Sunday, September 12, 2010

True Blood Episode 312: Evil is Going On

Wow, so that was it for this year.

I wasn’t surprised that Sookie saved Eric but I wasn’t expecting her to drag Russell inside. Eric is usually smarter then to just react on his emotions. By not killing Russell he’s put everyone in danger in the future.

Jason got more than he bargained for with Crystal. But maybe it will give him something worthwhile to focus on. I have to say that I’m a bit scared that a whole town is going to depend on Jason for their survival. He can barely make the right decision when he’s the only one involved. But what he said to Andy was pretty insightful.

It was nice to see that Tara is really trying to change her life or run from it a bit, but hey whatever it takes. She is so out of there! I have a feeling that she won’t be able to find “normal”. Once you know about the weirdness, it tends to follow you.

Sam’s character twist seems to be more and more off. I don’t think someone can change so dramatically. The flash back and his reaction to Tommy stealing the money just don’t go with the person we all know. Someone who cares so much about other people wouldn’t be okay with killing.

I was shocked when Bill dumped Eric in the concrete and called in the hit on Pam! I also wasn’t expecting him to then confess it to Sookie. In his defense, he truly does seem to be trying to protect her. He even went so far as to challenge the Queen. The break up between Sookie and Bill was a lot more emotional than in the books. I felt bad for Bill. He may have been sent there by the Queen to do a job, but that was before he got to know Sookie and he truly fell in love with her quickly as soon as he did.

Eric left a good impression in the end though. Sookie will remember his kind words and came across having the purest of intentions and feelings. This bodes well for season four!

Sookie fairy disappearing act kind felt anti-climatic. I just expected a bit more impact, but I guess every season can’t end with a murder and screaming I was still hoping they’d get a bit more creative. None of the cliffhangers felt truly shocking. You know Sam didn’t kill Tommy, Bill is somehow going to survive his fight with the Queen, and Sookie went to some fairy land. Still looking forward to season four though! I hope they follow some of the story line in the book, because I need more Eric and Sookie. ;-)

Thank you so much for hanging out with us this season! We had a great time and I hope you did too. We love knowing what you think, so please post your comments on season three and keep checking our blog as we’ll post updates on season four and all things True Blood as they become available.

Can’t wait for season four!


Natalie said...

I wasnt impressed, but what can I say....all in all this was a good season. See yall next year !!!!

TruMe said...

Seems kinda like the whole season was just to set up next season.

They left it open for a future Russel return.

As far as Sam goes, I think he has reverted to his old self, the self we never got to see till this season, the completely on his own, can't rely on anyone, survival mode, angry Sam. We've really not seen much of Sam's adult life, just when he was a kid, even when he was robbing Maryanne he was young.

My theory would be that at some point, perhaps when he shot the couple in his flashback this season, he made a conscious effort to change his ways, and tries to bury his angry side. Then, he just got to his breaking point.

So I don't find his actions that unbelievable, though it does make his character a little less likable. I think he'll be ok eventually.

I doubt if he killed his brother tho, just a winging probably.

I also didn't see Eric's "kind words to Sookie" as nice, she didn't seem to think so either.
He was being snide and manipulative, just the way he should be. :)

I'm glad Eric wasn't put away for next season, at least. I am a bit confused at why Eric wouldn't just rip Bill's head off, at that point.

It'll be interesting to see who saved Eric from the concrete, I don't think he said, but I'm on my second viewing now.

Hoyt's Mama buying a vamp-gun is a little distressing, Jessica has really grown on me this season, I didn't care for her much early on, More likely, Mom will accidentally shoot Hoyt, while trying to shoot Jessica.

I found Sookies garbage disposal trick to be kinda out of character for her, almost bordering on evil, granted, he had it coming! Her wicked laugh and look makes me think something else is going on there.

It seems like the Sheriff is going to be a V-junky soon, they keep showing him looking at the stuff.

