Thursday, October 30, 2008

True Blood Episode 108: Fourth Man in the Fire

I'm sure it came as no surprise to most of us that Bill was not in one of the four coffins discovered in the last episode. He definitely had a dramatic reappearance though. It was very reminiscent of the Night of the Living Dead. Bill could have called out to Sookie rather than grabbing her, but that wouldn't have had nearly the same impact and what followed brought a whole new meaning to dirty sex, no I really mean dirty!

Later in the episode, it was fun to see Bill and Sookie together as a rather normal couple. It doesn't get more normal than babysitting kids, eating pizza, ice cream and let’s not forget the candy corn fangs! Who knew Bill had such a way with children?! BTW where exactly did those huge candy corns come from?

Which brings me to Rene and Arlene, could he have picked a creepier way to propose? I thought for sure something terrible was going to happen. For a moment, I even thought Rene might have been the killer! In case there are any guys reading this, a fake tire problem in the middle of the night on a creepy dark rode is not a romantic setting for a proposal.

On another note, I'm surprised at how thorough Andy Bellefleur is. I never thought he would check out Sam's story about his parents being naturists. Sam should have gone with a much simpler lie. It goes to show that Andy shouldn't be under estimated, which seems to be the trend among the residents of Bon Temps. I think we're all going to be surprised by him before the season is over.

At the end of this episode a lot was left hanging. We have Tara going off to see the exorcist and after seeing the change in her mother, I'm not surprised about Tara's decision. We have Jason and Amy kidnapping a vampire! I knew Amy was going to be bad news, but I didn't realize she was going to be that bad. Last but not least, we left Sookie being attacked by the bartender at Fangtasia. I'm undecided whether it will be Eric or Bill that saves her. Maybe it will be both of them. I have not doubt that Sookie will be getting more involved with Eric and the vampire world, which means at some point either Sookie will become a vampire or she will end up dead. I'm going to root for the former.


Mr Alpha said...

I think it will be Pam that saves Sookie. She seems like the of bouncer/bodyguard type.

Kiki said...

Oh yea, I hadn't thought of that, it's a good possiblity.