Sunday, July 26, 2009

Episode 206: Hard-Hearted Hannah

We’ve hit that pivotal place in the season where we’ve got a lot of questions answered, but everyone’s in trouble and we have no idea how they’ll get out of it.

First we found out that Eric wants Bill out of the way, so he can get Sookie and Bill’s maker, Lorena is part of his plan. We also found out that Bill’s past is even more violent then we imagined. I for one did not think he was a psychopathic killer who likes to play with his food. It was really disturbing. But maybe his maker just brings that out in him.

Not only does the Fellowship of the Sun have Godric, but they also have an inside man. It’s looking like Stan (black cowboy hat wearing vampire) is the traitor, but I’m still suspicious of Isabel. Steve Newlin is becoming a zealot to the point where it’s frightening Sara and of course had to drag Jason in even deeper.

The mystery deepens with Eggs. Was he part of some ritual sacrifice? Did Maryann make him forget? As he finds out the truth, will his allegiance to Maryann falter? We now know that Daphne is the pig and has been working for Maryann. What is their game with Sam? The creature has come back into the story as Maryann donned the mask of a bull. Is this creature part of the ritual? Kind of tired of the orgy scenes. Hopefully, the show will get to the point.

The least complicated part of all of this is Jessica’s and Hoyt’s relationship. It’s refreshing to see two people just being together without being manipulated by the ulterior motives of others.

On a lighter note, Eric needs better taste in choosing his “freshies”. She was pathetic in her attempt in acting scared. I would never call Eric “baby”.

True Blood Comic Con Trailer

This trailer does show spoilers.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Get your True Blood fix at Comic-Con

If you’re lucky enough to be in the San Diego area this weekend you have a chance to meet some of the True Blood cast at Comic-Con. All our favorites will be there except for our hunk Ryan Kwanter (Jason).

Click here to get the panel list and schedule.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Episode 205: Never Let Me Go

Deer Daphne. That explains what’s up with her, but the scar is still a mystery. Sam seemed a bit too afraid after seeing Daphne shift. You’d think he’d never seen anything like it. ;-)

I was not expecting Maryann wanting to move in. It was awfully convenient that her home was all of the sudden borrowed. It’s possible that she was telling the truth, but I have my doubts. Was anyone else freaked out when Tara came home and found Maryann dressed like Gran and waiting up for her at the kitchen table reading a book? Déjà vu, anyone? She’s really screwing with Tara and we found out that Maryann can create discord as well as lust.

I think Barry was a bit of a let down. I was hoping for more, but I suppose he could show up later. Did he just disappear to get away from Sookie or did something happen to him?

It was really interesting and fun to see Eric’s Viking back story. Eric had a lot of spirit before he was turned and a fan of the ladies. We had a strong suspicion that Godric was his maker and we were not disappointed. Eric is finally starting to have more depth now that we see he actually cares for someone other than himself.

The cracks are finally starting to show in the Newlin’s marriage and things are only going to escalate between Sara and Jason. It’s interesting to see that Steve is hiding things from Sara. So she may not know the true extent to which the church is working towards eradicating the vampires. It will be interesting to find out what Sookie will read from Sara in next week’s episode. Will she find out about Jason or will Jason see her and blow her cover?

In the episode preview, it seemed out of place to see a flash back to how Bill was turned. It became clear though when his maker showed up at the end of the episode. That does not bode well for Bill. She is definitely going to be a problem.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Is Maryann Behind the Attack on Sookie??

Lafayette's Dance

I really couldn't help myself - I had to post this scene from this week's True Blood episode!

It's great to see Lafayette outside the vampire dungeon dancing around and humping everything!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Episode 204: Shake and Fingerpop

So obviously Mariann is somehow connected with the creature. It looks like she might even be able to turn into one. I'm leaning more towards that she can control it though. Whatever she's doing, her powers seem to increase with the lust of the people around her. On a slightly different topic, I wasn't surprised that Mariann removed the present from Tara's mom, but I think that Tara will find it eventually. Mariann is definitely trying to separate Tara from her mother, probably to keep Tara more vulnerable.

It is clear now that Jason has completely bought into the Newlands' bull. I am convinced that they are setting him up to take the fall for their latest scheme, which most likely has something to with Godric's disappearance. If this is the case, Sookie is going to find Jason in the middle of the danger. I only hope that Sookie will be able to make him see reason. The Fellowship of the Sun is much more dangerous than I thought.

I still don't understand Daphne. What is her role in all of this? What is her connection to the creature? Does she turn into one? Did she witness Sam transform when he jumped in the lake or did she find out about him some other way?

Eric seems to have some other plans for Lafayette, who's doing much better after drinking Eric's somewhat potent blood. ;-) I'm not sure what they are, but maybe he's looking for another way to control Sookie, since he knows she cares about him.

I'm excited that Sookie found someone who can read minds just like her. I think that is going to be fun and interesting. I bet Barry will end up helping Sookie with solving the mystery.

On a completely different note, I just love how Hoyt calls Bill "Vampire Bill". I just think its awesome.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Vampire Advertisements

I saw a vampire focused ad from Gillette razor in the TV Guide and I knew that it was to promote True Blood, but I had no idea how far HBO took it.

Click on the link below to see the other fun adds HBO created with real companies!