Sunday, August 21, 2011

True Blood Episode 409: Run

Mavis finding peace has definitely been the most touching moment this season. I was a little worried that someone was going to get hurt since Andy was out of control. Could it be that he has finally hit rock bottom? His only real accomplishment during the whole situation was turning on the truck lights so the others could see where to dig.

Has the demonic baby storyline finally finished? I'm not so sure since odd things were happening before the baby had the doll.

Tommy did get beaten up by Marcus! Although, it happened a bit differently than I thought. It was surprising to see Tommy nobly go in Sam's stead.

What has Alcide gotten himself into? Now he's in a new pack and has probably gotten on Marcus' bad side. Maybe this season will end with Alcide fighting him and gaining control of the pack. Oh and let's not forget about Debbie. She's finally succumbed to her darker side and I'm not surprised that she's taking V again. From next week's preview it also looks like she and Marcus are getting a bit close. I hope we get another show down between her and Sookie. One thing's for sure, Debbie and Alcide will not be living happily ever after!

Jessica and Jason...that didn't take long. He did make it a whole day but I don't want to give Jason too much credit. After all, Jessica is unavailable during daylight hours. I hope that Hoyt will be able to forgive him.

Now, let's get back to the witches. Tara has finally woken up! I was so excited to see her realize Antonia is no good. Too little...too late though. The scariest thing is that the vampires are out maneuvered. How are they going to successfully fight someone who can control them. So much for the tolerance rally! On a side note, I love how Bill and Nan can't stand each other. It's very entertaining, but the funniest moment this episode was Jessica crying to Nan about her love life. That was awesome.

There are only three episodes left and I have no idea how Sookie and the vampires will clean up this mess!


Joan Crawford said...

Did anyone else find it totally laughable and inappropriate when Lafayette called Mavis "bitch"? I mean, really, of all people not to get the joke it would be a ghost-woman from the turn of the century who has just been reunited with her dead baby. It just ruined the moment for me which is sad because I usually love a good "bitch" from Lafayette. It really stupefies me, did no-one there at the taping laugh at or question that line? It was nice Mavis found her baby but honestly, that whole part of the episode felt like a Cold Case re-run, am I right? And how long are we going to drag out this Andy as a "secret" V addict thing?
Why did Jessica and Jason go to the bed of his truck to have sex? I mean... you have a completely empty and fancy mansion at your disposal; take advantage because life with Jason Stackhouse is sure to *never* present that particular opportunity again. I wish Hoyt would stop being such a jerk - everything he does at this point just cements Jessica's decision to leave him.
That being said - I LOVE True Blood. I mean it, I got HBO just for this show (and then I discovered Boardwalk Empire which is also Super Awesome!).

TruMe said...

Been missing for a bit, absorbing the episodes.

I'm a little unsure why Antonia dislikes Vampires, as she seems to own them at will.

Yes, I know she was basically killed by them, in the old days, even though I'm not sure how they managed to get her.

I hope the Demonic Baby thing is done, it's more annoying than anything, Probably because there is so much going on this season.

I am sad the season is in the home stretch, again, seems like the season just started....I'm all for 26 episode seasons, like in the olden days. :)

What I do like, and am annoyed at, at the same time, is the further blurring of good and evil.

Eric isn't a good guy, but we understand why he is how he is, but in his current state, we feel for him even more.

Bill isn't a good guy either, he did end up loving Sookie, but his original interest in her was selfish in nature, but, he let Eric live because of how he felt for her.

Pam has never been portrayed as good, but I can't get enough of her character, she loves Eric, obviously, and not just because he's her maker, I believe.

Sam is more in the neutral category, he tries to do good, but get's screwed over every time.

Jason is probably the "Goodest" character, because he at least tries to be good, though he falls off the wagon often, not always of his own will.

Sookie, of course, is a good character, she wants everyone she cares about to get along, but chooses arch enemies to care about.

Alcide, He's likely more good than Jason, now that I think about it, he's the most consistent character in the series.

We've heard almost nothing from the fairies, since early in the season, I'd be surprised if they didn't make a reappearance before the end of the season.

Oh well, whatever happens, I'll keep watching! :)

Hopefully, Russel will be back next season.

Tracie said...

Gah. Debbie. Wish someone would kill her off. She's so annoying. Did anyone notice that in Sookies dream Eric seemed to be his old self? The way he was sitting and his expressions. I think that Jesus is the one that will take the spell off of Pam and Eric. He seemed to be very powerful. Lafayette as a woman was hilariuos!

Oh @ Joan- Check our "Game of Thrones" on HBo. It's excellent.

Anonymous said...

Ok that line that Layfette said did surpise me a bit where did that come from ?? He should of just said something different not bitch took the whole feeling out of that scene and engouh already Sookie just needs to have a threesome and get it over with ..I know who I would want anyways ERIC !! Hello she should of married him not Bill AKWARD !! As for the werewolves other fight is gonna brew shifters and wolves !! Antonia needs to go back where she came from , Tara was right Bill did offer her a olive branch this shit happened 400 years ago get over it BITCH !! Now that is how you use the word !! LOL

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Riki said...

What a lame episode. Truly lame. Every time I get my hopes up for SOME good stuff it just seems to never deliver. The only remotely good scene was the 'dream threesome' and even that seemed oddly deflated of any pizzaz (oh and seeing Sookie's pathetically skinny bod was such a downer - Sookie was supposed to be a meaty blonde - book-Eric even complimented her for that once when she complained about her body). Those who haven't read the book CANNOT imagine how this story ROCKED. Book 4 had mind-blowing sex, violence and thrills of all kinds. It simply ROCKED - I remember pulling an all-nighter to read it and then needing a week to pull myself back into the real world. That's how good it was. It delivered BIG TIME. To all those who wish the season had 26 episodes do yourselves a favor and just read the book - you can thank me later. Sorry for the grumpiness but my heart really bleeds for all the wasted potential in season 4 of Tv-TB.

Kelly said...

I am pleased to see the Mavis storyline wrap up and I really liked what it ended up showing us about Lafayette. I like how the storyline had us thinking that it was about Rene/Mickey but it really ended up being about Lafayette. He is amazing and I liked how he and Jesus worked together to give Mavis peace. Those two are a force and I agree with an earlier poster that they may be the ones that end up either getting rid of the Antonia or helping those under her spell.

I can't get enough Alcide and I hope that he and Debby are done. For not being a vampire she certainly sucks.

In am episode about tolerance I am curious if there will be some tolerance between fairies, vampires, werewolves, shifters and whatever else they have going on in that twisted town to resolve this witch issue...

TruMe said...

Lafayette calling her "Bitch" was a term of endearment, under the circumstances.

The inflection of his tone when saying it, as well as his history with Mavis, made it pretty clear.

Being offended by it indicates a misunderstanding of the character, or at worst, a series you should refrain from watching.