Sunday, July 25, 2010

True Blood Episode 306: I Got a Right to Sing the Blues

Well, this episode did not disappoint!

Tara managed to escape her Vampire Bride destiny, at least for now. However, a mace to the head would not have been my first choice. Don't we all know by now that you need to sever the head from the body if you want to kill a vampire without staking him? It looks like Franklin will recover from his bludgeoning, at least that's what the preview seemed to show. I'm okay with that. I wasn't done with his brand of crazy yet!

What was Bill thinking? Did he honestly think that he would succeed in staking Russell? All he got for his efforts was a sentence of being put to death by Lorena. But we did get to hear one of the most interesting conversations we've ever heard between them. We got a much bigger glimpse into Lorena's character and her history makes her a bit more pitiable, but I don't feel bad for her. She finally got to sink her teeth into Sookie and if there ever was a time for her powers to suddenly work, this was it! I mean, her life was in more danger at the end of tonight's episode than it has been the two times her powers worked.

The unexpected pleasant surprise of this episode was Alcide. Not only did we get to see him in his wolf form for the first time (a white wolf, awesome!), we got a good view of him period. ;-) It looks like Tara and Alcide will most likely be taking Sookie to the hospital. After, what looks like, Bill feeding on her. I can't say I'm surprised after seeing Bill's state.

I definitely need to take a moment to talk about the Queen. After watching her tonight, I can't imagine how she became Queen in the first place. She's not overly strong, she's not very old, and most importantly, she's not clever. Russell and Eric got the upper hand far too easily and now have her right where they want her. But how does capturing the Queen solve Eric's problem with the magistrate. It doesn't seem like he's any closer to rescuing Pam. Unless Russell is going to turn her in for selling vampire blood and take her territory that way?

The preview for the rest of the season looks amazing and I can't wait to see how everything will play out!


Natalie said...

I am wondering how this is going to play out regarding Sookie getting bit...what happened to Lorena? could Alcide handle the situation? I dont think so being we now know older vamps can hanlde a wearewolf no problem. Looking fwd to it.....also who is Tera kissing? Could it be Franklin after the fact she smashed his skull in...if so he is the male Lorena. Good stuff

TruMe said...

Tara should know how to kill a vampire, Franklin will likely just like her more after the skull pummeling, going by his past behavior.

I find Eric's tactics to get close to the killer of his father rather fascinating, though, to be honest, we don't know for sure who it is, since the figure was cloaked. It seems obvious, but I never trust them. :)

I wonder if the Kings consort isn't an older Vampire than the King? I can't imagine the King putting up with his consorts "moodiness" if not.

One more thing, Tara took off on her own, after risking her life to save Sookie? Kinda strikes me as odd.

It might just be a tv show, I guess.

I'm actually glad the show isn't sticking strictly to the books storyline, since it adds to the "Not sure what's going to happen" thing.

TruMe said...

Addendum - I love Eric's fake smile when the King comes in.

I'm a bit curious as to how one becomes a King/Queen, since the Queen of Eric's area was younger than Eric.

Not to mention that the queen seemed pretty scatter-brained, wait, I just mentioned it! :)

TruMe said...

Makes me a little sad that everyone else sleeps at night, but I can adjust. :)

Bills "Make it quick" line is a bit much, he should know she'd never be quick. Of course, the scene seemed to indicate he was trying to help her see the error of her ways, or, at a minimum, to find a way to escape.

Not to be repetitive, much, but Tara not knowing how to kill a vampire bugs me, unless it turns out she didn't really want to kill him.

TruMe said...

Ok, I hate to hog a forum, but the older-than thing is a lil annoying sometimes, if a Vampire is a single day older,does that mean he has complete power over those a day younger?

Forgive me please, I tend to re-watch each episode until I fall asleep.

"He Jumped me last night", and Bill smiling was a good scene.since it was really Bill owning those wolves.

Oh no, Tara is about to pummel Franklin with the mace again, why does she not know you need to stake the heart, or decapitate the vampire?


Oh, and Why is Jason dumb enough to show up at Crystals house? He seems savvy enough to not do that. Especially since she was being fairly weird, earlier.

I tend to like the showtime version of Tara, which, is if you've read the books, is totally different from the novels. Except, as I've mentioned a couple times tonight, she doesn't appear to know how to kill a vampire.

The scene where Jason almost runs into Sam as he's leaving to find his brother seems a lil convoluted to me, I'm guessing it'll lead to Jason wondering about Sam in some way.

Sookie happening to get to the slave shack at the same time as the werewolf and "Friend" leaving is just silly.

