Sunday, July 8, 2012

Episode 505: Let's Boot and Rally

Ummm, from the coming attractions last week, it seemed like more was going to happen this episode than it did.

I guess there were some WTF Jason waking up in He-Man footy pajamas and Jesus' head showing up on Lafayette's and his mother's tables. The disembodied creepy dead head with its mouth sewn shut was really unexpected. We knew Jesus would be back but we were expecting a bit more of him....

Looks like we have some new redneck “Supe” haters. It doesn't look like Luna will be making it out of this one... so will Sam be taking a new puppy home? Or will the pack claim Emma?

What was up with Bill and Eric just chatting it up with Russell? Step one should have been to call the Authority and say they had Russell, step two they should have incapacitated him not reminisced.

Sookie was in rare form tonight! Quite entertaining actually. Been a while since we've had that fun Sookie we all love.

We thought Nora was faking her allegiance to Lilith to save Eric, but it's starting to look like she really is a follower of Lilith and a sanguinista but what about Salome? She is clearly plotting but for who and what? The Guardian seems to love his long speeches about mainstreaming but really, lets get on with it already!

It looks like Tara and Jessica are going to have a very short BFF relationship. It didn't even last one evening and all because of Hoyt. When did Hoyt join an 80's punk rock band? That look just doesn't work for him. He seriously needs to put down his momma’s eyeliner.

Jason seems to have found his purpose for this season, which is to solve the covered up crimes committed by “Supes”.

So we found out what kind of demon has been following Terry and his unit. Looks like the Ifrit is coming for him next and that it could tear apart his relationship with Arlene.

Let's hope that next week's episode is a bit more eventful.


Anonymous said...

So it's obvious Sheriff Andy did some weightlifting in the off- season and looks great, but what is up with him being buck nekked in almost every episode?? First back now frontal. And he still has his "I'm on the 'V' " scratchy voice?

I hope Alcide picks up where he left off with Sookie!! Yummy.

Tracie said...

I watched this again last night. What keeps catching my attention is that Andy could lean down, take one look at the tire tracks and tell what make/model and everything about the truck? Do you think this has anything to do with what the Fairies did? Just like Jason's dream. Sookie was very entertaining. She should be drunk more often.