Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Episode 102: First Taste

There are several things that I want to bring up about episode 2. The first thing is that I thought Bill would have shown up sooner to save Sookie. He was almost too late. I did really like the interaction between them while he was healing her though.

I also love Bill coming over to see Sookie. His interaction with her Gran was great and he definitely cleans up nice. Jason and Tara acted about as I expected. I would have been surprised if they were friendly.

Okay, we finally come to it….Bill and Sookie’s walk. So it seems there is more to Sookie than her ability to read minds. She can’t be “glamoured” by vampires. I’m sure that will come in handy and I hope we eventually find out why. Their first kiss was not a let down either and it apparently did the trick for Bill since his fangs involuntarily came out (if you know what I mean).

How about the ending? Gah! Cliffhangers kill me! It definitely surprised me that those vampires were in Bill’s house. Although, we do know very little about Bill’s past. Makes me wonder what we’ll find out about him in future episodes.

The last thing I want to bring up is, did you see the painting in Sam’s office? It’s a painting of a dog sitting beside a little girl. The dog looks a LOT like the dog that’s looking out for Sookie. Hmm….

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