Tuesday, August 24, 2010

True Blood Episode 310: I Smell a Rat

Sorry for the delay!

The secret is finally out...Sookie is a fairy. They were so reluctant to tell us what she was the episode before, so I was a bit taken off guard when Sookie just spit it out within the first minute of this episode. Bill still hasn't told her that her blood allows vampires to walk in daylight yet and I'm wondering why he's keeping that information from her? Other than that, his intentions towards her seem perfectly sincere.

So, the big thing I don't understand, is that Eric keeps telling Sookie that she can't trust Bill but it's Eric who keeps treating her like dirt! So far Eric has not made a very strong case on why she should believe him and turn away from Bill. I for one wouldn't trust someone who chains me up like a dog! I keep waiting for there to be some sort of turn in Eric's character, so that Sookie is drawn away from Bill but the opposite seems to always happen. Their kiss, however, was pretty awesome!

Hoyt and Jessica finally confessed their feelings for each other. Yay! I've been waiting for that to happen. I think they are so great together, but I'm wondering what's going to happen now that Hoyt has had some of Jessica's blood. Tommy is going to be trouble for them. He's not going to be content with Jessica choosing Hoyt.

Jason has the worse timing in the world in telling Tara the truth, but he should have at least told her the whole story of why he shot Eggs, just like he told Sookie. I don't think it would have really softened the blow, but at least it wouldn't have sounded like he just up and shot him for no reason. Will Tara try to take revenge on Jason? She's pretty angry at the world, so I'm not sure what she'll try to do.

But Jason is going to have more than just Tara to worry about, now he knows Crystal is a were-panther. I'm looking forward to Jason handling this new development and seeing what crazy path this takes him.

Lastly, I knew Russell was really upset about Talbot's death, but I didn't fully comprehend how psycho he went until this episode. There can't be anything worse than a crazy 3,000 year old vampire, can there? I guess we'll find out.

I was a little disappointed in this episode, since not that much happened to move the plot along, so I hope the next two episodes bring it!

What do you think?


TruMe said...

I think the episode was mostly just to establish a few things before the last two episodes....makes me sad there's only 2 left this season...ALREADY! It just started last week....didn't it?

Anyway, the established or confirmed the following:

Russel is absolutely nuts.

Eric has no idea how to defeat him, and clearly is expecting to meet the true death.

Eric would rather meet that end than give Sookie to Russel. Though, granted, even if he did just give her to him, Russel would still kill him, and Eric would know that.

The end seemed to indicate that Eric had thought of a plan that involved locking up Sookie, aand like usual, isn't letting her know what it is, just so we can get the screaming end bit.

Sookie is now a confirmed Fairy, they milked two episodes to finally tell her.

Vampires were believed to have wiped out the fairies, but apparently missed a few.

Bill seemed to have left out the walking in the sun thing, maybe by accident, maybe not, seems suspect to me.

Tara....is almost superhuman in the amount of crap that has been piled on her this season, I'm thinking to get her to the point of wanting all Vampires dead.

They spent alot of time introducing the witches/sorcerers stuff, in both the new waitress, and during the V-trip.

Sam's darker self was explored quite abit.

So, I guess they did cover a lot of material, even though it didn't really move the plot along much, I'm assuming the Witch stuff will come up next season, it's a little late to bring em in now....maybe.

The only part I found a little, um, questionable, was Jessica simply tossing the dog away(Tommy) that was chewing on Hoyt, I'm thinking it would have been thrown, but in several sections.

I understand why they didn't, Tommy is bound to cause more trouble for everyone, but it took me out of the show for a moment while I though, huh?

I'm guessing the last two episodes will be very good, this episode was good, but it's hard to follow the end of last weeks episode. :)

Israel said...

this episode had its lame moments. a lot of plot development. I hate it when a show ends with a bang like the one with russell. then the following weeks starts with a dud and stays there. hopefully the next two will be amazing.

Lucia said...

I agree it was a very LAME episode, I hope the next one is better!!! I need more Eric action!

Anonymous said...

What was Eric's plan to cause Russell suffering then die?

Russel also has no plan after making his bold move TV he has left himself very vulnerable to human and vampires.

It was great to see Hoyt punch that little *#@! who is just on the show to annoy everyone.

The were-panther was beautiful and scary.

Anonymous Ca

K.T. said...

This was a good episode once again! Finally they just went on and said that Sookie's a fairy. It was funny how she said it was lame lol. Poor Tara's whole world is crumbling and it just got worse.

Russel needs some kind of vampire counseling because he's not handling this mourning thing well lol.

Anonymous said...

So much happened this episode, it seemed a little disjointed but we need some basis for all that is going to happen int the next 2 weeks. I am getting a little tired of the Tara story line.. her character is getting too one dimensional. On the other hand most of the other characters are developing fantastically; Sam, Lafayette, and the one that I am loving the most is Pam. I am ready to believe Eric, but he just will not let me.

Anonymous said...

I love Pam too, I really hope that they don't keep running with the whole Bill-Sookie thing! The creator of the show said that he imagined the characters winding up together. Just because he probably likes Stephen in real life and Stephen is engaged to Anna. Please bring Eric he is much more interesting!!!

Anonymous said...

Leave the tension between Eric and Sookie as is. There are many shows that failed when that tension between the two main characters was settled by their hooking up due to fan demand. It is much more interesting as is.


Kiki said...

This season has gone by so fast! I like it better then the last one, I think they dragged out the Maryann storyline way to long. Over all the new characters in S3 are much more interesting and entertaining. I might not love them all…(Tommy), but the storyline is fast paced enough, so it works. My favorite part of last season was Eric. I expected a bit more from him in S3…I haven’t given up hope yet! A lot can happen in the last two episodes!

kelmknight said...

I think if a vampire completely drains sookie the vampire will become human and possibly keep their vampire ability. so rag on me if I'm wrong but praise me if I'm right ( and we all know I am -

Anonymous said...

Ann & stephen are married (aug 25). In the books eric loves sookie and he is the one who finds sookies Nial g-grandfather. he brought them together. He marries her and pam and her become very good friends. They are making eric the bad guy---he has always wanted her--Bill lied about his computer program---eric gets amenisa and the fall in love--when he finally remembers he secretly tricks her to marry him---he says I've never been this happy in hundreds of years---book 4 is the best and 9.I love crystal/jason--and jessica/hoyt. Lafette is getting sic and tara is dragging her role out---now they will be bringing in Quinn and Hallow.

K3 Visa said...

Very interesting i love it. I think next one will be more interesting