Sunday, August 7, 2011

True Blood Episode 407: Cold Grey Light of Dawn

Oh my goodness! This was a good episode!

Bill has proven himself to be a good leader. We thought he was over reacting thinking that the witch would get things together so quickly, but he was right. He also seems to have grown wise in regards to how to exist; not retaliating with more death.

Pam was a new level of disgusting this episode. What a beauty regiment! Will she turn into a zombie?? Definitely great special effects when you could see all of the muscles on her face.

We were really happy to see that Sam and that girl figured out the Tommy thing so quickly. It wouldn't have been frustrating if they had drawn in out. Do you think Tommy actually realizes he did something wrong? Will he really leave town? It seems unlikely that Sam will be rid of him so easily.

Okay, the witches! It's finally really good. Antonia is definitely a force to be reckoned with. But once again, Tara has gotten in over her head. She jumps from one bad situation to another, but it's hard to blame her. She's just trying to get some control over her life.

Sookie and Eric, wow. What a sex montage! Definitely not expecting all that. What do you think about their tender exchange? Sookie has fallen fast and hard. We hope that they will be able to rekindle the romance after he regains his memory. But even if Sookie wants to care about him, will Eric be able to let her in? One part that was really good, was when Sookie realized that Eric cared for her even before his amnesia when he offered his life in exchange for her safety at the Fellowhship of the Sun church.

Alcide and Debbie got an eyeful and we believe he feels more for Sookie than he's admitting. His relationship with Debbie is doomed for more reasons than Sookie, but that's a big one!

What is with the creepy ghost lady? At least, Lafayette will be getting to the bottom of that.

Can't believe this season is half over! This second half is really going to be great. The war is on!


Athana said...

Hey Alanna,
you forgot to mention Jessica, are we losing her? She's so young don't kill her Alan Ball!

Tracie said...

That was a good episode. I'lll bet Sookie gets her heart broken when Eric gets his memory back. And Alcide will be there to comfort her. I really hope that Jessica's not going to meet the sun. She's Awesome. That ghost had a beautiful voice. For being so Creepy that is.

How come Lafayette is just now seeing ghosts? Because of the snake or did the grandfather do something? Tommy needs his A** kicked. He keeps getting away with everything he does.

And the witches. I can't help but be mad at them and wish Eric would snap out of it and go kill her. Violently.

Anonymous said...

Can they kill Antonia though? Wasn't she already burned at the stake and what would stop her from taking over somebody elses body? Maybe they need to kill her in a Marianne kind of way...

Tracie said...

Hmmm. Good Point. Maybe that's whats Lafayette is going to do? Maybe dis-possess her? But she took over Marny's body because Marny asked for it. Not sure.

Isabel Seva said...

One thing i'm afraid of is, if you have read the book, what happens when eric recovers his memory... i dont want that to happen...

Tracie said...

Isabel, What happens?

Kiki said...

I don’t think Jessica will be killed, they just started this love triangle, but her relationship with Hoyt is in trouble, especially if Jason saves her from the sun.
I think that Lafayette now knowing what he is has opened him up to see more. Jesus did say that Lafayette and Marnie are the only two mediums he’s ever met and that they are very rare, so if they do kill Marnie wouldn’t Antonia just move on to Lafayette? She is a lot more powerful now that she has the coven working with her and won’t need him to be willing..but I think Tara would have a big problem with that.
The happiness and love between Eric and Sookie is too good to last… When Eric get’s his memory back I don’t think he’ll make it easy for Sookie to love him. But hopefully she will be able to see through his act.