Sunday, July 22, 2012

True Blood Episode 507: In the Beginning

Looks like our suspicions about Salome were correct. Can't believe we have crazy Russel back so soon. Guess if you're going to be a tripping vampire what better place to be then Bourbon Street in New Orleans. Favorite moment must have been seeing Eric give Bill a piggy back ride!

But looks like the fun and games won't last long for Eric who has somehow become the only vampire with loyalty and a conscience.

Most of the rest of the episode seemed to just feed off of and perpetuate hate. Is Hoyt really that lost? Guess so. Pretty ridiculous. Looks like it's not working out too well for Jason either. He should know that not all people or vampires are the same. Jessica has always really held up her end of the friendship, but I think he pushed her too far this time.

Pam almost had a maternal moment... and then it was gone. Good thing she's got some time to warm up to the idea.

What is it about Lafayette that says someone please tie me up and torture me? But come on the mouth sewn shut was a new level even for him.

I can understand Sookie's desire to be “normal” whatever that would actually end up being for her who knows. But it's never that easy to stop being part of this other world, it won't just go way. All the “Sups” will still be there but she wouldn't have the power to protect herself or anyone else.

Debbie and Sookie who? Looks like Alcide has a new chew toy.  


Tracie said...

I got the impression Hoyt was just playing along. So they didn't know he was at the Vampire bar willingly . I would have to say the most entertaining part of the is Season is Steve Newlin. He cracks me up. I wonder why Eric and Bill just didn't leave? Scared of Russell perhaps. I'm a bit bored with Alcide. He doesn't do much.

AngNicWaf said...

Oh True Blood... how you fill this little need I have for silliness and sexiness and gory violence.

I thought that season 3 was my favorite season until Russell came back. I have missed my little vampire pipsqueak. He is so BAD and yet so GOOD at it! I can't get enough.

Where oh where has my Viking Eric gone??? I miss your heartless (albeit in actions only) decisions and your ruthless dealings with "teacup humans".

I think Hoyt is just being pathetic. I don't know any man who would do that if some girl ditched him for his best friend. GAH!! Get over it already!

Pam and Tara - awe... so much the writers can do with this duo. :-D

Salome - GO AWAY!! Russell is the only antagonist we need in this story right now. I have a feeling you will know what a certain newscaster feels like soon. Russell doesn't like to share the power.

Poor Nora. Eric's going to rip your throat out.

Anonymous said...

One thing I don't understand.. If Roman was only 500 years old, then why Salome need Russel to do her dirty work? At least 3 of the members of the authority is far older than Roman..

Anonymous said...

AngNicWaf, I completely agree with your reminiscing! lol but seriously, my buddy and I had a talk after last nights episode, I mean have all of the original season 1 writers moved on or something?? TB is just not the same show anymore. :( Not too mention I am religious, and the plot points and references are getting to be too much for me! I mean come on! The show didn't used to be a soap opera, at least not entirely. I always used to say Twilight appeals to teenage girls, and Trueblood largely to horny guys hah I just don't know anymore though hh

Anonymous said...

True Blood is off its game this season. its been boring and wheres the sex? Sookie is annoying and boring, Alcides and the wolf story line is going nowhere...who cares????? It seems like theres too many stories going on at once and not enough time spent on each one to make them interesting!! Ive been a loyal fan since day one and currently tivo the episodes to watch later, so i find myself not getting in any real hurry to watch them. Wake me up when Game of Thrones comes back on!!