to do it during trueblood season

Anonymous said...

I haven't loved a TV show for a long time until this show started 5 years ago and I was hooked.

Now 5 years later, I am disgusted, disappointed and done! What a waste of a great cast and a great story. The dialog this year could have been written by a foul mouthed pre-teen and the acting got worse as the season went on. Just very sad - feels like HBO gave up on this series somewhere along the way.

Sunwukong said...

I think it's awesome that Bill has become awesomely powerful. He has always been my favorite character, and now he's leveled up; must be a male thing :) He's more powerful than Eric, or even the now defunct Russel. As to Eric snatching the vial from Bill's hand, there are a few factors; firstly, a couple of episodes ago in a flashback we learnt that Bill was actually unusually strong for a new vampire, so much so that Eric commented on it on their first meeting; secondly, speed is relative, even though Eric can move faster than a human, or even a baby vampire, can follow, that doesn't make him fast enough to snatch something from Bill's hand from half a room away. The only gripe I do have is that it did take a long time for Bill to chug down the vial. Otherwise, loved the ending!!

Christine said...

I want my Bill back! I don't believe him as an EVIL character, way too forced and lame. I too believe that the whole snatching of the vial should have been done - it's obvious that they are not going by the book and took a major detour. I feel like the whole thing about him telling her that he didn't love her was because he was still convincing himself of this because he knew that becoming 'Billith' would most likely cause a true death of sorts for him. I don't want Sookie and Eric together...I don't care for that plot twist at all. This whole season was up and down for me. I can only hope that somehow Billith saves Sookie from Warlow and comes back as a 'normal' vamp.

Sookie could not get laid this season, they were too busy hiding her baby bump!

Anonymous said...

I found it cool how Eric ( a thousand year vampire) and sookie ( a waste of space who can zap vampires) where both terrified of Billith.

Anonymous said...

WTF were they thinking?...Why in the world did they kill off Rosalyn?...She was one of the best characters...hoping they somehow work her back into the script...

Monica said...

Totally agree Carolyn Hennesy is a very good actress. Not the biggest True Blood fan anymore, but really did love her character!!!

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Madison said...

I'm pretty sure the fairy quads will come back -- also, I think Maurella's gnna be the new fairy queen bc Sookie has to find out who killed her parents. Season 6 come sooner!!

Phoenix said...

Just finished the books, scared to watch tv series incase i find it not living up to book series high standards. :(

Jennifer Aguiar said...

As True Blood DVD Season 5 just finished, season 5 brings people many doubtful the dinal episode, Russell, along with Eric's vampire sister Nora and Salome, redefine the values of the Authority and view humans as nothing more than food: just as Lilith of the Vampire bible wanted. The season ends with Bill drinking the blood of Lilith in front of Sookie and Eric. He begins to fall apart, ultimately meeting the "true death". Shortly after, a nude Bill "rises from the blood", as an even more powerful vampire ("Lilith"). Surprised, Eric yells for Sookie to run prior to the end credits playing. None knows what will happen then in season 6 of true blood series. We will find the answer at the begining.

Anonymous said...

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