Sunday, June 26, 2011

True Blood Episode 401: She's Not There

I have to say that everyone's lives seem upside down from where we left them last season especially since we were dumped into their lives 12 months later. But at least Sam didn't kill Tommy although I have no idea how Tommy ended up with Hoyt's mother. Jason seems to have grown up a bit?! Definitely unexpected and I wonder how long that will last. He's also found some trouble. It's never good when hungry were-panthers lock you up in a freezer.

Well, we knew Bill had to end up killing the queen and now he's King of Louisiana. It will be interesting to see how he handles that new level of power. Obviously, he'll try to use it to get Sookie back somehow. We should see Bill's true nature now that he doesn't have to answer to anyone. Will he be the vampire that Sookie fell in love with?

What the hell is going on with Tara? One bad vampire experience and she's off men and becomes a cage fighter? Not to mention that she doesn't want to go home to see the person she considers a sister after thinking she was dead. Umm...not very sisterly.

Hoyt and Jessica's playing house doesn't seem to be going so well. She's trying to fight her nature a little too much and I think it will back fire.

Let's talk about the new witch coven for a moment. Creepy comes to mind and doesn't Lafayette know better by now. And after the last stunt Marnie pulled with her bird...TROUBLE!

Not surprised that Eric bought Sookie's house, but pleasantly surprised when he showed up at the end of the episode! ;) Book four is my favorite book I've read in the series so far, so I'm looking forward to some Sookie/Eric screen time!

Eric's public service announcement was awesome! I'd go Fangtasia.

On a side note, did you guys see the HBO Go service? I was so excited and went to sign up only to find out our service provider is not supported. WTF? Now we have to wait until next week to see episode 2! =(


Riki said...

Well...s---. Alan Ball has truly lost it. I'm no purist in what concerns the book-tvshow but Alan's doggedness to part his way as much as possible from the book is getting to me. I am seriously expecting aliens to appear and breed with the vampires and then Sookie becomes a zombie and Eric pays to have a clone made after the old Sookie and he needs Bill to become President of the USA to get the clone-bill passed etc etc. Oh and there's an invasion of were-chipmunks OF COURSE. Sometimes a pizza with EVERYTHING ON IT is not such a good idea.

Anonymous said...

AH! 1st comment, I just realized Bill must have won the battle, though, I hope we get to see it in flashback, at some point.

SO! since Bill is the King, that would explain why Eric left when Bill said he needed to leave.

Now it makes sense, Sookie being gone for a year is a good vehicle to change stuff up.

1st episode of the season, pretty good, though, why the Were-folk tossed Jason in the cooler is lost on me.

The Fairy people being less that good, was an odd surprise, though not an unhappy one.

I had no idea leading into it.

I've stayed away from reading the books, except for the first one, till the series runs it's course.

I like the idea of Eric and Bill both working on the Political side of things, and LOVE Pam just being herself.

She may be my favorite character, very slightly above Eric. Just because of her honesty.

HBOGO isn't available here, yet, though they say it's coming, what a fantastic thing when they actually do it!

Every Episode of Every Season? And not just True Blood, I'm likely to never get work done, when it happens! :)

Going from the previews, Sookie will be dealing with witches this season, which might make her butt heads with Lafayette.

I hope it isn't a choice between the two, as I enjoy both characters.

I'll likely know more next week. (IS IT NEXT WEEK YET???!!!!) have to wait.....sadness.....

Tracie said...

I can get HBO Go, but I chose not to watch next weeks episode yet. I watched ahead with Game Of Thrones and then had to wait 2 weeks for something new. So I'm going to wait for next weeks episode. Something to look forward to.

My biggest suprise was Tara. Not sure what's going on with her. But if you watch what's coming up in teh season it looks like the vampires go looking for her. I like how Eric told Sookie that he's the one that never gave up on her and everyone else did.

Wonder what kind of Power Lafayette has? Looks like he's pretty powerful. Can't wait until his mother gets wind of that. I'll bet she's going to be a big player in this season.

Anonymous said...

HBO go didn't work for me but its on. Demand for cable customers. Only watching because of holiday festivities next week. Omg I need more!

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes, Tara's only been TERRORIZED in every freakin' season...and really, the experience she (you call it that "one bad vampire experience") really wasn't so you often tell rape victims to calm down about their "one bad sex experience"? Just curious...

