Monday, July 13, 2009

Episode 204: Shake and Fingerpop

So obviously Mariann is somehow connected with the creature. It looks like she might even be able to turn into one. I'm leaning more towards that she can control it though. Whatever she's doing, her powers seem to increase with the lust of the people around her. On a slightly different topic, I wasn't surprised that Mariann removed the present from Tara's mom, but I think that Tara will find it eventually. Mariann is definitely trying to separate Tara from her mother, probably to keep Tara more vulnerable.

It is clear now that Jason has completely bought into the Newlands' bull. I am convinced that they are setting him up to take the fall for their latest scheme, which most likely has something to with Godric's disappearance. If this is the case, Sookie is going to find Jason in the middle of the danger. I only hope that Sookie will be able to make him see reason. The Fellowship of the Sun is much more dangerous than I thought.

I still don't understand Daphne. What is her role in all of this? What is her connection to the creature? Does she turn into one? Did she witness Sam transform when he jumped in the lake or did she find out about him some other way?

Eric seems to have some other plans for Lafayette, who's doing much better after drinking Eric's somewhat potent blood. ;-) I'm not sure what they are, but maybe he's looking for another way to control Sookie, since he knows she cares about him.

I'm excited that Sookie found someone who can read minds just like her. I think that is going to be fun and interesting. I bet Barry will end up helping Sookie with solving the mystery.

On a completely different note, I just love how Hoyt calls Bill "Vampire Bill". I just think its awesome.


talisa said...

I am really confused still at the whole Mariann deal...I guess we will find out sooner or later just wish I knew what she was up to...

Hilarious watching Lafayette after having Eric's blood!

And Jessica is kind of growing on me...I hope she stays somewhat nice and does not turn on everyone!

Can't wait till next weeks show! I have just finished the 8th book and hope to start the next one this week!

DebbiefromNY said...

I also cannot wait to get some more info on Maryann and her orgies, spells, now with the dirt and the food. What's going on there? Also, what's the connection with Daphne and Eggs?
I'm thoroughly enjoying Jessica/Hoyt but not so fond of Jessica/Sookie.
Eric, of course, is delicious as always. Wonder what the future holds for him and Lafayette.
I think Terry is hysterical and wonder how he will keep up with tending to Merlotte's.
I'm currently reading book 5. It's getting a little slow now that the show is spiraling away from the books.
Can't wait until next Sunday!

sandy said...

There aren't many times when we get to laugh while watching True Blood, seeing Lafayette dancing and humping everything was so funny - my husband and I were laughing out loud!

Anonymous said...

Does it seem that the Fellowship of the Sun is wooing Jason because of Sookie and her connection to vampires?

I thought this last episode a little too campy. It is pushing the limits of credulity. Did anyone else have that sense?

The fantasy/bbq scene was too much.

Randy White said...

Good post, TruBlood just keeps getting better. You blog has been nominated for a BoB award that could net you 1000 dollars good luck

Lee Lee said...

Maryanns desire to have a personal relationship with Tara is more than meets the eye, she knows something about Tara that we dnt know she is going out of her way to please tara and at the same time push the existing relationships of taras away and trying to draw her close to her own people for example eggs.

we think Maryann is the monster and she tried to kill sookie. she has Sam occupied with Daphne. she is making sure Tara has no relations with her mother ie tossing out her mothers gift! she is working awfully hard to keep Tara in her immediate circle


C said...

That scene with Lafayette was so cheesy. That's why I didn't think Lafayette would be a good vampire. It was painful to watch.

Caitlin said...

I just wonder where exactly they are going with the Mariann story line. I do hope they give the party scenes with her a rest for a bit though.

I like Jessica too even though she isn't in the books she is pretty good addition.

Kiki said...

We really don't know much about Eggs, he has a bad past, which is what seems to tie people to Maryann. Maybe a little more about him might open up what Maryann is up to and why she is so interested in Tara.

sue_asselstine said...

Well I was listening to an interview with the actors, and they were saying that everyone finds their way back together by the end of the season, so I'm really hoping Sookie gets Jason out of this mess before he does something stupid (lets be honest, he's not the brightest one in the bunch lol), and I really can't think of what Eric would need from's boggling my mind! As for Maryann, I totally agree with you, Alanna, she's probably the "head honcho" of this group of monsters!!! Can't wait for tonight's episode!