Sunday, August 29, 2010

True Blood Episode 311: Fresh Blood

It seems like Lala’s last V trip unlocked some Voodoo magic shit. It’s very trippy. Did he get a glimpse of Jesus’ true nature? Man that freaked me out!

What’s up with Sam? I know he doesn’t want to be pushed around anymore, but I think he could find a happy medium. I guess he’s not too good at running away from his old ghosts. You can’t escape your past misdeeds forever, but I do like seeing more depth added to his character.

Tommy finally had a moment when I didn’t want to kill him. I think Sam was too hard on him, but Tommy, of anyone should know that people do and say stupid things when they are drunk and it can all change the next day. I can’t believe that after everything Sam has tried to do for him, he’s trying to steal from him.

Jason - “So you’re like a were-wolf, but a panther?”
Crystal - “Yes, a were-panther!”
Once Jason finally figured it out, he took it pretty well.

Could it be that Tara has actually come to terms with Egg’s death? Andy seemed to really get through to her and maybe she can move on.

Finally Jessica and Hoyt are back together! And they both seem free of their naiveté, maybe this could work out after all…The sudden appearance of Summer at Hoyt’s door was finally explained by the annoying reappearance of his mother, Mrs. Fortenberry. Man, I did not miss her! What fear is Hoyt’s mother trying to help Summer work through? Not that I’m a fan of her anyway. She can take her homemade biscuits and go.

In the car ride with Bill it seemed that Sookie was getting sick of all the craziness but also willing to try again with Bill. After this stint with Eric I don’t think she will be so forgiving.

So why didn’t Eric just tell Sookie his plan? I’m sure she would have played along, but as it is she hates them both. But did you see how tender Eric was before he bit Sookie?
He’s clearly not truly cruel but clever and willing to do what ever it takes to protect those he cares about. The possibility of kindness that lies underneath is what keeps drawing us back to Eric. Got to love those bad boys!

What a way to end the episode…another meeting of the sun for Eric.

Waiting really does suck, see you in two weeks!


AnnaBanAnna said...

this was def one of the best episodes!! i give it 5 stars all the way. and while the anticipation of the next episode is still very exciting to me i am going crazy with unanswered questions like what was that box with the 3 raised greens dots next to sams bed when him and tara were making out, whats up with the new merlottes waitress is she a witch or something and did sams brother really steal the money and what the heck is jesus is he like old school shaman or something?

Tracie said...

I took it to mean Jesus was a demon. I think she is a witch. But not a good one. I hope Eric isn't dead...

Israel said...

the green dots are for sam to tell if anyone is messing with his money or safe, or something of that nature.

this episode was kinda wack to me, but im going to watch it again and see. Im pretty much over all the character and plot building. I want some action!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I still don't understand why Eric had to use Sookie...Russel didn't know what she was so he wouldn't have touched here...

TruMe said...

I would think, even handcuffed to Eric, Russel would still be able to drag Eric back into the bar, even with the silver dragging him down.

I hope that's not how Russel goes, that would be more of a letdown than Lorena.

Not sure what I'd like to see, but I'll know it if I do see it. :)

I'm certain Eric isn't going to die, if Russels end is right there in the sun, I would guess that he drank more of Sookies blood than Russel did, so his sunscreen works a little longer, or maybe older vampires are more allergic to the sun than younger ones.

Godric went pretty quickly, whereas Bill lasted quite awhile that one episode, he ended up burnt to a crisp, then they buried him and he healed. I think it was 1st season.

In any case, I'm sure Russel ends up dead, and Eric doesn't.

Looked like Bill and Eric were working together, I'm not sure if they talked earlier, or Bill just figured out what he was up to along the way.

Overall, it's been a good season, it always annoys me when they make us wait 2 weeks for the last one.

Emma said...

I was quite annoyed with the fact that it took something so small to completely revamp (excuse the pun!) Sam's charecter.

He was built up during 2 seasons to be a kind, warm hearted, lovely guy. To suddenly change his entire personality just seems a bit ridiculous.

I have loved the way Alan Ball and the writting team have interperated the Southern Vampire novels into their own 'Tru Blood' America, but c'mon guys... No-one's personality chnges that dramatically overnight!

Anonymous said...

Since I am guessing that Eric is back next season. So I wonder what Sookie's reaction will be when she figures out that Eric was willing to die to kill Russell and save her from him. Russell would still want to add Sookie to his collection since he saw her shoot light a few eps back.
Also, wonder if the other telepath from the hotel in Dallas back in season 2 ever re-enters the picture. He had to be part fairy too.

Josh said...

eric will be truely missed... he was soo cool of a character.. oh well, i hope sookie ends up with the wearwolf guy.

Anonymous said...

@josh you are silly! eric is not going anywhere at least I hope not :/ he is a main character and i am even tempted to say that if he leaves the show i may compltely stop watching. as far as jesus i dont think that he is a demon but maybe he has some powers within him that he has yet to tap into.
in regard to sam i completely agree with the cmment that was upset about the small thing that caused sam to change his attitude. that part was lame. also i hope him and tara dont end up together. they were talking about how similar they were but they arent similar. sam is a great guy with a terrible past and tera simply has a bad attitude. sam is likeable and she totally isnt.
my one complaint about this season is taht i dont like how there are soooo many side stories. but i guess you cant please everyone because last season i was complainign that they didnt have enough side stories so go figure!!

Lea said...

easy come easy go everyone who came in this season needs to get the steppin! except Alsid! the characters were all pointless not one character added to the story line! they were souped up on the wolves more than the show! where the wolves at now???? I hate La la and Jesus scene its sooo pointless! theres just not that much to look forward to this season like last season! things arent as connected or making sense!

they should do more with Pams character!