TruMe said...

I was anonymous on reply #2, I forgot how to get the name to show. :)

I'm on Viewing #5, I think.

I really do hope they fill in the skipped year, over the season, especially the fight between Bill and the Queen, I was looking forward to that.

Eric, of course playing the "I never gave up" card, strong move as ever, not that it's too big a stretch to see Sookie and Eric "Doing the deed"

Sam hanging out with his own kind was nice, but I assume it'll go bad somehow, as he has terrible luck so far.

His brother ending up with Hoyt's mom is confusing, but I like that. :) it Sunday yet???!!!

TruMe said...

I don't get what the apparently Evil Fairy folk are up to.

Intentionally I'm imagining.

Kim said...

This episode was so ridiculous and disappointing. What is Alan Ball thinking?? Evil fairy folk hurling lightning balls with their hands and scampering around some world that looks like an episode of the original Star Trek? Bill is the new King of Louisiana because he killed the Queen? So not how vampire politics work. I can understand the show branching out from the books a little but for the most part, all us fans want to see is the books come to life. That's all. ALL. SO STOP IT. What's next? Aliens? Giant sand worms? Lame.

regev said...

You know, I don't get the stubborn negativity. yes, true blood has a lot to fix from past seasons, but just because its not like season 1 doesn't mean its bad. I, for one, vote for a little patience, and we can see if this season holds up plot-wise, and fixes the overload of the past two.

btw, don't complain it is ridiculous - its a show about vampires, werewolves, werepanthers, shapeshifters, and telepaths - one absurd is just the same as the next, so if you are up to enjoying it, just let go...

btw, I found this very cool blog that posted a nice recap - might want to check out:

Kiki said...

So many things have changed over the seasons from the books that I think we can really only expect it to be loosely based on them for major plot additions. The show has a life and storyline of its own now.

Although it was a bit disorientating, the 12 month jump into the future was a good way to mix it up. I like that Sookie is in the same confused state that we are in.

I agree that it’s too early to say how this season will play out, good or bad, but I think that with both Eric and Bill still in the picture and the introduction of the witches, it should be pretty interesting.

Do you think Bill or Eric bought Sookie’s house? My vote is for Eric, with the whole “I never gave up” line…

Still love Pam, glad to see she hasn’t changed at all :)

Tracie said...


Eric told Sookie at the end of the show that he owned her house. That's why she can't rescind her invitation and he will always have access to her.

BloodyBusDriver said...

Am i the only one?

Am i the only one who things True Blood's latest offering went all 'Buffy' on us? Or maybe 'Charmed'? I love the show and have refrained from reading the books (i'd prefer to be surprised), but ... wth? Is this Harry Potter all of a sudden? How is it that ALL THIS crazy stuff is so hidden in the world of True Blood. Vampires came out of the closet, ok ... but in the closet we're hiding faeries, trolls, Werewolves, Werepanthers, witches and ghosts? I hope the cheese-factor stops going UP. I'm still a fan, but we went from gritty blood-soaked fervor to Buffy overnight.

Anyone else a little disappointed by the new direction?

Anonymous said...

I just signed up with HBOGO and I can't get enough of watching the past episodes. watching Eric affection grow for Sookie each season is so sexy.

TruMe said...

I'm ok with them diverging from the books, in fact I prefer it, so each episode is a surprise.

If they just went verbatim, it would be boring for anyone who read the whole series.

I understand one wanting it to be word for word, tho, as "The Lord of the Rings" movies cut out about 2/3rd's of the books, else they would have been 12 hour movies, at best.

Just pretend it's an alternate reality, and forget what you read, and you'll likely enjoy it more.

Just as I'll enjoy the rest of the books once the Series is Cancelled.

I have room for both in my mind. :) Perhaps you do too.

Wisdom61 said...

Is this the season were Eric an Sookie hook up? well it's about damn time. If Bill had professed his love for her one more time I was going to barf. She has only been away for little over a year in his time, not fairy land time, and he's turned into a virtual horn dog. Hopefully Tommy, get's it when it comes to listening to his brother now that Joe Lee has chain around his neck.Where we left off last night Jessica was feeding Jason her blood,O boy. I know it's Hoyt's girl but is it just me that thinks her and Jason would be a red hot couple.