Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Episode 502: Authority Always Wins

This episode was pretty interesting. There wasn't that much happening in terms of plot, but you got some more insight into Eric and Pam and the Authority.

The flashbacks showing how Eric and Pam met were really neat. The old San Francisco setting and costumes were very cool and Eric looked very handsome in his tux. It was also very cool to see Pam pre-vamp and helps to see why she's so loyal to Eric.

The Authority headquarters was an interesting mix of modern, hi-tech, and ancient architecture. The whole religious aspect was a neat twist. To discover and older bible that the humans don't know about and making a point of how old vampires really are. The Authority is putting a lot of importance on mainstreaming and spinning it to sound like the only way for vampires to survive long-term. But is that their true end goal? Maybe they are just trying to win the humans' trust in order to take control more easily.

Lafayette came to the right conclusion if only he had enough courage to follow through. Tara would never have chosen to be a vampire and isn't all there. Tara will be very upset with herself if she heals and really finds out about all of the people she's killed. So far Sookie is failing epically separating herself from the vampire world.

Russell still looks pretty icky, so Bill and Eric have a little bit of time to find him before he's completely back on his feet.

Emma made a very cute wolf cub.

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