Thursday, August 23, 2012


Looks like Salome has taken the lead with 48% of the vote.

We only have one more episode and 3 days to go before we find out if we're right!

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KHW Family Ancestors-Elders-Descendants said...

My apologies for posting here. I couldn't find the right episode number. I want to be glammed from True Blood. The episode I saw revealed that Tara is no longer human; yes that's how long it has been. I admired Tara and felt there were ways she could have survived and remained human which seems to be a bad thing to be.

It is disturbing because of all the exposure to some very intrusive behavior that aggressively violates human behavior.

The episode I saw showed incest I think between Eric and his sister. Forgive me if I am wrong but I switch the episode because I was uncomfortable. That did it for me; I'm glammed from the shoiw.

I had intended to turn back to HBO after True Blood was off to watch Star Trek but caught the ending of when a very powerful vampired had been walking the Earth for over 2,000 years. Irene Cara was the character who faced this character.

I was disappointed andthought the entire scene was unpleasant. Not because they showed her die but the message it sent to me. I have always thought to me if a dark force has been around that long then there is an equal good force that is here too. That force is creative and is doing activities that are just as fascinating as was a force that is destructive.

This good force is also working to help maintain a balance. All I saw were little groups demonstrate how their power and influence executes their goals and uses human's fear to control the masses.

I guess I will have to remember Tara in the Season 1 episodes and wish her well.