Sunday, June 27, 2010

True Blood Episode 303: It Hurts Me Too

Tara made another special friend to cause all kinds of new trouble. Will her bad choices ever end?

We had a very nice introduction to Alcide. He can definitely be competition for Bill and Eric. They better step up their game. The Operation Werwolf pack seems like a bunch of V junkies that can’t keep their heads straight. How is Eric going to handle supercharged werewolves? It will be interesting to learn about werewolf society with Alcide as our guide. Haha, Lou Pines, love it!

Everyone these days seems to be interested in Bill. Lorena is clearly after him and now has him cornered. I was very disappointed that she didn’t go up in flames. What a waste of a perfectly good tapestry! How did she end up with the King of Mississippi? And where does Franklin Motts fit into all of this? He doesn’t seem to be working for the King or Queen, maybe the wolf pack?

With Bill’s newly pledged loyalty to the King of Mississippi he has successfully protected Sookie, but at what cost? The Queen of Louisiana seems very weak right now with the Magister breathing down her neck for the V, she’s not in the position to retrieve Bill and hold on to her territory. Regardless of the Queen’s strength, I think Bill and Eric are on their own.

What are Eric’s plans for Lafayette? He did sell him a very nice car, however. I love it when we see Eric be so practical with our human laws. It just doesn’t seem to fit.

Sam’s family is clearly going to cause trouble. I guess he should have let the past stay there.

Is Renee the real father of Arlene’s baby? If not Renee, who? That was unexpected.

Why did they have to leave us with twisted head weirdo sex, WTF?

See you in two weeks!

Monday, June 21, 2010

True Blood Season 4

Yes! True Blood has been renewed for a fourth season and for those of us who've read the books, we know what's in store and I can't wait!!!

You can view the article here

Sunday, June 20, 2010

True Blood Episode 302: Beautifully Broken

We got some more insight into the Wolves and met the King of Mississippi, who runs them...badly. And discovered the reason behind Bill’s kidnapping. A lot of questions are coming up with exactly how involved with the Queen Bill truly is. We met Franklin Mott, Tara’s new anger management partner, searching Bill’s house and from the documents he found it looks like Bill’s been tracking Sookie and her family line, so there meeting was not by chance but something that perhaps he and the Queen orchestrated?

I was excited to see Godric come back into the show… Eric has quite a history with Operation Werwolf. For a top secret group they sure seemed ease for Jessica to find online…Oh well, it’s a good thing Sookie has Eric for help  The soft spot he has for Sookie is starting to become very apparent. Can’t wait for more!

I wonder what is going to happen next to keep Bill away. Doesn’t seem to be Lorena…did he really set her on fire? It happened so fast and no one seemed to do anything…Seems like too quick of an end to her.

Can’t wait to see what happens next week!

Blood gelato anyone?

Monday, June 14, 2010

True Blood Episode 301: Bad Blood

We know our post is delayed. It pained us that we couldn’t see the premiere on Sunday, but we were visiting New Orleans, so we were in the spirit of things! We thought the episode was a great start to the season. =)

Best lines of the episode:

Arlene: “I’m sorry you fell in love with a serial killer, but honestly who here hasn’t?”
Andy: “Conscience off, dick on”

Weirdest moment of the episode: Sam’s dream - definitely drank too much vampire blood.

Best conversation: Sookie and Eric in the dungeon.

Left us craving more, what did you guys think?

I Should Warn You, I Fed.

W00T! Season 3 is under way, episode 1 was literally all over the place, there were so many things happening.
  • Jason is freaking because he killed eggs.
  • Tara tries to commit suicide because she is so upset over Egg's death.
  • Jessica kills the dude from the truck stop and doesn't know what to do with his body, and may or may not have turned him.
  • Arlene thinks she's pregnant and freaking out.
  • Bill is kidnapped by Eric's minions because he knows Eric is selling V.
  • Eric and the Queen are suspected of selling V and face an uncertain future if their secret is exposed yet queen is broke and forcing Eric to continue selling V.
  • Sam finds his parents and brother all the while he is having strange romantic dreams about Bill because he drank his blood in last season's finale.
  • Bill escapes his captors and now faces a pack of angry werewolves.
WOW - What an episode... Did I forget anything???

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Moyer Hits the Big Screen

Stephen Moyer will begin filming for two movies. First up is "The Double" starring Richard Gere as an FBI agent. Moyer will be playing a Russian spy. After that, Moyer will begin filming a big screen version of the TV western, "The Big Valley". He will be playing Jarrod Barkley.

Filming for "The Double" is scheduled to begin on June 21st and next month Moyer will be in Louisianna to film "The Big Valley".

The above picture seemed appropriate. It say's cowboy to me. It's probably the hay. ;-)

This picture along with others can be found here.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Season 3 Clip

HBO has a QR code in their latest trailer for True Blood. Scan the image below to discover a link to a new clip of season 3. Right now, you can only view the video from your mobile device, so your carrier's data rates will apply.

To view the video that contains the QR code go here.

The QR code leads to this link: http://PLUSHMS.MOBI/HBO/TB/