Wednesday, October 15, 2008

True Blood Episode 7 Promo "Burning House of Love"

Enjoy and Don't Forget to Watch Sunday, October 19th at 9pm Eastern on HBO!


Dawn of the Dead said...

First off- everytime I see the clip with Sookie saying sarcastically- 'FANG-tasia' I crack up and think of Kiki. That would totally be her reaction if a vamp were asking her out to a special girl.

So, I'm reading the books whilst watching the TV version. Thankfully they are so very different from each other I can do both at the same time and still be totally happy. Warning the importance of many characters is not the same so don't be upset if you find certain people barely make an appearance in the books-sorry.

I LOVE Lafayette! He is morally deplorable-but completely unabashed and physically liberated. I find his strong character fantastic, especially considering his given birth position in life-poor, black in a racist town and gay. I loved him kicking the redneck's asses! I love that he's hunky manly man and a cross dresser. I love that he's a drug dealin', online porn peadlin', fry cookin' queen with a
golden heart. weird.

Sookie's take crap from everyone behavior is totally annoying. She funny and beautiful, but flawed enough to be utterly endearing. She and Bill have that same chemistry and dynamic to their relationship that I say in Edward and Bella. Something modern about me likes the human girls that are different and unique with their level headed response to Vamp drama. And something old fashioned about me loved the vamp men's protective-love you with an aged heart more deeply and passionately than either girl could ever fathom. I love the men always being 'careful' with their delicate human bodies and being waaaay over protective. I just plain love the whole damn thing!

Alanna said...

Cheers to our vampire drama and our thorough enjoyment of it!