Sunday, August 12, 2012

True Blood Episode 510: Gone, Gone, Gone

It doesn't make sense that the vampire community seems to be in a panic. It's not like they've never fed on humans before without killing and there seems to be plenty of willing humans out there. They should just find one a keep it on the DL. They've only be doing that for centuries!

It was sad to see the techie vampire go. We really wanted to see her become a new sidekick for Eric.

Eric seems to have decided to play the game. How long will he have to pretend before he can kill everyone? He can probably get Jessica on his side. It seems like there's still a bond between Eric, Bill and clearly Jessica when the topic of Fairy blood came up... aka Sookie. Eric will have to make his move fast. Not to mention Russel isn't the only one after her blood.

Finally, Russel stopped this charade not that it wasn't obvious, but did Salome really think she could raise a 3,000 year old vampire and control him? Clearly he is a very hard vampire to kill. Still don't see why Bill and Eric didn't do it when they had the chance! Not that I actually care but which side will Steve pick? Guess it depends if Russel stops to take him along for the ride... Just the two of them and the “puppy”. Could be the break Sam and Luna need to get Emma back.

The whole scene with Hoyt, Jessica, and Jason was very sad, but at least he's trying to get his life back on track. They both do really care about him.

Tara really is beginning to kick ass as a vampire and we think Pam was impressed. Goodbye Elijah!
We think Pam's commitment to her as her maker made all the difference. It will be interesting to see the dynamic once Eric is back in the picture.

Seriously, Sookie and Jason took the scroll to a university? Ummm, one look at that said “fairy” all over it! And when did Jason become the “smart” one? Sookie just seems so lost this season and it seems like Warlow is a bit of a setup for next season or at least a quick plot for this one.

Looks like Andy has an unexpected bundle of joy coming his way... wonder how Holly's going to take that bit of news.

Only two episodes left and Bill seems as crazy as ever! Can he be saved? Will the chase for Russel bring Eric and Bill back into Sookie's circle? Will Sookie bring Bill back from his craziness once and for all?


Suzanne Snell said...

Bill released Jessica last does he still have control over her?

Anonymous said...

who is warlow? does sookie belong to him?

Tracie said...

Bill released Jessica? I don't remember that. Eric released Pam.

Anonymous said...

anyone know the name of the actress playing the techie vampire?

Alanna said...

The techie vampire is play by Tina Majorino =)

Anonymous said...

I was just thinking maybe Warlow has something to do with In le Bartlett. remember when Sookie was telling Bill what happened with him & Bartlett said you are mine several times.