Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Episode 109: Plaisir D’Amour

That was the goriest vampire staking!! Extremely bloody! Sookie had a total Carrie moment. At first I was surprised that Eric and Pam did nothing, but now I see just how little they care about humans. The best line was: "You have some vampire in your cleavage"

Jason’s new girlfriend Amy is turning out to be a total freak, but then seems really good for him the next minute. I think she’s going to start cracking soon and losing it completely.

I’m worried for Bill at the tribunal. If all the other vampires care so little about human life how will they understand why he had to save Sookie? A possible sentence of 5 years in silver does not sound like a lot of fun.

I’m surprised that Tara really believes she has a demon. And if she does, and gets rid of it, will we lose our quick tempered, silver-tongued, smart ass? I hope not :D

So the dog’s out of the bag! Not a werewolf but a dog? We thought Sam was the dog from the beginning but then figured it was just alluding to him being a werewolf. Maybe he’s a shape shifter and can turn into different animals? What do you guys think?


Mr Alpha said...

The multiple shapeshifter theory make sense. Or maybe he's just a weredog, and there are many different types of weres. Either way he has some explaining to do.

Kara said...

I cant wait to see how Sam explains this to Sookie.

"I'm sleeping naked on your bed because..."

Kiki said...
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Kiki said...

Hey Mr. Alpha,
Yea, that's true, could just be a weredog. I know in other stories they use several kinds of weres, wererats, wereleopards etc. Whichever one scratches you is what you become...I'd really hate to be a wererat. Weredog sounds much better :) Thanks for your comment

Mr Alpha said...

Rats are supposed to have really though immune system. Maybe being a wererat would come with perks. Although weres usually are able to heal from anything not caused by silver so maybe it would be redundant.

Although in TruBlood-verse it seems to be the vampires that can't handle silver. Maybe there aren't any weres and Sam is some other kind of shape-shifter. There are loads of other stories and myths about shape-shifters to draw inspiration from.

Kiki said...

I’m thinking that silver will work on both, it seems to be the universal kryptonite for all monster types. But it’s almost Sunday so hopefully will get some answers :)