Sunday, August 28, 2011

True Blood Episode 410: Burning Down the House

It's getting intense! Right from the start of the episode we're back in the middle of the chaos. Eric. We didn't expect Sookie to be the one to bring him back and he remembered everything! We were surprised that he was completely ready to pick things back up where they were. Now he's just completely irresistible. Bad boy with a soft spot just for Sookie, but now she wants to throw him over for Bill? Say what??? Eric all the way. Loved to see his witty sarcasm back. Sorry for the mini Eric love fest!

Nan keeps mentioning the factions in the Authority. What is happening there? Doubtful we'll get to see anything about this before the season ends, but maybe next season. Whatever happens, I don't think Nan will be in power much longer.

How cowardly that Jason asked Jessica to glamor him. She was 100% right not to do it. He's going to have to face his guilt and tell Hoyt the truth.

So Antonia was the dissenting voice between the two. This whole time, we thought Antonia was running the show. Marnie didn't seem like a strong witch at the beginning and her dislike of vampires didn't seem very intense. But now that she's had a taste of real power, it has intensified her views into hatred and she has become an evil force to be reckoned with. No longer a pawn, she is now the puppeteer.

You would think that Bill and Eric would have learned by now that you can't tell Sookie to stay out of trouble, because she's just going to find it on her own. Now she's managed to get herself and Jesus trapped along with everyone else. Go team.

That's was a good ending with Tommy. He's still an asshole, but we felt for him. But really we were just waiting for Sam to declare revenge on Marcus, which he did. It was unexpected that Alcide was Sam's backup though. He usually seems to stay out of conflicts, but it looks like he's getting more of an alpha personality.

Marcus and Debbie...isn't it heart warming to see two low lives find each other. They couldn't be more perfect together. What great parents they'll make! What does Alcide see in her?!

Yay, Andy finally hit rock bottom! Why is it that Terry, the one who is depicted as crazy, always seems to be the sane calm helpful one when times get tough. Guess in Bon Temps the crazy survive!

Best lines were from Lafayette: “If Marnie would have just left her dead parakeet alone...”
“What happened to Jesus's head?...It's a Latin thing.”

We do have to say that Eric, Pam, Bill, and Jessica looked pretty damn cool in there all black ass kicking outfits...the really big guns didn't hurt either


TruMe said...

Ok, Marnie is the bad witch, Antonia was ready to check out, Marnie talked her back into helping.

Sookie broke the spell on Eric, which leads me to believe she can break other spells.

I'm a bit surprised that Antonia didn't recognize the Fairy magic, or didn't acknowledge it.

If Sookie can break the Witches Spell on Eric, likely she could do the same for Pam. But Pam asking Sookie for help is a bit unlikely. :)

I'm kinda glad that Tommy is gone, he was a very irritating character, even though his history left almost no room for him to be anything but irritating.

Maybe Tommy's death will bring Sam back to the good side.

It seems that Tommy died mostly from shifting into other humans forms, and not the beating he took from the "Pack".

Just my own point of view, it annoys me when they pull a short episode this close to the end of the season, if they insist on a short 12 episode season, we should get a full 60 minute episode each week.

Come on HBO! GO against the minimum! Go 26 episodes minimum! I'll pay twice!!!! :)

I do hope the series finally doesn't just cut to black.

I'm having a bit of difficultly believing Marnie could convince Antonia to keep on helping them, Antonia made a very good case for not helping.

Marnie, on the other hand, made the case of......Please help us....

So, the witch send the lot of them somewhere else, cliffhanger, perhaps, but once again, why does the witch have such fear, if they have such power.

The storyline has the power to annoy me greatly, so that's something.

I'm thinking Lafayette will be a key player in this.

The Vampire "Hit Squad" was funny, I'm sure it's a nothing outcome.

Sookie being able to break Witches spells, and Lafayettes kinda hidden abilities are likely the key to the end.

I'm thinking Lafayette may release Antonia like he did Mavis, Leaving Marnie without the "UMPF" to back up her hatred.

That would explain WHY the Mavis thread existed at all.

That Antonia was concerned about the "Moor" at all, tends to indicate Lafayette is a key player this season.

I am a little confused at why Eric doesn't just kill Bill and be King.

I suppose it's because Sookie would be unhappy about it.

