Sunday, July 1, 2012

Episode 504: We'll Meet Again

Best moment of the season so far, Eric and Pam. Not only did we get to Pam's soft underbelly with her complete devotion to her maker, but Eric also showed how much he cared about his progeny by letting her go. Broke our hearts!

Pam seems to have finally accepted her responsibility as maker. Although I question the wisdom of the first lesson she gave Tara. We're not sure if blood thirsty, top of the food chain lessons will create a stable Vampire Tara. But at least Tara isn't trying to turn herself into goo via a tanning bed.

But the progeny love didn't end there as Bill and Jessica also had their moment. The weight of the true death is definitely bearing down on Bill and Eric as they are trying to take of everyone they care about. So Bill walks in on the perfectly set up, long awaited make-out scene between Alcide and Sookie. It will be interesting to see how far they take the relationship this season. It looks like we might get a bit more if the previews are to be trusted.

But how quickly Bill's heart turns cold as he decides to use Sookie's powers to bring about Russell's end. Regardless of the danger it could put her in. Has he finally let her go? Eric seemed a little surprised by Bill's calculated plan for Sookie, but he didn't argue.

Thankfully, we were spared the ridiculousness of Steve Newland, but unfortunately that hole was replaced by the fairies. We keep hoping that the fairy story lines will be really interesting, but instead they always seems a little hokey. We just can't seem to get into it. What are they up to? We don't believe that they Vampires killed Sookie and Jason's parents. It's more likely that the fairies killed their parents so they could get Sookie. The fairies seem to be trying to collect all humans with fairy blood.

Speaking of odd magic occurrences, it looks like things with Lafayette are starting to get out of control. The weird demon creature possessed Sookie's car! Interesting choice. We're sure something more direct could have been done, but a possessed car is way more fun. There's not enough of that on TV if you ask us.

As for Terry's plot-line, it seems we may have another demon in our midst. Chances are that the member of their unit they're looking for isn't as crazy as he appears.


BestLion said...

Notice when Norah was on the web camera..and preying she was preying to Lilith. 100 bucks says it was Lilith whom she wont tell to the Authority. Once the Authority finds out the mother of all Vampires the 1st wife of Adam is alive they are going to be shaking in their boots!

BestLion said...

Also I want to say (fuck the Authority) Not my words but Russel Edgingtons. I hope they bring dawn that mafia this season!