Sunday, July 3, 2011

True Blood Episode 402: You Smell Like Dinner

We definitely liked how this episode shaped up and is starting to build into the main story line. There are still a couple of offshoot stories that seem out of place like Arlene and her baby.

What is up with this story line? We really wish they'd get rid of this. It seems like something from a B horror movie.

We were happy to see that Tara went home to see Sookie. It seems that we may have judged her too quickly. She really does seem to be doing better, hopefully, for her sake she'll go back to New Orleans. But I have a feeling she'll get sucked into helping Lafayette.

Poor poor Jason. He has the worst taste in women. Has Crystal completely lost her mind? It seems like V is not so good for her.

What happened to Andy? We started to have a little respect for him at the end of last season and now he seems like a useless junky.

Hmmm....Jessica and Hoyt. Going as badly as expected.

We liked the back story on how Bill became king, but the death of the queen was a bit of a cop out. Really wanted to see a big fight not a political assassination. It was interesting to see Bill's ties with the AVL and how much power they really have within the vampire community. Even though the AVL is clearly a force to be reckoned with and he has had a long association with them, he is still willing to risk his own life to protect Sookie from them. It would be really interesting to find out more about the AVL hierarchy and their long term strategies in handling the anti-vampire movement.

How do you feel about Sam's new love interest? We don't trust her yet, especially now that we know that she's shifted into another human being. Is she going to turn out to be one of the horrible Skinwalkers described in her father's stories? Or is somebody else pulling her strings...using her abilities?

Maybe there's hope for Tommy and Sam after all? I guess we'll find out.

We're a little surprised at how Eric is handling things. He's over 1,000 years old. You'd think he'd be a bit more clever in handling the coven and Sookie. We all know he can be very charming and usually gets what he wants. He seems to be failing on both counts. At least you know where stands. In some respects, he's more trustworthy than Bill. The cubby hole was pretty awesome! Eric offered to protect Sookie from everyone. Little did he know that he'd become the biggest immediate threat with the loss of his memory and discovering just how good she smells.


Anonymous said...

Whatever Eric has gotten himself into, I feel Bill has some play in it and Pam is going to be there to help Eric out.

TruMe said...

Eric is just a little too sure of himself, though he should have learned from Russel why that is unwise.

I actually liked the Political Assassination by Bill, though, I too, wished for an epic battle, where Bill won through being more intelligent than the queen, which wouldn't take much, given the way she's been portrayed.

But, it showed Bill was thinking ahead, and not just going off of pure emotion.

Which, seems to be Bill's ultimate downfall, he's always thinking, which is why Eric was able to drive a wedge between him and Sookie.

I greatly enjoy Lafayette's newly found power over Eric, and Vampires in general, though he's not sure what the power is, it seems pretty obvious that he is the Necromancer, since everything happened once he joined the coven.

Bill's exploits in Australia was fun, hopefully we get more of the flashbacks, from all our favorite Vampires. :)

Nan Flanagan disturbs me, since she is a total hypocrite, given that she was feeding on a human last season.

Sam and his brother might turn into an interesting story. Perhaps.

Arlene worrying about the baby is getting a bit old, though, in general I find her quite irritating.

I'm a little sad about Andy, he seems totally addicted to V, and caring about nothing else, hopefully, he'll snap out of it sometime this season.

Jason being involuntarily turned into a were-panther is disturbing, especially since Crystal is amped up on V.

And, it seems Crystal is still with her Were-Boyfriend, who apparently is impotent.

Hopefully, Jason can knock him off after turning, if he is in fact turned.

I'd imagine Eric having amnesia, will lead to him and Sookie hooking up, as the story seems to be pointing to.

I'm not sure where Tara fits in, but it seems to be backing up Lafayette.

Not sure how, yet, unless she is also part necromancer.

Shouldn't Bill have been king of Louisiana and Mississippi? Given that Russel is Dead, as far as they all know?

I'm not sure why Bill isn't keeping track of Jessica, maybe just too busy.

Dammit! 2 episodes gone already, why not have an episode every day, forever??!!!

Ok, I know why, but still. :)

Riki said...

Another poor-scripted episode...It really is a shame this show has the unusual talent of completely deflating every juicy moment it creates (I'm not even hoping anymore for it to capitalize on the plentiful juiciness in the books) I'd simply like for it to allow those few moments that actually have potential to simply fulfill that that too much to ask?

Kiki said...

Hey TruMe,
I agree, with Bill being king you'd think Jessica would be better taken care of (money, food, a cook for Hoyt..) and watched over, even if he's busy, he has people for that now.

Anonymous said...

i'm really excited about this new season, finally sam's plot line make some sense, i don't trust his new love interest so far (the new half-navajo shifter) but i hope it works out for sam finally. i have a tiny prediction that sam eventually is going to kill tommy (accidentally perhaps) and became a skinwalker... (tommy is really annoying :S)...
can´t wait for what bill has to say when sookie and bill get together...
whyyyyyyyyy only 12 episodes, i get mad every year :@