Monday, August 1, 2011

True Blood Episode 406: I Wish I Was the Moon

Tommy has learned a scary new way of shifting, and of course he’s already abusing that power. I doubt Sam will ever be able to make amends with his lady friend after what Tommy has done.

Not surprised to see Debbie would go behind Alcide’s back and join the pack in Shreveport. There is nothing good to come of joining the wolf pack, the pack leader looks like someone I would run from in a heartbeat.

So Jason won’t be turning into a werepanther? I’ll be shocked if this is actually the case! This is a surprising turn for those of us who read the Sookie Stackhouse books. It looks like there is going to be something between Jason and Jessica and unfortunately Hoyt will be right in the middle. Besides Jason being attracted to Jessica because she gave him her blood, Jessica has a thing for Jason, and that was quite obvious in this episode.

I can’t help but feel bad for Tara; she consistently has bad luck, so it was nice to see her girlfriend forgive her. Having said that, I can’t help but think Tara brings on all the badness by making such horrible decisions. She should have left while she had the chance, hopefully Pam doesn’t kill her girlfriend.

Bill deciding to let Eric go was shocking, but the sex scene in the woods was even more so. No time like the present, we’re in the woods, my brother is out here running around, let’s do it right here! The HBO affect, gotta love it!

Marnie being taken over by the witch’s spirit, not surprising, it’s going to be a messy battle between her and the vampires. I’m guessing Lafayette is going to be the answer to defeating the spirit witch based on the preview for the next episode.


Tracie said...

I just find Debbie the most boring character. About at the same level as that creepy doll. Do you remember when Sookie looked at Tara when she first came back and saw something else? I'm wondering if that's going to come into play with Pam. Loved seeing Eric and Sookie together. But Bill looked so sad. Lafayette is very powerful I think. And doesn't know it. What happened to his Mom? She hasn't been in this season yet.

Anonymous said...

finally some sooric action... but it wasn't what i think it would be... sookie and bill were way hotter, maybe because all the real life chemistry going on between those two... anyway it was a great episode!! can't wait for 4x07!!!

Riki said...

I hate to be such a whiner but this episode was disspointing...and the last one had finally picked up the pace. Well, I was sure we wouldn't get to have the love scene unfold properly(why use all the great momentum they had build up in the previous episode for a change: the heart-wrenching tension, the good dialogue, the VIOLINS??..arghh! Noooo, let's f--- that up and waste it all!). And the limp boring missionary sex in the woods was no way to make up for it. My grandma has livelier sex than THAT (I think). It is clear to me that the highlight of this show is the 'duel/tango' between Eric and Bill. Two good-looking guys and great actors circling one another, clashing and taking turns for the upper hand. They do it beautifully and we believe them. ABall please, if you must digress from the books at least do it all the way and give us an insanely HOT relationship between Bill & Eric. Kill Sookie off and then have Bill and Eric comfort each other. Bill can even mentor Eric while he is amnesic, and then grows fond of him in the process - Eric looks up to Bill as a wise and merciful king and then WHAM! it's Brokeback Mountain with fangs (I can already gear the lovelorn quitar strings). That would be awesome. I know, I'm a genius :)

Christina Lai said...

This week's episode was the best so far! i loved how there are more supes that regular human folk now bon temp has vampires, werewolves, werepanthers, faeries, witches and shamans! what next? zombies!!

the scene where the witch gets drained and raped to make her scream was pretty disturbing though...i think the fact that TB is incorporating a lot of historical, cultural and religious references makes the show a lot more deep and interesting!the eric and sookie scene was really romantic, i loved the song I wish I was the Moon that was playing...although i probably wish i was sookie haha!

i will be posting reviews on every episode, cultural/social references and ways you can steal style from the show on my new blog please have a look, get fellow truebies to follow and comment!