Monday, June 14, 2010

I Should Warn You, I Fed.

W00T! Season 3 is under way, episode 1 was literally all over the place, there were so many things happening.
  • Jason is freaking because he killed eggs.
  • Tara tries to commit suicide because she is so upset over Egg's death.
  • Jessica kills the dude from the truck stop and doesn't know what to do with his body, and may or may not have turned him.
  • Arlene thinks she's pregnant and freaking out.
  • Bill is kidnapped by Eric's minions because he knows Eric is selling V.
  • Eric and the Queen are suspected of selling V and face an uncertain future if their secret is exposed yet queen is broke and forcing Eric to continue selling V.
  • Sam finds his parents and brother all the while he is having strange romantic dreams about Bill because he drank his blood in last season's finale.
  • Bill escapes his captors and now faces a pack of angry werewolves.
WOW - What an episode... Did I forget anything???


Chelsi said...

Not much just one (maybe) mistake... the way I heard it Eric did send minions to get Bill but Bill was already kidnapped by time they got there... that is why Eric is stressed (Bill is missing and in the hands of someone who might find out about him selling V)

That scene with Bill and Sam totally freaked me out! I was like WTF!?!?! SOOOOOO glad it was just a dream;)

Lucia said...

My husband and I were watching that scene between Bill and Sam and I kept watching my hubby's face it was in "WTF" mode and then relief as we watched Sam wake up from the
I think we should know that makers and makees have an internal gps to each other!

Kiki said...

Yea, Chelsi, that's what I heard too. It wasn't Eric's guys. Did you catch the symbol on the guys neck that Sookie and Jessica found who took Bill, he was part of "Operation Werewolf"…not sure why they want Bill.

Anonymous said...

This show is such a joke! Throw some vampires and soft porn into a cheesy HBO special and you have "True Blood". Unicorn vampires next? least that would be creative! Mark