Sunday, June 24, 2012

True Blood Episode 503: Whatever I Am, You Made Me

And so the Authority plot thickens... It seems like Nora confessed to being part of the sanguinista movement in order to save Eric's life. It's unlikely that she really is a member. And who's side is Salome really on?

It was refreshing to see that Jessica really does care about Jason as a friend and it was pretty awesome to see her put his needs before her own. WTF with gothic Hoyt!??

Surprising to see how Pam got turned by Eric. We thought that was very bold of her to turn the tables on him and put her life in his hands for all eternity knowing how much importance Eric put on being a maker. He made the right choice, what an awesome vampire she has made. I wonder how long it's been since she and Eric had an intimate relationship. Throughout the show, we've been given the impression that they are close, but not like that. And let's not forget about Eric and Bill's first meeting also being tied to Pam. Explains some of the hostility that's always been between Bill and Eric.

How lame that Tara is trying to fry herself by using a bed in a tanning salon? If she really wanted to kill herself then she could have used a stake and have done with it. But I guess she had to do something to get Pam's attention.

Confessing to Alcide was a big step for Sookie, but he's not going to forgive her easily if at all. Alcide still loves Debbie.

What's up with Lafayette channeling evil demon magic man? That thing creeps us out every time.
Guess that plot line isn't going away any time soon, how long do you you think until we get a visit from Jesus?

Overall, this story seemed like interesting setup for the season.

Is that fairy I smell???


BestLion said...

This episode is a bit confusing. Esp the Bill Eric deal with the authority. The chick who laid both Eric and Bill is 2,000 yrs old..and likely very powerful, and she seems to want to spare both of them, but her BF seems to hate Bill and Eric. Will be interesting to see where that goes. And who was the boy in the dress store that Jessica liked? Is he a fairy? He also said he has like 16 siblings.
Also the Reverend Steve Nowland is now the spokesman for the Authority? Haaa thats just too funny. I wonder if he is openly gay? I think he wont be openly gay since it wont go well with the Fellowship of the Sun.
So far I am enjoying this season..I didnt care for last season too much with the witches and stuff..This season is up there..My favorite season was S2.

BestLion said...

Also whats is up with a semi-gay Gothic Hoyt? He looks ridiculous. Seems to be he is just a toy at Fangtasa to vampires. Likely he gives his blood for sex both male and female vampires now. Seems he also may join Steve Nowland in the gay pursuit..I wonder if those two will hook up? Hoyt and the Reverend Steve Nowland??