Sunday, July 24, 2011

True Blood Episode 405: I Hate You, I Love You

Tommy's parent's are dead and he's free at last. It couldn't have happened to nicer people. I never knew that alligators liked marshmallows... Maybe now that Tommy and Sam are both killers and they're the only family they have left that they'll find some common ground.

Definitely a cringe moment when Hoyt appeared in Jason's dream. We were surprised to see that Jason was open for business so soon. It must be all the vampire blood he drank.

So the cleanse was not successful. Hopefully their house won't burn down. One thing is for sure, we need to find out whose doll this is and maybe it will add something interesting to this cheesy storyline.

It was so good to see that Sookie is using her powers to find out what happened with Eric instead of sitting on the sidelines. It felt like old times. On a side note, we had a lot of old characters come back this episode like Gran and Godric. We've missed Gran and her wisdom. Why was Sookie in danger from Marnie? Is it because Sookie could stand in her way and help protect the vampires?
Sookie is finally letting herself care for Eric which is awesome! Unfortunately, she's gone against Gran's warning that he won't remain the sweet viking that we've come to know and love. We like the old Eric to, but it's going to be sad to see this one go. According to the latest poll, 61% of you will miss Eric's old viking charm as well. =)

Why did Sookie let Tara run out the door like that? She should have just made her listen. But it could be a good thing that Jesus and Lafayette have sought out Jesus' grandfather for help. It looks like they might need his power to stop the witch and it looks like Antonia might have good reason to hate vampires after seeing them murder a member of her coven.

Was Eric's dream of Godric a crack in the witch's spell? Is he starting to remember? But the Godric of his dreams, was not the Godric we came to know. Maybe it was just his darker side manifesting itself.

Pam really fell apart at the end. Literally and figuratively. We can't believe she screwed up like that! Now Bill is going to see Sookie and Eric making out. Not good.


Anonymous said...

I am wondering whether Tommy will gain the power to change into another human since he killed his mother and father and what does that mean for his character I smell another story line brewing for season 5

TruMe said...

I was happy to see Tommy kill his dad, not so much his Mom tho, she was as much a victim as Tommy was.

Most of Eric's self absorption seems to have come from his lengthy search for revenge against Russel, Hopefully, he'll remember some of his amnesia feelings once he has his memory back.

I'm assuming he'll eventually remember.

I really hope Pam gets a break, and is returned to he previous perfect self soon. :)

It seemed odd to me, that Hoyt and Jessica didn't bother to tell Sookie that they found Jason near dead.

Bill making Porshia fear him seemed odd as well, he could have just as easily glamored her into just wanting to be professional.

And another Odd note, which was mentioned earlier, why not just tell Tara that Eric had lost his memory? Instead of letting her run off.

Pam slipping the Eric news to Bill was uncharacteristic, but she is under a lot of stress, decomposing and all.

Another thing, the head witch, whom I can't remember the name of, chased off vampires twice now, yet that pulls no weight with the coven. Silliness.

Eric dreaming of Godric, almost has to mean he's remembering a little, even though he didn't seem to know who he was while he was dreaming.

MARNIE! that's her name, Gran speaking through her was a great scene, especially when Sookie started listening directly. I'm not sure why Marnie was a danger, though, I was thinking she'd feel her fairy nature if they ever touched for any length of time, then the "Possessing Witch" would know something to do with her, something bad for Sookie.

The Preacher and Tara's mom doing the exorcism was priceless. Those damn matches did light up on their own tho, so I guess they're going to go there, personally, I wish they'd just drop it.

I'm still curious as to whether Vampire blood can cure were-pantherism, if given in a timely manner, I guess we'll find out soon. :)

The Jason seeing Hoyt in his dream was kinda odd, Sam saw Bill in an erotic dream after he drank Bill's blood, but he never saw anyone else.

So, I guess, the episode was a bit Odd, though, I still wish they'd do 52 episode seasons. :)

Riki said...

Whew! Another decent episode which is good news considering the first 3 of S4 were so lousy.

I love Bill as King - he's poised, professional and not afraid to put himself on the line. Oddly, Bill's main quality from the books (his being a young vampire who still remembers he had been a decent and hardworking human)translated very well to the show. It's gonna be very interesting to see how he deals with Sookie's lie about Eric's whereabouts and even more interesting to see how gracious he is when he finds out about Sookie doing the deed with Eric.
Also loved Skarsgaard's ability to give Eric puppy-eyes (bookies know what I mean) that were not over-the-top. He put those boyish good-looks to work and made us believe how it came that amnesic Eric charmed Sookie. I found the kiss-scene a little under-stated for all the foreplay we had been subjected to for the last 4 episodes. However, kudos for the soulful violins which in my opinion saved the scene. I really hope we get to have a proper love scene and that Bill won't really walk in on them. I reckon he'll be gentleman enough to get the idea from afar and not charge in. But then again...there's the chance ABall won't resist the temptation to have a suited Bill grapple with a naked Eric :) yum to that too :))

Anonymous said...

I have really enjoyed your blogs for the last 2 weeks...


- Yours Truly,

another loyal TB fan

Samantha said...

I really loved this episode. I have to say, even hotter than the Eric/Sookie kiss was when Eric went to Sookie's bed after his nightmare about Godric and cried, and laid his head in her lap. I thought it was sweet and adorable and totally hot when she was stroking his hair like that. I've always loved Eric's character, but this sweeter, gentler Eric is awesome. I'm hoping when he gets his memory back, he'll retain some of the gentle qualities he's gaining. He made a comment to Godric- something along the lines of loving Sookie being his salvation- and I hope that's what happens. Arrogant Eric with a soft side for Sookie.. I love it! =)

Tara is getting on my nerves this season; she's lost some of her badass-ness. Her foul mouth used to crack me up! Her girlfriend is hot, I hope maybe she comes to live in Bon Temps instead of Tara going back to New Orleans.

The scene w/ Lettie Mae and the Rev cracked me up, esp when he said the spirits 'hide in the corners.' hehe like it's common knowledge or something

Marnie is an idiot but I feel kinda sorry for her. I don't think that spirit is exactly 'benevolent' like she seems to think...

Saw that Jason/Jess dream coming as soon as he drank her blood...poor Hoyt. They're boring as a couple; would be interesting to see Jess w/ Jason..hmm...

I HATE Bill right now...he seems to have completely lost his humanity. What does he have against Eric? I guess he's jealous b/c of Sookie, but I couldn't believe what I saw in the preview for next week. He'd kill Eric, even though Sookie begged him not to. And man, Alex S. does the puppy dog look good. The look on his face when Bill's about to stake him? perfect. I wanted to cry...poor thing. This is the time for some of the old-Eric toughness. I know he won't really get killed off, but I swear, if they did get rid of his character I'd stop watching the show, I'd be that pissed.

So I'm guessing now that Tommy's killed his parents, he'll be able to shift into another person... that's just creepy.

Can't wait for next week's episode!! Looks like Debbie hasn't really changed, poor Alcide. Hope we hear more from Gran! I love her and was pissed her role was so small. In the books I heard Lafayette dies right away too, but I'm soo glad they kept and expanded his character, he's hilarious! Oh, and I think the best line was when Lafayette saw the pregnant chick and went "Looks like Grandpa still got some lead in that pencil." LOL

Anonymous said...
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Kiki said...

Glad you guys like the blog! And we love the comments :)

This season is starting to take off, can't wait for more! Is it Sunday yet?