Sunday, July 29, 2012

Episode 508: Somebody That I Used to Know

Well it's starting to look like it's down to Eric to save the day maybe bringing in Pam and Tara as backup. But it's funny that out of everyone that Eric has become the voice of reason and the moral compass of the vampire society. It seems like Bill has completely lost his mind and is abandoning everything he believed in for over 100 years because he hallucinated Lilith? Really? He must still be high.

Looks like from the preview, that the Authority storyline is finally being pulled into a couple of the other ones. Sookie and Bill are reuniting and Russel has come to take over the pack. Alcide isn't out of the race yet, we're thinking he's bound to be pack master by the end of the season with his new woman by his side.

The two Sams....that was weird. So glad they didn't kiss, but I have to say that it was fun seeing Sam Trammel with a feminine mystique. Loved the walk.

Yay, we finally got to see Jesus normal. It looks like Lafayette did what he had to in order release Jesus's spirit from agony. Maybe now we'll see their relationship develop in a my boyfriend's a ghost kind of way. But a medium's job is never done as he's allowed Terry and Patrick to make contact with the woman from Iraq. Who will die? The obvious choice would be Patrick since he's new.

It was nice to see Jason being the sensible big brother and taking care of Sookie for a change and rallying her to find out the truth of their parent's death. As usual the fairies are full of half truths and are getting Sookie into more trouble. Now that Sookie made contact with Warlow, he can now sense her. Will Sookie and the fairies be able to stop this vampire? Maybe this crisis will snap Bill out his Lilith stupor.

Oh and by the way, my angry face and happy face are the same.


TruMe said...

Well, since the fairies are helping Sookie see the Vampire that killed her parents, I'm not completely convinced, since they can't really be trusted.

And it would be odd to bring in a new Vampire, instead of using someone unexpected.

My first thought was Bill, since he had been researching her family.

Russel was a thought too, except he had no idea what Sookie was when he first met her, but then, he's a lil untrustworthy too.

The thing that makes me think it might not be a Vampire at all, is the manifestation of the Vampire, threatening Sookie.

Never saw that power in a Vampire, seems more like Fairy Magic.

So they might go all crazy on us and follow the books on that one. :)

Not complaining, mind you, I like being surprised.

I do like the Pam/Tara storyline, mostly Pam adjusting to being a "Mom" of sorts.

The Iraqi woman lifting the curse once one of them is dead, is a little odd, since they both took part in her death.

I do hope it goes the way we want it to go.

I hope Hoyt survives his run in with his "Friends", and that his last conversation with Jessica gives him some closure, and lets him move on.

I'm not sure Bill is all in, on the Lilith thing, no real clues to make me think that, but not sure.

He'll be snapped out of it by something, likely a chance to drain Sookie, or something similar.

Eric being the sensible one is great, I so love Godric, he was such a great character, and continues to be in death.

That whole scene showed how committed Eric was to him.

I mean, we already knew that, but still. :)

Jason really seems to be maturing, realizing what's important, and even being the voice of reason for his lil sister! Crazy as that sounds!

Will Alcide be the top Wolf? I'm not sure, but, I am certain the current one won't last the season, I think the whole pack will turn on him eventually, as he get's more V crazy.

Alcide doesn't really want the spot, he's more of the lone wolf, pun intended, but feels he needed to challenge the bad leader for the good of the pack.

At least, that's my take, I've been wrong before, and can promise the same in the future. :)

I do like Russel being back, he's such a great character, though, I thought they give him a season off, and then bring him back.

Speaking of him, I don't think he's really converted to the faith, he's old enough to know what's real, and what's a drug induced hallucination.

I think, anyway!

Russel follows noone, and I'd be surprised if he started doing so now.

He'll play along to get the upper hand, but that's about it.

At some point, he'll knock off all the other "religious fanatics",since he's older than any of them.

As far as I know, anyway, maybe they have a surprise "Older than Russel" Vampire coming.

There's only a couple current characters that we don't know the age of.

Picture Russel killing every member of the Board, then being overpowered by someone we never expected!


I'd assume said power would spare him, to work for him, and later be killed by trying to control him.

I'm just fantasizing now, not clues at all, just what I think would be fun.

They haven't stated that Russel IS the oldest Vampire.

Though, if one WAS the oldest, it would be in his/her best interest to kill the younger ones, and just keep the ones you've created yourself.

It would be great if Russel's maker was still in existence.

We assume he isn't,but still.

Imagine the shock, Russel about todo something epic, and a voice commanding him to stop....sounds like a season ending cliffhanger!

I know, it's unlikely, but it's fun to guess.:)

Anonymous said...

We've been hooked on True Blood for 5 seasons. When we're on vacation we look for hotels that have HBO on Sunday night so we won't miss it. The last episode was so surprising for the ordinary writing. What happened? It had an "and then this happened and then this happened" feel to it. All plot, no character. Felt like the last two books in the series. I hope they get the mojo back!