Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Episode 112: You’ll be the Death of Me

The killer story line seemed to come to a head really quickly and as we had figured out from the previous episode, Renee was the killer. It’s amazing that he was able to hide his true self for so long. I felt really bad for Arlene finding out the way she did, but at least she wasn’t married to him yet!

The love triangle definitely seemed to be at its weirdest this episode. I’m not sure if it could get any stranger than having a naked Sam, picking up and burying a burned to a crisp Bill while Sookie is standing over the grave crying.

Every now and then I think Jason is going to start thinking for himself and it seemed like he was going to turn over a new leaf. But no, he fell into the Vampire hating church crowd instead. I’m not sure if Jason is ever going to get anything right or ever learn his lesson.

Naturally, we were left with a few mysteries at the end of this episode.

1) What happened between Sam and Mary Ann?
2) Where did Sam get all of that money? I mean it seemed like an awful lot of money for a bartender in a small Louisiana town.
3) What/Who attacked Lafayette? There’s no way it could have been Bill.
4) Whose body was found in Andy’s car?

I suppose we’ll get all of these answers and more mysteries when True Blood returns this summer! I can’t wait!

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