I suppose we'll find out in the last two fully 60 minute episodes!

TruMe said...

Just as a side note, Alcide has always been an Alpha personality, He'd have never helped Sookie in the first place if he wasn't.

He just has a soft spot for Debbie, who we all see as not good enough for him.

I kinda think she'll end up redeeming herself in the final episode of the season, just because of her helping Sookie, even though she was portrayed rather cowardly.

I could very easily be wrong, have been, and likely will be in the future, but I think her getting involved with Marcus will help out in the end.

Pont and laugh, if not, I'm ok with it. :)

My thanks to the owner of the site, I do enjoy it so. :)

Anonymous said...

Ok !! That u the books are not like these shows..the books pull the story together this is soo much mumble gumble as Lafayette would say (Fuck this shit) !! I can't wait for Marmie to go down and I know Antonia will help because like she said she delivered babies with these hands, Lafayette will release her and she will be at peace like the lady with the baby ...

Ok Sookie better make up her mind , stop messing with Eric's head because it took alot for Eric to say I love you to her, he probably never said those words in his life..Sookie has the power !! I would like to have that kind of power over vamps (make them fall in love with u ) !! LOL !!

Tommy needed to go he caused enough trouble and now Sam all of a sudden loves his brother and wants to take revenge (Give me a break) !! Old Sam could have cared else ! he finally got rid of that trouble maker !! He should be happy !!

That whole story line with Andy and his cousin (BORING) !! kept changing to MTV !! Next season better get kicked into high gear dont know how long this mumble gumble can go on !!

Mimi said...

They need to make more episodes, it feels too short or maybe I just enjoy the show too much.

Happy that Erics memory is back, but it seems not Eric like to suddenly confess his love for Sookie so soon.
Thats one story line they should have stuck with the book because I feel like it was just really rushed and not what Erics character is really like.

Sookie still has feelings for Bill, I mean can she just move on? Yes Sookie will always have a soft spot for Bill, but actually torn between Eric and Bill...come on its Viking Eric! lol

I like Alcides story line and the werewolves. I think that Sam will want to fight Marcus, but somehow Alcide will find out about Debbie and Marcus hooking up. Alcide will then step in, fight Marcus and become pack master. I Felt bad for Tommy he really was screwed from the beginning with those parents of his.

The whole Marnie and Antonia body sharing ordeal is throwing me off. First Antonia wanted revenge now its Marnie? The vamps just need to get rid of them asap and move on. lol For some reason Jessica's character is just annoying me I feel like shes still very immature.

Riki said...

Jesus Sweet Son of Loving God...this was such a sad waste of a sorry-excuse for an episode. I had all the Tv TB fanhood simply killed outta me - and it was a methodical, professional and very effective job. Season 4 simply done me in. Such a waste. Such a pity. After season 4 is over I will simply have to go through some serious book-TB therapy. Read all the good parts all over again. And again. And again till I regain some of my old enthusiasm back. PLEASE ABall do something! Don't let it end like this! Bring Russel back to close-up shop with a bang! Or at least give us a good&greasy gay scene between Bill&Eric - just do SOMETHING to redeem season 4!

Anonymous said...

Never a TB fan until a few weeks ago into season 4. After seeing one episode, I know the entire story, all of the characters and prior stories. I don't think its frair to advertise "Burning Down The House" at the start of the episode and finally have the potential burners in place at the end of the episode, false advertising or simply teasing. Probably how most of the season or even series is, a tease. In any event, I do enjoy the series now. ((0:

wendy said...

I mean HELL YES the last scene with eric pam jessica and bill was amazing. Pam and jessica sure are really sexy.
Will be irrelevant but wanna see them together.

And can't wait for the 11&12. AND the fifth season.

Joan Crawford said...

Finally we are getting somewhere with this whole witch debacle! Why is every one so surprised every time Sookie zaps someone? I meant it; even I was like "Woah!" when she zapped Eric and then I remembered she's defeated other things with her powers before. So... basically, Sookie's powers trump everything. Once she harnesses them, she can just rule over every living creature like she's Zeus. Just zap them when the step out of line.
Also, what is up with Lafayette's style this season?! It sucks - his hair consistently terrible and he is nowhere near as fierce as he used to be. I blame Jesus.
I really dislike Sam and his new girlfriend. I want more Maxine! Hooray that Eric is back!