Stories with too much random happenings annoy me.

Restarted again:

Eric putting his hand over Sookies mouth after telling her to shut up was classic.

I wonder, though, if Showtime is going to force the Bill and Sookie relationship, I don't mind Bill, mind you, They seem to be trying to make him a lot more um...desirable than in the novels.

That could be just my own point of view, clouding my opinion, but so what. :)

SmuttierThanYou said...

First of all, I need to gloat for a minute on being right about the Michael Vick dog fighting!!! *high five*

Every episode leaves me chomping at the bit for the next one. Oh and Alcide's nom nom backside was just that, nom nom nom!!!

TaylorNoir said...

Tara was perfect in this episode, IMO. The mace was definitely not my choice, I was so sure that she was going for that huge battle axe next to it. But the mace made the scene much more dramatic. She was emptying her frustrations, fears, and anger on him and I was proud of Tara!! But if that is Franklin kissing her in the next episode I am only diappointed that she is right back to where she started [after all that work and hardcore-ness asswhooping!].

Tara did not leave Sookie....they split up so Sookie could find Bill while Tara hotwired one of the cars. Makes sense. I would not be suprised if Tara tried to leave her though---in a life or death situation against supernatural beings---leaving Sookie would be smart.
And Sooks got what was coming....Lorena feeds, Bill feeds. All I could think about was the episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer when Angel feeds on Buff and puts her in the hospital.

Anyway, amazing developments! Next week looks epic!

Catie said...

I totally agree with your take on the queen! Plus I'm not a huge Evan Rachel Wood fan.

I love the King of Mississippi's character though. So intrigued to find out what happens between him and Eric!

Pumped for next Sunday!!

normadesmond said...

this question isn't about this specific post, i just googled "true blood blog" and here i am. maybe y'all can help.

unless i'm crazy, i see lots of vampires awake and okay when it's light outside (like when the guy & girl burst in on lorena & bill. actually, now that i think about it, there was always LIGHT coming down on bill & it certainly looked like sunlight, not electric lighting.). this drives me nuts. i mean, back in the dark ages of dark shadows, didn't everyone get some good vampire-free time when the sun rose?


Caitlin said...

Really great episode, I thought there might be dog fighting involved. I am so confused by the Queen, she is a hard to believe Queen.

Kristin said...

Can anyone find out what the ending song to this episode was?!?! Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

is it only me or does the show become more and more gay with every episode ? i mean not direktly the story but how men are generally presented in the show. just as a example: why to present franklin on the bed with tara in this tight silk pants stretching out his ass? i mean it is a hetero scene described but the pictures are clearly gay....
whats up with that?

rolibah said...

Eric won for most interesting character this week. I want to know why he's playing the gay card with the King of Mississippi and his husband. What does he really feel about Sookie? And is this all a plan to kill the king for vengeance? I'm so excited.

rolibah said...

ps: alcide is gorgeous.

Natalie said...

Good comments yall; I am so happy someone else noticed that this season is real thick on the Gay notes...that scene with Franklin and Tara screamed "Gay man in silk PJ's trying to act straight" Also I agree that the way Sam ran into Jason had a reason behind it, just as Jason pinning that teenage jock he cant stand to the car.....something is going to come from that. Also whats going to happen with Jessica and Hoyt? that topic was not touched this episode but I am sure there is more to come regarding the direction of their relationship.

*sidenote* when the vamps fangs pop out it sounds like it hurts like hell...UGHHHHH

Till Sunday, duces :)

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Diomar said...

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SwampAngel65 said...

I loved the whole Jessica/Arlene deal in Merlotte's...Jessica is so growing on me. Eric's fake smile cracked me up... the piling on of the gay factor is annoying...I knew the mace wouldn't work. I think Tara's mind was just in "get the hell out of here" mode when she used it...werewolves annoy me (for the most part)...and Crystal's role is going to get interesting BUT, I'm kind of getting tired of every new character being some sort of supernatural being. The normal humans are becoming fewer and farther between in Bon Temps!

Jenna said...

Tara's escape from Franklin was the best escape on TV ever!! Well, at least the most gorey! LOL!! LOVED IT!! Check out more of our love for True Blood:

Anonymous said...

The gayness is a too much this year and sometimes unnecessary ie: Sam and Bill dream sequence, Lafayette and Jesus, Russell and his hag etc...
I don't like the fact that the werewolves have been made weak by being more wolf than man. At some point maybe we will see the more powerful man wolves as in the Howling or recent Wolfman. Crystal is a mystery. I'm liking all the different story lines.