Sunday, June 10, 2012

Episode 501: Turn! Turn! Turn!

That was quite a start to season 5! I think we're all in for quite a ride over the next 11episodes and we're finally going to get a good look at The Authority. I'm very interested in seeing what The Authority truly wants. They don't seem interested in killing Eric and Bill immediately anyway. What do they want with them?

I didn't expect Pam to be the one to help Tara, since Bill and Eric were so close by. But it was hilarious to see her dressed in a Wal Mart sweat suit. Ultimately, I had a really bad feeling about turning couldn't possible go well. Who could really blame Sookie and Lafayette for trying though.

 I was really grossed out by the wolf pack eating Marcus and Sookie picking up pieces of Debbie's head, but Sookie seemed to handle it all a little too well. I'm thinking she's going to freak out at some point.

 A few mysteries are being presented so far, who set fire to Terry's house? What happened to Jesus's body? And who dug up Russell? I have no idea about the first, but I'm willing to bet The Authority has something to do with Russell and that Jesus has become that witchdoctor creature.

Seriously....Steve Newland came back to confess his love for Jason?! Kind of lame, but maybe there's hope for him becoming good comic relief in the future. Can't wait for next week!


Anonymous said...

Maybe Jesus' grandfather grabbed his body.

Stackhouse315 said...

Trueblood is without a doubt one of the best shows on television! I wasn't too enthusiastic about the first episode of the new season ( entertaining in a bizarre kind of way ). Check out THIS premiere episode to see what I'm talking about. HILARIOUS!