Friday, August 31, 2012

Season 5 Bonus Scene!


Anonymous said...

Check out the latest sketch from PITtv


Patty's new boyfriend, Sebastian, is dark, brooding, mysterious and sparkly...but what's his secret?

Anonymous said... the freshness of a new thread.....
So, we're one episode into the 2012 Season of True Blood! I wonder if any of our theories or speculations were correct? Well, let's not stop because the season has started! We've still got tons of theories & lots of speculatin' to do!! Will Sookie be Tara's breakfast or will Tara have settle for bottled? I wonder what kind of Mom/Maker Pam may be to her? Surely she'll be better than Lettie Mae?

Keep it going now!

Anonymous said...

I miss your blog for 2013 :(

Anonymous said...

Sunday's true blood season 6 dvd finale attracted only 4.1 million viewers at its initial 9 p.m. airing. That's about a million less than the fifth season-ender's 5 million viewers.
HBO game of thrones season 4 dvd and game of thrones season 3 dvd points out that in viewership across all airings, the series is averaging 10.6 million viewers per episode. The preseason debut of Sunday Night Football may have chipped away at " true blood season 6 dvd ," but ... let's not get carried away.

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