Sunday, September 11, 2011

True Blood Episode 412: And When I Die

Wow, really??!!

Let's just start with who died this episode. Marnie (gone for good), Jesus, Debbie Pelt, Nan and Tara left dying. Will she be back next season?

The most unexpected death was Jesus by Lafayette's hand. Jesus' powers seemed to have transferred onto Lafayette. Did those powers leave with Marnie? Doubtful. We think Jesus will be back to help Lafayette handle his new abilities and grief.

Reappearances: Gran, Rene, Steve Newlin (who would intentionally turn this guy?) Gran was pretty awesome with her ass kicking.

It was a bit awkward to see Bill and Eric feeding off of Sookie at the same time. Sookie totally took the cowards way out. No one can have me...? That wasn't a decision! That was a copout!

Umm, what's happening with Alcide and the pack master? That whole story line was dropped and now Sam and Luna are going to live happily ever after. Unlikely, now that a growling wolf is on Sam's doorstep. Debbie must have arranged something because she was the only other person that would know Sam was involved.

Did anyone else find it ironic that Holly, dressed as a fairy, ended up hugging Andy? Hmmmm.

Renee back as a good spirit to warn Arlene about Terry's past...unexpected. Let's hope they don't ruin that whole relationship. Terry's kind of awesome.

Poor Pam...she just needs to get on board and start supporting Eric's feelings for Sookie. If she loves Eric, she's going to have to come to terms with this.

WTF, Russell was buried for only 1 year! Seriously. They thought it would be at least a century. Construction must not be as good as it used to.

What is the authority really after and what does Eric know that Bill doesn't? Clearly they will be in “this” together. Whatever “this” is and will be protecting Sookie along the way.

Eric and Bill are not puppies!

Thanks for following the blog. We had a lot of fun and we'll see you next season!

Kendra, Alanna, & Kara.


John-TrueBlood said...

Nice review of tonights episode. I must say, I found it quite fulfilling that a good amount of characters were killed off; it's about time.

Andy Bellefleur DEFINITELY screwed that fairy, it was not 'the drugs'. I was glad to see that..He's a good guy that got caught up in some bad shit and he's not gonna be lonely next season, he will definitely be seeing that fairy again..

Jason and Jessica are really going at it now, which I also like. Jason's the man and Jess is pretty sexy so I think they belong together..

I'm kinda pissed off Jesus died..He became a big character and developed quite well throughout the past season. I didn't agree with his death so much, but who knows, maybe he'll be back next season??

A lot of stuff's going down next season and I truly can't wait to see what happens. I'll be on this blog posting my thoughts/comments for most episodes..

Joan Crawford said...

HOLY CRAP! What just happened!? Okay, I know way more important things happened in this episode, but why wasn't Jason driving his black truck? He was driving some big grey thing... did he wreck his truck earlier and I missed it? I was just starting to like Jesus! Poor Lafayette :( And TARA, did they really just kill Tara? I know a lot people don't like her - but **I DO**! I get her and she was strong and I am sad she is gone.
YAYAYAYA! Russel is out! I can't wait!!! Loved Pam... what did she call Sookie? A Magic Vagina? OH and ALSO - why was Gran such a weirdo? Why was she all "I am going to amble off into the ether now" while Sookie was standing right there? Sookie had to call her attention and then Gran is OK, I guess, but at the end, she doesn't even try to hug her or anything. It was weird in the extreme.

"Are you serious? I'm three thousand years old!"

Kelly said...

So how did Russell get out anyway? Could Pam have been so angry at Eric that she helped him get out?

I am also a bit surprised that "the authority" wanted to kill Bill especially since he is put out there as a pillar of the community. I am curious what is going on with the behind the scenes vampire leadership.

One thing that I did think was strange was at the end there was no Bill or Eric immediately in the kitchen when Sookie was having it out with Debbie - perhaps they were dealing with the Nan situation and will be right there when the next season starts.

Was Steve turned or was he just wearing fake teeth? I kind of missed that part...

Nice job on the blog! I look forward to next season!

Tracie said...

WOW! There were quite a few things I didn't see coming. Tara was the main one. They can't kill Tara off. Didn't see Gran coming to the rescue. And again I say, where did the Werepanthers go? And who let Russell out? I don't think it was Pam. I don't think she'd cross Eric like that.

Mimi said...

I liked Jesus I didn't want to see him get killed off. I agree with the blog Sookie not choosing Bill or Eric was a cop-out. I mean just choose Eric and be done with it :) Next season will be good since Russel is back in the mix, I think that the vamps that are against the authority some how got him out. So happy Debbie pelt is gone, it was about time. I cant believe Tara got killed off or did she? That was a major shocker. Pam said somethings that many people were thinking about Sookie lol I'm sad to see the season end, but it seems like the next season will be really good!!!

Wilson said...

So cool Russel is coming back! He's one of my favorite TB characters.

Great blog!
I'm a brazilian fan!


Riki said...

I know it's been a week since the season ended but it was only today that I made the time to watch - and this is a true testament of how disappointed and disenchanted I had become with the series...anyway the final 2 episodes had some good parts (yay to Pam - whoever writes her lines does a great job!).

What I want to share is my wishes for the next season - Alan Ball please take notice!:

1. Russel and Pam unite forces and kill Sookie off. She simply has to go. She fucks up everyone's life and is soo stupid and annoying. Period. Just off her and let the party start!

2. Russel and Pam become the new heads of the Authority and the AVL. They're sensible true-to-their-nature down-to-earth Vampires and will be great leaders.

3. Bill and Eric are devastated by Sookie's death - at first they fight, blaming each other for her death and for their failing to protect her, then they collapse in despair, suffer in solitude and then grief forces them to connect and comfort each other (remember they both have had Sookie's blood and through Sookie each other's blood) and end up going Brokeback Mt. on us - hot gay sex and bloodsucking bonanza commence! ABall PLEASE don't pass this up - it would be the hottest thing on TV EVER!use the violins and have them share a first kiss with bloody tears in their eyes. At first they delude themselves the sex was the only way to reconnect with Sookie, to celebrate her but then they realize they have fallen for each other. ABall I beg you!

OK it was time for me to be constructive after a season so poor it made me vent out my frustration after every episode. I hope next season will be better. God knows we deserve it.

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Monica said...

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