Monday, October 13, 2008

True Blood Episode 106: Cold Ground

Sookie had to handle a lot in this episode. It wasn't enough that she had to deal with the loss of Gran, but she also had to deal with her idiot brother and the townsfolk. I cannot believe that Jason hit Sookie. Although he deserved her cold shoulder at the funeral, I believe that Sookie will forgive him in time. Until then, I imagine that Jason will continue on his downward spiral.

One question I have is: is Sam going to be with Tara now? It kind of seemed like he was giving up on Sookie, but maybe not. I think Sam might develop an "unwanted" complex though, since Tara rushed off. I can't help but feel bad for him.

Here are a couple of other questions that I have regarding this episode:
1) What did Uncle Bartlet do?
3) Was Sookie really the intended victim?

I have to talk about this...Sookie running to Bill and Bill quickly opening the door knowing that she was coming was classicly romantic not to mention the candles and the fire in the fire place creating pretty much a perfect romantic setting for what followed. Now I suppose I've put my next comment off long enough. Sookie asked Bill to bite her and, of course, he did! I'm a bit surprised at Sookie, but then again by the end of the episode she did a complete 180 on how she felt about her and Bill's relationship from the previous episode. I was shocked at how bloody it was, but a fellow watcher of the show asked me to put it in the context of a passionate moment. The point being, that the bite was not meant to be neat and controlled. The viewer was meant to see Bill's uncontrolled passion and desire. That does make sense, but for me, there is still an "icky" factor.

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