Overall, this season was good, though the finale could have been better, say 90 minutes, and a few more tied up threads.

The Mama Monster said...

I thought it was okay... I'd say good for an "episode" but not really for a finale! I am sad to have barely seen Alcide! I can't wait to see more of him next season.

I thought the Jessica and Hoyt part was good. I really like those two.

~The Mama Monster

TruMe said...

OH! I just figured out that Pam rescued Eric after the botched assassination.

Duh. :)

Kaylan said...

OMG I have to wait almost a year! I really want Sookie & Eric to be together. This is going to be a long wait!

Tracie said...

I about fell off the couch when Eric was pushed into the Concrete. I was proud of Sookie for finally starting to see what Bill is doing to her and I thought Eric was being nice.

Looking forward to the witch storyline, but I'm a bit confused about Lafayette and what he is. I think they could have drug it out a bit longer about Jesus and him being a witch. Although I think he's a dark witch.

Jason said...

Why is it that every season premiere and finale of True Blood is absolutely terrible? Do they have different writers for that? If so, fire them. What a fu*king joke.

trist said...

I hope tara never returns.

She sucks and is way too annoying to have on the show anymore.

Tracie said...

I agree with trist. If she would go back to butt-kicking Tara it would be worth having her on the show. I kind of wish Chrystal would go away also.

normadesmond said...

alan ball wrote the finale. it won't win any awards. i'm most disenchanted with jason. true he always thought with his dick (probably because his head is empty) but this shifter chick & her village, yuck. plain stupid. i want to change the channel when they're on.

Anonymous said...

Everyone comments about Jessica and Hoyt getting back together but did anyone notice what happened? Was the thing inside the room an arm or what was it???

Alanna said...

What I saw was a creepy old doll lying on the floor. I have no idea what that could be about, but I'm sure it wasn't something left behind randomly. I'm guessing something bad happened in that house. Hoyt did say the rent was cheap, didn't he?

Anonymous said...

This was by far the worst episode of true blood I've ever see. The writing was sloppy and full of missed opportunities. Everything about it was anticlimactic or just plain didn't make sense, characters who we have seen progress for 3 seasons now are fizzling out or just "changing" for no reason - it seems as though they are out of ideas and can't commit to extending the scope of the story. I don't know how many books are in the series but I think they've run out of ideas to draw from.

Amanda said...

True Blood season finale are usually blah, so I wasn't expecting much. I was happy that Bill's "true nature" was shown. I don't feel sorry for him AT ALL. I was surprised by Eric not killing the Russell, but Russell's just too good of a character to just die (again). Sookie going to "fairy land" was awkward. It didn't really seem to fit with the episode. All-in-all, I'm excited for the next season (which is my favorite book in the series)!

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me why Alan Ball is not follwing the books at all. I am a hhige fan, have read all the books but he is ruining the show in my opinion. The books were good as they are no need to change the story they way he is. Makes me wonder if he even read the books

Amers425 said...

I have been weasling info out of my friends that have actually read the Sookie stackhouse books. I've gotten some good tidbits of info if the show follows the books. lol. I am just excited for next season so I can see more of Alcide & Eric. Screw Bill! :-)

TruMe said...

I'm actually glad they aren't following the books religiously, it makes watching the new episodes a surprise.

I think it's mostly the "feel" of the books that they're going for.

So....Does the new season start next Sunday? :)

shewolf said...

I was very surprised to see that Sookie saved Russel as well. I want to see Sookie and Alcide get together. Just think of the children they would have. Fairy and werewolf what a combination. I am like the rest of you, get rid of Bill or at least give him a backbone and bring out his true nature. Does anyone know when the new season starts. I havent been able to watch tv for a few weeks.

Tracie said...

Yes. Next June. Sad huh?

Sara said...

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Suzanne said...

I totally love this show!

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Gothic Jewellery said...

What can I say I love the TV show but for me it's getting changed too much from the books and it's not for the better, stick more to the original stories!