Sunday, August 5, 2012

Episode 509: Everybody Wants to Rule the World

It's official, Bill has lost his mind. The least he could have done was let Eric go. I think he owed Eric that much, but I guess that just shows how far gone he really is. Can he be saved by the end of the season? It's looking less and less likely. Maybe Sookie and Eric will have to team up to put a stop to the Authority and Bill.

Terry is finally safe and Arlene got another eyeful of the supernatural world. I'm thinking the next time some one tells her they've seen some weird creature, she'll believe them. I'm happy the situation worked out for them, but will Patrick's wife seek revenge?

I definitely didn't expect Bud Dearborn to be involved with the hate group and end up dead this episode. At least the hate group storyline has been put to rest and it was pretty awesome seeing Luna kick the Dragon's ass. Will Jessica give Hoyt some blood to heal him?

What was Martha thinking about keeping Emma around the pack? She knew exactly what was going on and the least she could have done was stay away until Luna got Emma. Martha seemed smarter than this, so I was surprised as this turn of events. Russell is going to have a lot to deal with once Luna finds out what happened. She won't rest until he's dead and probably Steve Newland for that matter.

Sookie really didn't find out anything new on her parents death and Bud turned out to be a dead end (literally). Will we get to meet Warlow in the season finale? I still don't trust the fairies. How do they know the vampires are behind the bombings?

There's a new sheriff of area 5? What?! That vampire isn't nearly as awesome as Eric and I hope Pam gets the opportunity to stake him. After all, he did sit in Eric's chair.

My favorite line of the night was Eric telling the techie vampire to put her baby fangs away. I have a feeling he's going to keep her around when he gets out of this.

These last three episodes are going to be exciting!

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Anonymous said...

I believe "Lilith" is really a Fairy - and the Vampires at Authority Headquarters got stoned on Fairy Blood, not vampire blood. I believe the fairies are manipulating the vampires into destroying eachother.