Sunday, July 17, 2011

True Blood Episode 404: I'm Alive and On Fire

Best thing this episode is that Jason got out of there. We just couldn't take anymore crazy inbred mentality. Being a panther on his own can't possibly be worse than being a part of the hot shot community and being the Ghost Daddy.

Then we jump to Bill who can't possibly be with Portia because she was his great great get the idea. Clearly the members of hot shot could learn a thing or two from him.

When will Marnie get's possessed full time? We really don't care for her by herself. What did Lafayette, Jesus, and Tara think they were going to accomplish? Did they think they'd be able to control a powerful witch? Marnie has absolutely no control and almost no power on her own and they keep making the situation worse. The question is, what does this witch really want? It seems like she was a part of the turmoil in Spain and cursed everyone there. Does she have something against vampires?

What happened to Pam was horrible. How could they do that to one of our favorite vampires?!

Now the vampires know for sure that they have something to fear from the witches and we're curious to see how Bill and Pam will play together now that they have a mutual enemy. Maybe Nan will take notice and heed Bill's warning, even though the events in Spain occurred 400 years ago.

Where does this possessed doll tie in? It must have been the doll that caused the baby to write on the wall, but at least Terry is on the same page as Arlene now.

The part we enjoyed the most has to be Alcide, Eric and Sookie. It was great to see more of Alcide and we mean that in every way. ;) Drunk Eric was incredibly funny, but it was good to see a more serious side to him. It was dangerous for Eric to have drunk a fairy. Now that he's had a taste of the powers of fairy blood, Sookie will be even more of a temptation. What vampire wouldn't want to experience sunlight again.

We were about to lose all respect for Bill if he searched Sookie's house regardless of her wishes. It's good to see that the old Bill Compton is still there underneath that crown. Too bad Sookie lied.

Do you think Maxine will track Tommy down? She is a lioness after all. It would be fun to see the two moms face off.


TruMe said...

I was just glad they didn't kill off Pam, or re-kill her, as the case may be. :) I really enjoy her character.

I'm a little annoyed at the commercials at the beginning, and ending early. I say a full 60 minutes per episode!!!!

I'm wondering if the Vampire Blood can cure Were-pantherism, even if not, I'm glad Jason is finally out of there.

I don't share the hate of Bill that many of you seem to. I understand based on the books, but I'm still holding out hope for the series Bill. :)

Eric is a good looker, and he does have feelings for Sookie, of course, so if she goes that way, it'll be ok too.

Now, the white werewolf in the room. :)

The Witches are pretty interesting, passing knowledge through visions of the past, and though, I too hate seem Pam hurt, it was pretty interesting.

Though, ones leader being an idiot most of the time, would be trying as well!

Lafayette seems to be the key component of the leader tapping into that ancient wiccan, I'm assuming he's the "Necromancer" they're worried about.

Him not seeing it, is amusing though.

Tara covering Pam with the gun was funny, as she could have disarmed her in a split second, probably literally!

Overall, the season is going good, though, too quickly, per usual.

It's very scattered right now, with everything going on, but that's pretty typical. :)

I'm all for 26 episode seasons, and 2 hour episodes! Ah, even then I'd feel shorted. :)

Riki said...

'Krokodil!!!' priceless. I love how natural and relaxed ASkar's voice sounds when he delivers lines in Swedish :)It's as if we can catch a glimpse of Eric the human-viking twinkling through Eric the Vampire Sheriff. Anyway episode 4 was somewhat better than the previous 3 of season 4. It really showed that this episode had a different writer. Sookie was tolerable, Bill was more like himself and even the rest of the characters seemed more coherent. I hope it's all uphill from now.

Tracie said...

Does anyone else see the chemistry between Bill and Sookie? Since they are married in real life I can still see it. I like drunk Eric although I was hoping drinking fairy blood was going to bring back his memories.

I kind of think that Lafayette will realize what he is and he will be the one that battles that crazy witch. Just a thought. Oh and why can't Pam heal herself?

RachaelKras-RogueCostumes said...

Personally my jaw dropped when Alcide took his shirt off.

james sighs said...

Amazing episode - everything worked so well. Certainly better than last week's. I'm thinking Jason is about to fall in love with Jessica after he fed off her blood.

Louie Bag Got Swagg said...

What about the sexiest vamp ever... Jessica, I really hope Jason was able to save her because if she is destroyed I will never watch TRUE BLOOD AGAIN!!!!!!!!