Sunday, September 4, 2011

True Blood Episode 411: Soul of Fire

What the heck is going on with Andy and the fairies? That sequence seemed so random. Is a little Andy with fairy powers going to come knocking on his door in a few years? Something tells me that Andy got a off a little too easy. His promise to the fairy will come back to haunt him.

It's a little surprising that Sam and Luna have escaped the situation with Marcus unscathed. I didn't think there'd be a happy ending for those two. But there is one episode left, so there's still time for it to go south. As predicted, Alcide has killed Marcus. Will he take control of the pack? Does he have a choice? Oh and let's not forget that Alcide has disowned Debbie. It's about time! I don't think that's the last we'll be seeing of Debbie though.

Jason putting vampires in their place, priceless! I was impressed. Sometimes he makes you forget that he's not very bright. On the flip side, sometimes Sookie doesn't seem very intelligent with the choices she makes. Was it just me, or did it seem a little ridiculous that Sookie joined Marnie's circle? Marnie pretty much proved that she was no where near trustworthy. At least it turned out for the best and I enjoyed watching Eric and Bill team up to save her. But I have to say I was really disgusted by Eric drinking out of the heart. Although, it was pretty impressive. I think Bill thought it was a cool move.

Sookie has a tough choice ahead of her. Both Eric and Bill look great in leather jackets! ;-) Seriously though, it's a difficult choice. Ultimately, I'm still rooting for Eric.

Pam...I feel bad for her. She loves Eric and him sending her away was HARSH. He has to forgive her. I don't want to see my favorite maker/progeny relationship go wrong.

Okay, when is someone going to figure out that Lafayette is a liability until he learns to control his powers? Doesn't anyone else think it's dangerous that he can be possessed by any spirit that happens by? Come on Jesus!

I can't believe that next week is the season finale! These seasons go by way too quickly.


Joan Crawford said...

I completely agree with you; why the hell did everyone join the circle - especially Sookie? Marnie is all "They don't value your lives!"... yes, well, Crazy Lady, you just threw a knife into a woman's chest and then admired your manicure after.
I really love Pam and Eric, too and I completely understand why she did what she did. It was nice to see her being such a whole character all in one episode, with her taking the Cartier necklace and then with her vulnerability and fierce devotion to Eric. I could have tried harder on that last sentence. This episode was great - can't wait for next week!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy reading your blog! The Andy/fairy thing came out of nowhere, but was a good break from all the chaos!

Mmm mmm Eric. The better choice for Sookie right now. She needs to dump Bill like a sucked-out heart! Hopefully Quinn will show up in this last episode and Sookie gets some were-tiger action. He better be muscular and buff. While Eric is fine, they need more beefcake like Alcide.

Eric is getting manorexic....and who else says Debbie Pelt gets the skank of the year award??Good riddance.

wendy said...

I mean Sookie acts really stupid sometimes. Why wouldn't she read Marnie's thoughts and see what happens in the future, or also when joining the circle.

And out of nowhere while she's burning she hears Jason. Come on girl, just use your damn powers.

I like Jason and Jess together, even though it will hurt Hoyt a lot.

Lafayatte will be a huge problem, with Jesus on his side, it's too much problem, and the vampires are completely unprotected now, they're not expecting necromancy for a century.

I don't want the season to end.
PS: Eric really seems a better possibility now, he's kinda cool and has almost 900 years ahead of bill.

Leel_M said...

I love it all, even Sookie's stupidity and Andy's randomness with the Fairy.... <3 My favorite part of this episode was Eric drinking out of that heart, he's a bad ass fairyeffer =) Team Eric!

Tracie said...

Agree the Andy/Fairy thing was random. I relaly liked this episode. Very edge of your seat. Finally.

I'm not seeing any hint of Russell showing up though.

And where did the Werepanthers go? Did they move?

ladywish821 said...

BAMF Eric drinking from the heart like a juice box.
I was just kind of starting to like Jesus a bit more and now I feel like Marnie/Lafayette is gonna get rid of him...? awww my poor Lala.

TruMe said...

Well, I have to admit I had a "Oh Crap!" moment at the end, I didn't see that coming, but was wondering what the last episode would be about until then, as it seemed they'd tied everything up.

A couple of things I was wondering about, I thought Lafayette would have absorbed Antonia when she was separated from Marnie, could have led to a one on one confrontation between the two.

And, when Sookie was in Marnie's ring of fire, why not shoot a fairy bolt at her? Seems it would have been a natural reaction to the danger, even if Marnie could counter it, or could she?

I'm so annoyed that the season is over already, 12 episode seasons SUCK! ok, almost over...

I don't think Luna and Sam are unscathed, seeing as he played a part in the death of her daughters father. Even if he deserved it, it's a tough place to be in.

Pam has been taking a beating this season, I imagine Sookie could cure her rotting problem, though I don;t think she would want the help from that source.

Lafayette definitely needs to learn to control his "power", so that every spirit can't just jump into him at will, though, perhaps Marnie will be put to rest as well, through him.

Andy and the fairy will likely come up next season, and I agree that his promise will likely be a bad thing for him.

Andy was large part of this season, though little in the main plot, so likely he'll be center stage next season.

Anyway, I'm hoping next season starts next week! :)

blood-club said...

It's a great episode. Thanks....