Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Episode 105: Sparks Fly Out

This was quite a mixed episode. The greatest laugh of the evening was of course Jason getting it on with the girl behind the dumpster. Tara dumping garbage on them was hardly an interruption – what a couple of FREAKS! I can’t believe Jason did V again! That boy will never learn…

Bill’s past is very sad, seeing how he was turned to a vampire was horrible especially when he was so close to home. It made me feel especially sorry for him that Sookie went to the church with Sam.

Sookie going out with Sam was a disappointment and a pretty big shock, an even bigger shock when he kissed her, I didn’t think he had it in him! Once again, our suspicions that Sam has some dog like qualities is confirmed when Sookie mentioned that while reading his thoughts she usually gets sounds and emotions, not sentences or images like with other people.

One of our favorite characters has been killed off already - GRAN! Gran was really the only person who was OK and encouraging of the relationship between Bill and Sookie. I’m really sad about Gran. I loved her character and I did not expect that she would end up dead. I don’t think, though, that the person who killed Gran is the same person that killed Maudette and Dawn. The M.O. is completely different.

Our suspicion about the murderer being human is also strongly backed by Bill’s discussion with the police. SO… Who is responsible for all the killings? Any theories??

Of course we are all rooting for Bill and Sookie to take their relationship to the next level, maybe next week!!

Fresca anyone?


Gailann said...

I am so going to miss Gran! I did not see that coming.

Kara said...

Hi Gailann,

Wasn't it so sad when Sookie broke down eating the pecan pie after Gran's funeral? I am going to miss Gran too!

Thanks for stopping by!